Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Trump's Inauguration Speech Spot On. Ron Paul-esk

Oh the trump critics on the fake news media today... They wanted a unity speech and only a unity speech. They wanted him to comply and become establishment.

He chastised prior administrations from both parties for ignoring the people to engage in their self interests. His speech was about working for the national interest of the United States citizens. Our unity is opposed to government nepotism and global bribery. He spoke of safe cities, good education, sound borders, reduced taxes and regulations so Americans can buy and hire American. And most importantly stop meddling abroad. He said lead by example not by force. The one foreign enemy he named was radical Islam. Stop giving these guys money and guns and blow them up instead. He spoke of unifying alliances with the first world to do that. This includes Russia.

It's a very common sense policy. Put America first. But it's something we haven't been able to do for a long time. Well now is the time.

People who follow identity politics are easily manipulated so that they miss underlying issues and policies. Fundamentally the politicians in Washington, both the Democrats and Republicans, are thoroughly corrupt and ruled by the lobbyists.

The sad fact is that Western sponsored wars and support for dictatorships doesn't spark action, but (largely unfounded) concerns about Western social issues does.


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