Sunday, 8 January 2017

France: Muslim Men Ban All Women from Public Spaces

In the new France, a country now occupied by over 6 million Muslims, women are effectively banned from public spaces in majority Muslim suburbs and subject to threats if they dare step into a café.

In this report aired on state TV channel France 24, the lying media hilariously spends three minutes acting like it's a "gender" issue before reluctantly acknowledging it's a result of hostile Muslims working to impose Islam.

Rather than demand these hostile foreigners go back their home countries where this the norm, women's groups are organizing dine-ins where they go to these Muslim owned businesses and give them their money in order to "take back" these public spaces.

It really doesn't get any clearer that this mass migration
is in fact a hostile invasion, one which is likely to end in civil war.

Accepting these forms of oppression is not acceptable. This is essentially treason against secular and tolerant Western values. If people are too weak (or confused) to stand up for their rights then others will take advantage of this weakness.


Afghan murderer who BEHEADED woman in Holland allowed into UK without checks and then attacked cops with hammer

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