Monday, 9 January 2017

Dirty Snow Causing Decline In Spring/Summer Snow Cover

Autumn/Winter snow cover is rapidly expanding in the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring/Summer snow cover is down. The decline in Spring/Summer snow cover is caused by pollution from places like China. Dark particulates settle on the snow, causing melting. Scientists have known this for years, but blame CO2 because they get paid to do that.
for a given forcing (soot) is twice as effective as CO2 in altering global surface air temperature. This indirect soot forcing may have contributed to global warming of the past century, including the trend toward early springs in the Northern Hemisphere 
  • James Hansen  NASA

    A recent documentary on the ice loss in the Third Pole region of the Himalayas cited Chinese scientists who calculate that particle pollution has caused up to 50% of the melt:
    But the scientists are discovering another factor that is causing the big melt: pollution from vehicle exhaust and coal burners is now making its way up to the region.

    Black carbon particles and dust land on the glaciers and absorb the sun and heat, unlike the white ice that reflects it.

    Chen Jizu is just finishing his PhD on the issue and walks all over the Mengke Glacier collecting samples of dirty ice.

    "We did the calculation for a year, it was between 2013 and 2014," he says. "It was in summer when the melting was the strongest.

    "We calculated the dust and the black carbon: two of them could cause around 50 per cent of melting."
    And yet, with all this dirty snow, we are still seeing near record snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere.

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