Friday, 23 December 2016

Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist's Guide - Sargon

Have the urge to say "suicide bombings have nothing to do with Islam"? Then this video is for you.

There appear to be two main issues. One is the salafists who are willing to commit acts of terror and murder against heretics, which includes other Muslims, and two, that Muslims of all sorts can find justification for these acts taken directly from religious texts - that they are acting justly in defence of their ideology.

In war, when the situation becomes desperate, or perceived to be so, these acts, that include suicide attacks, will be employed regardless of ideology. The Japanese employed suicide strategies and heinous acts of barbarism during World War 2 and they were not Muslim.

Before there was wholesale warfare in the Middle East, we did not see these sorts of suicide attacks. In Saddam's Iraq such acts didn't happen. Before the Israelis oppressed the Palestinians these attacks didn't happen.

Religious societies can and do function without resorting to terror strategies. There are plenty of moderate Sunnis fighting in the Syrian Army that are not religious fanatics and just want a normal life, but are faced with extremists who want tyranny.  

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