Saturday, 24 December 2016

Berlin Market Attack Suspect Killed in Milan Shootout

Anis Amri, a Tunisian national wanted throughout Europe after the truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, was killed by the Italian Police during a shootout in Milan, the country’s interior minister has confirmed.

Dead men (patsies/assets) tell no tales. The fact that the suspect left his ID in the truck is highly suspicious.

From the information in the video, it's probable that this guy was an asset of the intelligence services - he was supporting jihadists in Syria. Perhaps someone within the services might have wanted to promote terrorism in Germany in order the bring down Merkel and her open borders immigration policy?

Whether or not this is a staged attack there is a strong likelihood of further (real) attacks. This is what you MUST expect with Western facilitation of regime change proxy wars in the Middle East, an open border, and a society that tolerates those who bring with them an intolerant ideology. 

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