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The Truth About Fidel Castro | The Cuban Revolution - Molyneux

While studying at University of Havana in April 1948, Castro participated in the Communist-lead riots in Bogotá, Colombia which lead to thousands of deaths. While many 22-year-olds were just starting their adult lives, Castro was getting revolutionary street credibility and laying the groundwork for his blood-soaked future. Fast forward to November 26th, 2016 and the controversial Cuban revolutionary and dictator is dead at 90 years old. What is the Truth About Fidel Castro?

The problem seems to be one of collectivism that overrides individual rights - thus excusing mass murder - when it comes to many communist leaders. It's an uncompromising 'us against them' mentality.

One key point 'overlooked' by Molyneux is that the Batista Government was also thoroughly corrupt with strong links to the mafia.

He also overlooks corrupt US foreign policy that arranged for coups and the installation of mass murdering right wing dictatorships in response to communist or socialist-nationalist movements. The US often backed the (commercial) interests of their allies, such as the British in Iran and the French in Vietnam, over democracy.

In Vietnam Ho Chi Minh originally started off as a Nationalist who wanted independence from French Colonialism but was rebuffed by the US when he asked them for help. This rejection caused Ho to turn to the Soviets for assistance. In Iran the US launched Operation Ajax against the Government because the Mosaddegh Government wanted to Nationalise control of their oil. In South America socialist governments were overturned in US-backed coups, like in Chile, that led to the deaths of thousands.

There has been a lot of 'justified killing' on both sides.

Thanks to Trump is Right for the story.

Lionel has a very good assessment of Castro appearing below, from direct experience with Cuban refugees.

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