Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Paul Craig Roberts "The People Spoke But We'll Have Violent Revolution If Trump Lets Them Down!"

A note to PCR on the vote fraud which he thinks was not enacted. It was attempted, but failed because of the landslide support for Trump.

On social media I wrote:

This is a VERY important interview with Paul Craig Roberts. The 35 min clip is better than ANY of the stuff you will find on the MSM. If you can watch 30 mins of MSM then please listen to the clip (as radio noise). You will actually understand a few things about how Washington and the lobbyist system works (plus the state of the US economy).

PCR says the US oligarchs in this election were victims of their own propaganda (along with the presstitute media) - although he doesn't think there was vote fraud (it existed but could not overcome the landslide). He says the oligarchs are not defeated and he is looking to see who gets appointed in the new Government (especially the assistant positions that control information). PCR points out that every major institution in the US is corrupt and wonders how aware DJT is of the extent of the corruption and the reach of the neocons.

My view is that regardless of how controlled/threatened Trump might be his own hotel businesses benefit most from a prosperous and peaceful country - with jobs and industry centred within US borders. IMO he will try to do his best, under the circumstances, to make the country wealthy. He is not a vulture capitalist (although he does take advantage of economic downturns), and he does not operate like a private equity group (buying up distressed assets and flipping them).

In terms of overall awareness, people should remember that one of DJT's close advisors is a man named Roger Stone that has written about the JFK assassination, pointing to the conspiracy and wider political corruption. This is actually a good sign. The big question is how much the DJT team can push back against the existing system.   

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