Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Defending Trump on Facebook

The following is a clipped comment taken from Facebook made a few days after the election:

At least with Trump there will be a spotlight on his activities by the majority ('left') mainstream media who gave Obama and Hillary a free pass when it came to war crimes and other corruption. They went to sleep, so Trump has made them relevant again (except both the left and right media circle the wagons when it comes to high crimes).

If Hillary was elected she would have a free pass to continue humanitarian wars. I think this is the better outcome.

Also, I think that Trump won the popular vote and that vote fraud flipped enough votes over to Clinton to just barely push her over the line. It might have been fairly close tho. I am waiting for analysis on this. Pennsylvania seems like a location with massive fraud thus far. I'll post more info as it comes to hand.

I think a lot of fear when it comes to Trump is generated by the media. Their 24/7 bashing and fear mongering has created this environment.

I actually don't think Trump is racist or homophobic (David Seaman, formerly of the Huffington Post, agrees with that too, knowing of his activities in NYC).

Yes, Trump used bullying rhetoric and used personal put downs to win support but at the same time he addressed real concerns (which won votes). I don't condone what he did, but it worked. He's a punk.

On top of this the media then excessively vilified the guy.

The racist accusation came from his refusal to disavow David Duke when asked on TV. It was a stupid refusal, but it might have just been a stubborn reaction. The questioner didn't say what group David Duke was representing and the second time he mentioned 'groups'. I think that Trump thought he was being set up somehow (confused while 'thinking on his feet') so refused answer. I don't know what he was thinking. And even if he was racist, why act like this and expose yourself as sympathetic to the KKK on live TV? It doesn't make much sense IMO. The next day he did come out and disavow.

The most interesting thing is that in 2000 Trump refused to join a Reform Party because it included Duke and Pat Buchanan whom he respectively labelled as a racist and neo-nazi.

The other racist issue is the Mexican border and illegal immigration. I personally don't think that protecting the border is racist. There is a crime problem and the issue of dealing with illegals from a resource and infrastructure and wages/jobs point of view. In a country (the USA) with 20% unemployment I can see the practical side to having a border. If the border is irrelevant should not Mexico and the USA just become one country and have two official languages etc?

I don't condone his loose and mean talk about women but this is also blown out of proportion too. He actually defended the 'fat' miss universe(?) winner from the media bashing her. There's video of him at a press conference. Other stuff is not really defendable (although I think his attack on Rosie O'Donnell came after she insulted him). However, the groping talk was in relation to groupies (it was not sexual assault IMO), and all the accusations against him look like swiftboating.

If racists and other cretins back Trump then that's up to them. I don't really blame Trump for that. He wants protectionist policies for economic reasons not racist ones IMHO.

Plus Trump didn't insult that disabled reporter. He used the same actions for other people when they couldn't anwser questions. It wasn't a good use of body language (because it implied disability), but it was more a ridiculing action to show stupidity.

I can't back Hillary no matter what she promises because, when it comes to policy, she's just part of the predatory corporate establishment, and she's a warmonger who is responsible for killing innocent people/countries. Trump in the Republican Debates was pointing out that the neocons are essentially war criminals who have killed hundreds of thousands of people. By pointing that out he is aware of the direct connection between decisions and the outcome implying personal responsibility in these matters. He wasn't talking like a policy wonk psychopath.

Nevertheless Trump does want to bomb the hell out of ISIS. I want them defeated also. They can't be stopped via peaceful means.

And Trump also hinted at financial ties to Middle Eastern countries and the terrorists. And he was dead right about Obama and Hillary literally being founders of ISIS. (The DIA 2012 document backs him up).

The point about his views on foreign policy, if you look beyond his tough guy rhetoric, is that it is accurate. The media boffins that say he has no idea have missed these points.

Trump is not stupid but he talks loosely and is not very polite. Some people are like that. Their outward character and their contemplated thoughts are two different things.

I personally have big trouble remembering facts off the cuff (I am getting better at it). But if I sit down and type I can go find things and put together material I've run across. And then remember things and ad that later. Lots of people are smarter than they seem - even those rough around the edges (or some of these people).

I just don't trust anything the mainstream media boffins have said. They miss important clues, distort facts, misreport facts etc They lie massively. I managed to pick this up by watching raw footage and then researching.

Trump is not unproblematic, but I think the idea that he's the next Hitler is wrong. It's like the Putin is Hitler stuff, except that Trump is million times easier target.

ps. In relation to facist Trump talk. The 'rough people up' talk at the rallies was blown out of proportion too. It wasn't that good, but it was part of the rhetoric. in the past Joe Biden and even Obama used such talk, but it was treated in a joking fashion (like Trump did, except the media vilified it).

pps. And Trump's fascist talk about torturing terrorists's families was a reaction to reports of terrorists doing that in the Middle East. It was an emotional reaction (inappropriate for a statesman) where afterwards he said he'd follow International Law. The pundits didn't get the context. Many people say that heinous criminals should not get off easy when it comes to things like execution and that they want to see such people suffer. It was a similar reaction, a "how would you like it if we did the same thing to you?"

ppps. I have to admit I am a bit worried about environmental pollution under Trump, but not the overall temperature of the Earth. This is my main concern with Trump.

pppps. He does want better healthcare, schools and wants to rebuild roads, airports and other infrastructure. His assessment of the problems and solutions are good and I think will improve life. It's a matter of if this gets implemented. He's more like a democrat when it comes to this sort of thing. I've seen a few commentators in the alt right media pointing out that Trump isn't really a typical republican - this should be a good thing.

Anyway in 2 years there are mid-term elections that can cripple Trump, and after that a new round of Presidential elections. OMG !!
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