Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Truth About The Donald Trump Controversy - Stefan Molyneux

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has come under fire for comments made during a private conversation with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood on the set of the Days of Our Lives soap opera in 2005. Stefan Molyneux goes through Donald Trump’s comments in contest and examines the inconsistencies, errors and motivations of the establishment Republicans who have gleefully thrown the Republican nominee under the bus.

The takeaway word to remember from this clip is "braggadocio" - boastful or arrogant behaviour - that explains Trump's words. He NEVER talked about assaulting anyone, just using his fame and money to take advantage in a world where many women actively seek/sought his attention. He's being truthful, although crass - and he spoke of backing off when his advances were not reciprocated (unlike Bill Clinton).

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