Wednesday, 12 October 2016

SR 1253 – Daybreak Poll - Donald Trump Widens Lead over Clinton

Donald Trump dominated Hillary Clinton in Presidential Debate #2.
In today’s USC Daybreak poll, Trump improved in almost all categories and has won back all the support he lost over the weekend.
Nationally, Trump reversed three days of declines and now leads Clinton by 45.8 to 42.7% - a 3.1% margin. Clinton saw her biggest decline in 10 days, sinking 6/10s of a percent yesterday.

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#1248 - Rhino Republicans Call for Donald Trump to Step Aside

XGood evening, I’m still reporting on the unholy alliance between RINOs like Paul Ryan and the Clinton campaign. Today, Republican elected officials and party elders denounced Donald Trump’s “open mic” recording concerning lewd comments made about women in 2005 on the set of a soap opera.
Some sitting members in Congress withdrew their support from Trump entirely, while others criticized the remarks, but stuck with Trump – their standard-bearer.
Some even suggested that Trump step aside so that his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence could lead the ticket.
But then, at mid-morning, DC Whispers put up a story that Clinton operatives, working with the Washington Post made both House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP Chairman Rence Priebus aware that the Billy Bush audio tape was coming weeks ago, but they failed to notify the Trump campaign, making them complicit with Team Clinton in maximizing harm to Trump’s chances.

SR 1251 – Maryland Woman Blasts "Rat" Paul Ryan

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