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Michael Rivero Warns About Wikileaks - Oct 4th Comment at

Rattansi: When will be the date when you will release this leak?

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this, I Will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.

Rivero's observation:
I am posting this because Assange's protectors are claiming that Assange himself never promised a major Hillary release this week and that we shoukld go on sitting on our asses and wait for him to save us all.   BULL BISCUITS!

As this interview proves, Assange promised to release the material that he claimed would bring down Hillary before the Sept. 26 debate.
It did not happen, did it?

Assange is a fake.

1. Only three months after registering the domain, Assange was the darling of the corporate media, and without actually having leaked anything, Assange was on the cover of TIME and Newsweek, portrayed as THE go-to site for whistle-blowers. Meanwhile, website that had been around for years and had exposed government lies, were and are to this day marginalized and demonized by the same corporate media.

2. Bradley/Chelsae Manning fell for the media spin and shared video of US war crimes with Wikileaks, and is now in prison, raising the possibility that Wikileaks is actually a whistle-blower trap! Wikileaks revealed just enough to polish their credentials as a leak site, but not enough to actually alter the conduct of the wars.

3. At one point, Wikileaks claimed to have information about a major problem at Bank of America they were about to release. Then, sometime later, Assange claimed he could not release the info because the hard drive it was stored on crashed and there was no backup (shades of Lois Lerner). This led some people to wonder if Wikileaks was, behind the facade, actually an extortion operation; announcing impending revelations but willing to withhold portions or all if the price was met. This is not too outrageous an idea when one considers Julian Assange's criminal record for hacking prior to his setting up Wikileaks.

4. All during the current campaign, Wikileaks has teased us all with promises of Hillary-wrecking revelations, and while the DNC emails given to Assange presumably by Seth Rich did create some headlines, none were the game-changer that had been promised.

Last night was just more of the same. I do not expect anything important from Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton and we are all wasting our time falling for Assange's publicity-seeking announcements.

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