Sunday, 23 October 2016

Correcting the Narrative on Vote Fraud in the USA - A Letter to ABC Australia News Radio

Dear ABC News,

Your shallow story on President Obama telling Trump to quit about the vote fraud issue is misleading your audience. You need to correct the narrative.

Have you ever considered that President Obama could be wrong when he says that there has been no evidence of significant vote fraud?

Are you aware of the fact that US electronic vote machines can be easily hacked? The documentary Hacking Democracy, in reaction to the seeming theft of the 2004 Presidential election (more on this below), proved this. The clip, "The Hack" demonstrates how easy it is to tamper with the machines undetected:

The voting machines themselves leave no paper trail - there is no way to confirm the results of an election except by using exit poll data - and in 2004 the exit polls were 'wrong'.

Furthermore, Princeton University computer scientists confirmed that the electronic voting machines could be easily hacked, with no way to discover the fraud. Their experiment is available on video:

Then we have the under oath testimony of computer programmer Clint Curtis who wrote election stealing software that he strongly believes was used in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential Election where the exit polls didn't match official figures. He originally wrote the vote stealing software in relation an election in Florida, which he thought was part of an exercise to stop such fraud.

Here is his testimony:

Most importantly, an overall academic assessment was made of the 2004 Presidential Election that showed without doubt that fraud had been used to allow George W Bush to beat John Kerry:

No Paper Trail Left Behind: the Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

Other instances of voter fraud that you should be aware of include the Ron Paul primary campaign of 2012 and the Bernie Sanders primary campaign of 2016 where there exist a number lawsuits filed against the DNC for rigging the vote.

It is very easy to research this topic.

To treat Trump's remarks about the vote rigging as fanciful is to ignore facts. President Obama is flat out wrong when he says there is no evidence for large scale vote fraud.

Do not mislead your audience.

Please forward this message to various news directors and correct your reporting on this issue to accurately reflect established fact.

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