Sunday, 18 September 2016

Still Report #1195 – Who Did Start the Birther Theory? [And Trump's non-Concession to the Fact that Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fake]

Today at the opening of Donald Trump’s new hotel in the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C., Trump brought 44 new flag officers endorsing him, including more than a dozen of the 77 living Medal of Honor winners. Trump, then made one very brief comment [see video]
... so somewhere in the early December period of 2007 - nearly 9 years ago – just months before the 2008 presidential primary voting got underway - Clinton and Obama were fighting for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton was already pushing the “birther” issue then - years before it was actually even called that.

Notice that the only thing that Trump said, apart from pointing out that Clinton began the birther accusations, was that Obama was born in the USA. Trump never said that his birth certificate was legitimate.

Obama's birth certificate is a fake. This is because he is the son of Frank Marshal Davis, not Obama Sr. For more detail visit the link: Obama the Love Child.

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