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Answers for Libertarians - Sargon

Responded to the questions of some of my favourite YouTubers on the topic of Libertarianism

I'm sympathetic to Sargon's views here. We need freedoms but some level of regulation* to protect people from levels of harm dealt by others, including oppressing one's right to be heard. This is what the US Constitution is about. There are prohibitions on murder, committing fraud, stopping people from exercising their right to free speech and punishment for violating such Laws.

The founding fathers of the US Constitution warned that vigilance (plus education) was needed to stop corrupt Governments and that regular revolution or revolt was a good thing, to protect people's freedoms. 'Good' Government, albeit somewhat flawed, is needed to keep a level of order and oversight to allow people to go about their private business (including to compete on a relatively level playing field - that makes for efficient allocation of capital within that frame work). The initial 'contract' for business operations was aimed at fair trade, not unrestricted (monopolistic, racketeering) 'free' trade.

The Government system we experience at the moment is corrupt where big money has destroyed the 'public interest' aspect and skewed things toward the rich and powerful so that there are 'two Americas'. There is abundant 'justice' for the rich but not for the poor.

To fix the system one needs a revolt and a reshaping to decentralise power as much as possible, and to make such Governments as transparent as possible where EVERYTHING is recorded, where the Government pay is equal to the minimum wage (or made very low), where those in office are banned from working for any corporation they dealt with, and where there is increased (direct) accountability. The Swiss people get to direct vote on important issues - so that must be considered an option.

What is essential is that EXISTING US LAW be ENFORCED for everyone, no matter who the person. If the President does it, it does not make it legal.

*Note, there is a problem with overregulation in various parts of the US.

*Second note on guns - where poverty and crime is out of control, where the criminals have guns, the best method of defence is to allow every citizen to possess guns (because clearly the police and state cannot protect you). Where there is affluence and no violent crime, having guns should not be an issue, except when it comes to accidental killings.

*Third note on state power from Thomas Jefferson - "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

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