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‘RIGGED UK GENERAL ELECTION’ – MAY 2015 (Brexit to lose in 2016)

Many people claim that someone rigged the vote in Thanet South, where UKIP’s Nigel Farage was defeated.

Many people cite:

1. The unusually long time it took for the votes to be counted.
Ballot papers going ‘missing’ for seven hours.

2. The UKIP success in the local elections in Thanet South, which were held at the same time.

In the General Election vote, UKIP’s Farage lost by 2,812 votes to the Conservative candidate Craig Macinklay.

In the local election, Ukip gained overall control of Thanet council.

How come the Scottish independence referendum showed a large NO vote, and yet, a few months later, the Scottish National Party won 56 out of the 59 seats in Scotland?

There are many strange results in the UK general election held on 7 May 2015.
On 29 April 2015, an opinion poll showed that in 50 key marginal seats, Labour was ahead of the Conservatives.
ITV News Conservative Labour Battlegrounds Poll 
The ITV News Battleground poll studied the fifty most marginal Conservative-held seats where Labour were second at the last election.

The results showed that Labour led the Conservatives by three points across these seats. 

Labour stood at 40% in these key battleground seats, with the Conservatives on 37%.
This represented a swing of 3.5 points from the Conservatives to Labour.

If these results had been replicated on election day, and if there were a uniform swing across all these constituencies, it would have seen Labour win forty of the fifty seats.

Many Conservative candidates in these constituencies were genuinely surprised when they actually won their seats.
In Cardiff North, a Lord Ashcroft poll had put Labour on 41%, ahead of the Conservatives (30%).
Yet the Conservatives won the seat.

It had been predicted by the political expert Ian Dale that Labour would win Brighton Kemptown.
Yet, the Conservatives’s Simon Kirby beat Labour’s Nancy Platts.

In Stroud, the Conservatives won, thus defying the bookmakers’ predictions.
George Galloway says he has uncovered ‘widespread malpractice’ in postal voting, and says that the result in his constituency should be ‘set aside’.
George Galloway to mount legal challenge over election defeat

The media played its part in ‘rigging’ the election.

“The BBC’s sympathetic treatment of the Tories during Election 2015 shouldn’t surprise us, as the head of BBC News and Current Affairs is a man called James Harding, who was previously editor of Rupert Murdoch’s neocon newspaper The Times…”
Google appeared to be trying to hide material linking top Conservatives to child abuse rings, deregulation of the banks…

Stolen ballot papers could have been used to help the Conservatives win in certain key marginal seats.

On 29 April 2015, the BBC reported that a van containing more than 200,000 ballot papers had been stolen.

The ballot papers had been printed in London and were heading for Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne – ahead of voting in the general election on 7 May.

Police said it was believed the van was parked in Longbridge Road, Dagenham, at about 19:30. The theft was discovered at about 06:25.
Stolen van held Hastings and Eastbourne ballot papers – BBC

Rob Ford, senior lecturer in politics at the University of Manchester, noticed that the Conservatives succeeded in concentrating their votes “in the seats where it counted.”

“The Tory vote went up four points in the key marginals it was defending from Labour and in the marginals it was looking to win from the Liberal Democrats.
“Conservative support was flat or falling” in many other areas.
The simplest explanation why the opinion polling in the 2015 UK General Election was wrong is because the vote was rigged. Key areas appear to be targeted - enough to deliver a Tory win.
The evidence that the Scottish independence vote was rigged is damning:

If the 2015 General Election was rigged and the Scottish independence vote was rigged, then you can be CERTAIN that the Brexit vote will be rigged in favour of 'Remain'. Because the race is close due to the murder of Jo Cox (the leave campaign had a growing lead), the fraudsters will have a much better chance of succeeding with their crime unchallenged. 

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