Sunday, 24 April 2016

Washington Attempts To Break the Truce by Accusing Syrian Government of Airstrikes against Civilians

According to reports of Western media that refer to the propagandistic “Syrian Observatory for human rights”, on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, as a result of two strikes of the air force of Syria in Idlib province about 44 people were killed.

According to the “Syrian Observatory”, located in the UK, 37 people were killed in an airstrike on market in the town of Maaret an-Nouman. Seven more people died during the bombing of Kafr-Nabl city, according to the source of SOFHR. Both cities are controlled by the Syrian opposition.

According to the testimony of local residents, the air strikes were inflicted by barrel bombs on markets and residential areas.

The U.S. state Department spokesman J. Kirby speaking on the incident said that “an airstrike, most likely, was launched by the Syrian air force, however, new information continues to come”.

According to the source in the Syrian General Staff, April 19the Syrian Air Forces did not provide any combat sorties in Idlib province, as all the forces were deployed to repel the attack of terrorists in the Latakia and Aleppo provinces.

Propaganda and contradictory messages

Apparently, this is another fake of militants whose goal is to justification of “the Riyadh group” rejection to continue the negotiations in Geneva under the pretext of accusations of the Syrian government in attacks against civilians.

Interestingly, that one of the first media agencies who published this information was the Turkish propaganda Agency “Anadolu”. Erdogan’s media refers to its own sources in the ranks of the fighters:

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