Thursday, 25 February 2016

’Enough is Enough’: Will Turkey Submit in Order to Bring End to Bloodshed in Syria?

Former CIA officer Ray McGovern speaks on ceasefire in Syria which is to start February 27. The Key to success is for two major powers - US and Russia to coordinate ceasefire among their allies. According to Ray, Russia has more influence on its' allies unlike US.

The allies of the US are terrorists, and Nation States that support these terrorists. The big problem is that the Obama Administration is doing the work of the neocons - trying to destroy independent Middle Eastern countries. There was also talk of a 'transitional government' in Syria with the intention of removing President Assad.

In terms of making peace with the 'moderate' rebels - they work with Al Qaeda and ISIS linked groups almost all the time and are not secular in nature. There is no way there will be no ceasefire. Knowing this the US will try to use this situation as a pretext for overt intervention. The Obama administration is already acting criminally with their proxy war actions in Syria and should be prosecuted in International Courts.

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