Thursday, 21 January 2016

Kiev Moves 70 Units of Heavy Equipment to the Contact Line

Almost 70 units of heavy armaments and armored vehicles, as well as a few hundred militants of the UAF have been moved this week to the line of contact. Today, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin confirmed this, reports Donetsk News Agency.

According to Basurin, intelligence of the DPR continues to detect the concentration of military equipment and personnel of the APU in three areas: Gorlovka, Donetsk and Mariupol. Six howitzers "Pion" and "Hyacinth" caliber 152 mm, seven MLRS "Grad", BMP 12, up to 20 vehicles with ammunition and personnel and up to 10 buses with fighters of the 54th mechanized brigade and two platoons of the battalion "Aidar" were found by reconnaissance in the Gorlovka direction.

In Donetsk, intel identified two ACS, four 122-mm howitzers D-30, three tanks, three APCS, two vehicles with ammunition, and up to 150 personnel.

In the Mariupol direction, Kiev moved 10 tanks, seven ACS, two 152-mm howitzers "Hyacinth-B", one MLRS BM-21 "Grad", BMP 12, 31 cars with ammunition and personnel. Basurin also said that in this direction the intelligence was able to detect up to 200 personnel of the armed forces. In addition, security forces have built two pontoon crossings to move military equipment and units across the river.

According to the Minsk agreements heavy weapons are supposed to be withdrawn from the line of contact. After their previous defeats Kiev and their Western (US-neocon) backers have been slowly building their forces in the region so that they can mass firepower and avoid the same mistakes as previously made. The big difference between the sides will still be down to the morale of the ground forces.

Regardless of their firepower, the Kiev forces will pay a heavy price for any advance into the breakaway regions.

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