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Hillary Clinton’s War Record – 100% For Genocide

While Bernie Sanders may be tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails,” the recent scandals that have resulted from her Capitol Hill hearings, combined with the virtually non-existent investigation into the State Department funding of terrorist organizations have gone only a short distance in demonstrating the lengths to which Hillary Clinton has acted as the supporter and executioner of warfare since the first day she assumed any national position in government.

In addition to her history regarding the Syrian and Libyan crises, it should never be forgotten that Hillary Clinton has supported virtually every military conflict launched during and since her husband’s own disastrous tenure as President.

Remember, in 2002-2003, Hillary Clinton not only supported the push for war in Iraq, she voted for the invasion. In fact, she was fervent in her support for the war, delivering impassioned speeches on the Senate floor in order to convince members of Congress who might have been on the fence, as well as the general American population and a handful of Democrats and liberals who valued her opinion on the topic, that war was the right choice. Indeed, Hillary’s speech promoting war in Iraq rivaled only George W. Bush who was campaigning night and day on American television.
Although Clinton now attempts to brush off her treasonous assistance to drum up an illegal and immoral war in Iraq as a mistake, the truth is that anyone with any political judgement knew that the war itself was the mistake. While she also attempts to blame the “faulty intelligence” of the Bush administration, it was Hillary Clinton herself who once referred to the intelligence as “undisputed.” [8] Clinton was also an avid supporter of an Afghanistan “surge” that was conducted by Obama during his first year in office. In fact she argued for an even greater surge and suggested that leaving too early “would signal we were abandoning Afghanistan.”[9] Interestingly enough, Clinton opposed the Bush surge in Iraq in 2007, voting against the plan during her tenure in the Senate.[10] This vote marks virtually the only Clinton vote that was opposed to greater use of the US military. However, it was later revealed that her opposition vote was nothing more than political grandstanding due to the fact that the Democratic Primaries were right around the corner. In fact, this much was revealed by former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates who wrote that he witnessed Clinton tell Barack Obama that “she had opposed George W. Bush‘s last-ditch effort to salvage the Iraq war, the 2007 troop “surge,” because the politics of the 2008 Democratic primaries demanded it.”[11] This cynical political maneuvering reveals two things: 1.) That Clinton truly supported increasing the number of US forces in Iraq and 2.) Clinton was willing to sacrifice the lives of American service men and women, the financial future of the country, and the countless lives of innocent people on the line for even a minor political strategic position.

Still, Clinton was a staunch supporter of the war in Afghanistan, yet another in a long list of Clinton-supported wars based on lies, half-truths, and deceit. After all, despite the numerous facts and inconsistencies disproving the official story of 9/11, U.S. intelligence and military connections to al-Qaeda (which Clinton was well aware of), and the known pre-concert to go to war with Afghanistan prior to 9/11, Clinton was an avid supporter of the authorization to use military force in Afghanistan.

Clinton even went so far as to bring in the gender issue – a tactic which she is famous for. Clinton argued that an invasion would not only be a way to fight terrorism, but it would be a way to improve the lives and condition of women who suffered under Taliban leadership.[12] Thus, when it came time for an even more brazen war campaign based on lies and machinations of the ruling administration and its media mouthpieces, Clinton was on board again. Voting for the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, Clinton vociferously promoted the cause for war and, once that war had taken place, she argued against leaving “too soon.”[13] Even on the question of Iran, Clinton has not only pushed the nonsensical line that Iran was developing nuclear weapons and presents a major threat to the world (meaning the United States and Israel) but she also suggested military action against the Persian nation.

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