Friday, 25 September 2015

Chinese Military Personnel Expected to Arrive in Syria

Russia seems poised to take a similar approach to the U.S. led Coalition; however, they are not seeking the assistance of the neighboring Arab countries to combat the terrorist group.

Instead, the Russians appear to have a contingency that involves another world power that was absent from the U.S. led Anti-ISIS Coalition: China.

On Tuesday morning, a Chinese naval vessel reportedly traveled through Egypt’s Suez Canal to enter the Mediterranean Sea; its destination was not confirmed.

However, according to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) that is stationed inside the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, Chinese military personnel and aerial assets are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks (6 weeks) to the port-city of Tartous – he could not provide anymore detail.

Russia has made it abundantly clear that they are taking an active role in this conflict, but the news of the Chinese military to Syria provides more insight into their contingency.

Using satellites, drones, recon aircraft and Syrian Army spotters on the ground, we will see the effective use of tactical air strikes and artillery assets on ISIS positions. With increased flying capability, including attack helicopters, the terrorist forces will be driven back by the Syrian Army. There will be no more effective ISIS advances across open areas such as happened at Palmyra.

The only reason the US air intervention has not worked in Syria is because it is half arsed and intended to fail (The US and its allies are actually supporting ISIS in order to achieve regime change in Syria). When we look what happened in Libya, with the NATO attacks in 2011 (where they flew 26,000 sorties in 7 months), the effectiveness of a proper air campaign becomes apparent.

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