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'Do You Realise What You've Done?' Putin Addresses UNGA 2015 (FULL SPEECH)

President Putin reminds the audience that bypassing the UN to engage in armed interventions is illegal. He could have gone further and complained more directly about the proxy nature of the current wars - where the west, and allies, are supporting extremist groups in order to achieve corrupt geopolitical goals.

Putin also calls on Muslim leaders to discourage jihadists going over to the extremist side - where they act as dupes for western powers.

The Russian President does accurately outline what happened in Ukraine, stating that there was a western sponsored coup that too advantage of malcontent within that country.   

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Israel Attacks Syria After Stray Rocket, Hits Three Army Sites

As the Syrian Civil War continues to rage, fighting in the Golan led to a “stray rocket” firing across the border into the Israeli-occupied Golan, hitting an empty field and doing no damage. Israel, as expected, was furiously denouncing this as a “violation of sovereignty.”

So Israel’s military did what it usually does, and started attacking random Syrian military posts, with the military bragging of major damage done to three different bases in southern Syria in “retaliation” for a rocket that officials conceded they had no evidence the Syrian military fired in the first place.

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Keiser Report (E816): Cryptocurrencies & Online Economy

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the days of rage and killer cereal as apps and ponzis are the only avenue to wealth. In the second half, Max interviews Matt Harms of StartChat about cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands, crowdfunding innovation and bypassing the banking system to create an online economy.

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Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Dr. Roberts: Washington Represents the Most Concentrated Form of Evil in Human History

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Military Report of Novorossia 27.09.2015

Kiev battle tanks and artillery have shelled Spartak, Gorlovka, Mariinka and Donetsk since the last military report. 5 locals were wounded. The activity of Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles was observed at Donetsk.

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Chinagate, documented by Judicial Watch, was uncovered by Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman. Technology companies allegedly made donations of millions of dollars to various Democratic Party entities, including President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, in return for permission to sell high-tech secrets to China. Bernard Schwartz and his Loral Space & Communication Ltd. later allegedly "helped China to identify the cause of [a rocket failure], thereby advancing China's missile program and threatening U.S. national security, according to records.

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, and selling them to raise money for campaigns!

 Is history repeating itself? It appears so!  

Let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption at all, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation's most closely guarded secrets (as well as those of the United Nations and other foreign governments)! It is already established that Hillary's email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. The company that manages Hillary's server was the victim of a very sophisticated hack attack as well! Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary's emails for the sum of $500,000. 

Security experts agree that Hillary's server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website! 

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept "donations" from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. The identities of many of these foreign sources were concealed using a shall company in Sweden!

Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)! Some nations, repeating the 1996 scandal, were granted permission to acquire US weapons after donating to the Clinton "charity!"

Easy means of delivering secrets using the weak private email server. Easy means of accepting payment through a "charitable" foundation!  

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn't have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn't have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn't have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

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Juice Rap News: The Internet (ft. Dan Bull)

The time has come to turn our focus onto the very medium which allows us to connect: The Internet. As we know it today, it has only been around for a short time: it's still an adolescent; still changing and growing. But even as we speak, powerful forces and interests are vying to influence and shape it’s nature as it reaches full maturity. And since humanity’s destiny and that of the Internet are intimately connected, it would be wise to be ask: how is the Internet doing?

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Water Seems to Flow Freely on Mars (RECAP from 2013)

River-like valleys attest to the flow of water on ancient Mars, but today the planet is dry and has an atmosphere that is too thin to support liquid water on the surface for long. However, intriguing clues suggest that water may still run across the surface from time to time.

In 2011, for example, researchers who analysed images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft observed dark streaks a few metres wide that appeared and lengthened at the warmest time of the year, then faded in cooler seasons, reappearing in subsequent years2. "This behaviour is easy to understand if these are seeps of water," says planetary scientist Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona in Tucson, who led that study. "Water will darken most soils."

The streaks, known as recurring slope lineae, initially were found at seven sites in Mars's southern mid-latitudes. The water may have come from ice trapped about a metre below the surface; indeed, the MRO has spotted such ice in fresh impact craters at those latitudes.

There has been abundant evidence of liquid water on Mars today for many years - especially since the arrival of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers.

The first thing to consider is that no one disputes the fact that vast quantities of water were present on Mars in the distant past. The second thing to consider is that over time, with a lower gravity and exposure to solar wind, the seas of Mars and the water vapour in the atmosphere have slowly eroded away.

What we see in many places on Mars is the bottom of ancient sea beds. In such a circumstance it is logical to suppose there is still water trapped under the surface, similar to what we find on Earth with our underground aquifers.

And there is no dispute when it comes to the presence of the water, as ice, trapped in the polar regions.

The contentious issues arise with the clouds that have been photographed on Mars, which are now considered to be water, and the problem of liquid water on the surface - where the low air pressure, allegedly close to a vacuum- makes it evaporate almost instantly. It is this latter point that raises interesting questions.

In relation to the recent signs of flowing water, it could easily exist if the air pressure on Mars was higher than reported, along with higher summer time temperatures. In this scenario we could expect seasonal (salty) water flows. So what is the real air pressure on Mars?

Our next question therefore has to deal with the density of the Martian atmosphere. The proof rests with the colour of the Martian sky.

In many Mars pictures we see that the sky is NOT red but blue.

The only time that Mars has a red sky is when we have dust storms - similar to what we find on Earth. Otherwise we should expect the atmosphere to conform to Rayleigh light scattering effect principles.

The reason we have a blue sky on Earth is because small gas molecules split the blue wavelengths of light from the white sunlight (the Sun's light is white in space) and the glare of this blue fills our vision when we look up. The Martian atmosphere is blue because the carbon dioxide operates the same way as other small gas molecules work on Earth - the physics is exactly the same.

Now, if we take images from Earth at 100,000 feet, where the air density is the same as on Mars, and look upwards, we don't find a blue sky but a black sky - as we are practically in a vacuum, on the edge of space:

When we look upwards in images of Mars we see a blue sky which indicates the air density is thicker, to get the Rayleigh light scattering effect.

Because of these facts we can be pretty sure that NASA has been lying about Mars for a long time. They frequently misrepresent the true colours of Mars, the presence of liquid water, and they blatantly lie about the air pressure at ground level.

The reason for the cover-up is probably to discredit any notion about life existing on other planets. If there is life on Mars the public would be open to life being present on nearby stars and the possibility of intelligent life visiting our planet.

Related Info:

Mars seen through a 10 inch amateur telescope

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Monday, 28 September 2015

100% the US Has Been Knowingly Supporting ISIS and Other Terrorists

Brad Hoff Explains: (ex-DIA chief confirms 2012 report saying that the west was knowingly supporting extremists in Syria.)

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Russia Checks Western Lies on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that the Syrian government is the primary offensive force against the terrorist networks tearing Syria apart.

Therefore, if Washington and its Western allies claim to be fighting against terrorism in Syria, then they should have no objection to Russia’s support for the government in Damascus. Check!
Again, the Russian move deftly exposes another Western deception.

Since Moscow beefed up its military support for Syria, Washington, London and Paris have been reeling from their own contradictions. The West says it is alarmed that Moscow is “shoring up the Assad regime”.

But if these powers were genuinely in the business of “degrading and defeating” the so-called Islamic State and other jihadist terror groups, then why should they be alarmed by Russia supporting the principal force – the Syrian government – in the battle against the terrorists?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pointed out that the West’s logic is “upside-down”. He has also commented that the West’s “anti-terror” coalition bombing Syria and Iraq does not appear to be genuine in its ostensible aims. After a year of US-led air strikes on Syria and Iraq, the terror groups seem to be stronger than ever.

Clearly, the West’s “anti-terror” strategy is ineffective, suggesting that the real aim of the West is to further weaken the Syrian state.

Scrabbling around to find some cover for its naked upside-down logic, Washington, London and Paris are now saying that they fear that Russia’s military intervention in Syria “may lead to an escalation of the conflict” or to a clash with the US-led coalition.

John Kerry and his Western counterparts have even resorted to this oxymoron. Kerry said the “root cause” of the refugee crisis assailing Europe is the “conflict in Syria” and that is, in his view, further “rationale” for the removal of President Assad. How convoluted can you get?

The four-year-old conflict in Syria is so obviously the driver for millions of Syrian refugees. But the “root cause” that Kerry so deceptively misplaces is the criminal covert war of regime change that Washington has launched on that country, along with the collusion of Britain, France, Turkey and the Gulf Arab dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

That US-led regime-change war has involved unleashing thousands of terrorist mercenaries on Syria. It’s a well-worn American strategy played time and again in different parts of world down through the decades. Ukraine and Yemen are two other current case studies of Washington’s covert state-sponsored terrorism. Fiendishly, Western propaganda in the form of “Western news journalism” helps to mask what should be transparent criminality committed by Washington and its so-called allies and clients.

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Google Starving Out Independent Antiwar Journalists (RECAP)

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Corbyn's Conspiracy Theory: 9/11 Attacks Were 'Manipulated' to Make it Look Like Osama Bin Laden Was Responsible, Says Labour Leader

Jeremy Corbyn claimed the 9/11 attacks were 'manipulated' by the West so it could go to war in Afghanistan in an article he wrote 12 years ago, it has emerged today.

The Labour leader made the assertions in a number of written pieces where he criticised Tony Blair and George W Bush for using the September 11 attacks in New York to go to war.

He claims Osama bin Laden was made to look responsible to facilitate their aims and seemed to endorse conspiracy theories about a 'New World Order'.

Corbyn is correct. If people question his views he should direct people to the following information:

911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out

911 And War By Deception

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Keiser Report (E815): Monetary Nuclear Option Meets Fiscal Policy

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the nuclear option in monetary meets fiscal policy as QE for the people encouraged by more and more. They are joined by the Keiser Report’s Spanish translator, Alberto Berenguer, who live translates Keiser and gives his insight into the Spanish. In the second half, Max and Stacy interview Liam Halligan of about the ‘People’s Railway,’ Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies and more.

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Russia’s False Hopes — Paul Craig Roberts

Russia needs to understand that diplomacy cannot work with Washington and its NATO vassals who do not believe in diplomacy, but rely instead on force. Russia needs to understand that when Washington declares that Russia is an outlaw state that “does not act in accordance with international norms,” Washington means that Russia is not following Washington’s orders. By “international norms,” Washington means Washington’s will. Countries that are not in compliance with Washington’s will are not acting in accordance with “international norms.”

Washington and only Washington determines “international norms.” America is the “exceptional, indispensable” country. No other country has this rank.

A country with an independent foreign policy is a threat to Washington. The neoconservative Wolfowitz Doctrine makes this completely clear. The Wolfowitz Doctrine, the basis of US foreign and military policy, defines as a threat any country with sufficient power to act as a constraint on Washington’s unilateral action. The Wolfowitz Doctrine states unambiguously that any country with sufficient power to block Washington’s purposes in the world is a threat and that “our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of” any such country.

Russia, China, and Iran are in Washington’s crosshairs. Treaties and “cooperation” mean nothing. Cooperation only causes Washington’s targets to lose focus and to forget that they are targets. Russia’s foreign minister Lavrov seems to believe that now with the failure of Washington’s policy of war and destruction in the Middle East, Washington and Russia can work together to contain the ISIS jihadists in Iraq and Syria. This is a pipe dream. Russia and Washington cannot work together in Syria and Iraq, because the two governments have conflicting goals. Russia wants peace, respect for international law, and the containment of radical jihadists elements. Washington wants war, no legal constraints, and is funding radical jihadist elements in the interest of Middle East instability and overthrow of Assad in Syria. Even if Washington desired the same goals as Russia, for Washington to work with Russia would undermine the picture of Russia as a threat and enemy.

US foreign policy has been captured by the neoconservatives. Until they are driven out expect more conflict against independent countries and a continuation of the wars in the Middle East.

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Putin: Does anyone even listen to us?

Putin answers questions from a UK journalist in relation to his intentions of getting along with the US. The treaty that he refers to in the conversation is the The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty or ABMT) between the United States and the Soviet Union on the limitation of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems used in defending areas against ballistic missile-delivered nuclear weapons. The United States withdrew in 2002.

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US Policy Upset, China Military Now in Syria. Michael Rivero - September 23, 2015

US war games prove it would lose against Russia, record weather events world-wide, VW scandal, Egyptian journalists freed, The Pope in the USA faces danger of state-sanctioned assassination, computer security, healthcare
Guest's website:

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The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

Why are some on the 'left' attempting to normalize pedophilia on a par with homosexuality?

Some of these 'sympathy stories' probably originate with the corrupt that are trying to make excuses for their depraved and criminal behaviour. It is known that a number of these people inhabit positions of power. They need to be ratted out and permanently taken out of society.

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The Biggest Silver & Gold Scam In History

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Saturday, 26 September 2015

CrossTalk: Saving Syria

Again the Russians have thrown Washington a lifeline to rescue Obama from his administration’s catastrophic policies in Syria. After years of demanding forced regime change and watching the rise of the Islamic State, can the official groupthink in Washington finally accept defeat and embrace Putin’s offer? CrossTalking with Sami Ramadani, Abdel Bari Atwan, and Daniel McAdams.

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Veteran Journalist Robert Fisk Exposes the Faux US Air Campaign Against ISIS Plus Direct Saudi and Turkish Support for the Extremists in Syria

Fisk points out that ISIS is directly supported by Saudi Arabia, that Turkey has been helping these extremists with supply trucks carrying arms, and also with oil infrastructure assistance, and that the US air campaign has avoided hitting ISIS convoys at the front line, most notably at Palmyra. 

ISIS is being directly supported by the west in order to achieve regime change in Syria. Western leaders do not care about the heinous civilian death toll.

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Mosaic of Facts

Can you tell truth from lies in mass media? RTD’s Miguel Francis-Santiago delves deep to try to understand the intricacies of information war. He meets media experts and puts together the Mosaic of Facts, showing how public opinion is manipulated, not just over the Ukrainian Crisis but throughout the world.

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Israel Controls Security at Key US Military, Nuclear, Water, Airports & FBI - Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

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Keiser Report (E814): Low Productivity or Just Twitter Zombies?

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss interest rates. How low will they go, and what measures will be put in place to keep them there. Max also catches up with Liam Halligan of as they discuss the story that is captivating the UK - #PigGate.

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Chinese Military Personnel Expected to Arrive in Syria

Russia seems poised to take a similar approach to the U.S. led Coalition; however, they are not seeking the assistance of the neighboring Arab countries to combat the terrorist group.

Instead, the Russians appear to have a contingency that involves another world power that was absent from the U.S. led Anti-ISIS Coalition: China.

On Tuesday morning, a Chinese naval vessel reportedly traveled through Egypt’s Suez Canal to enter the Mediterranean Sea; its destination was not confirmed.

However, according to a senior officer in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) that is stationed inside the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, Chinese military personnel and aerial assets are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks (6 weeks) to the port-city of Tartous – he could not provide anymore detail.

Russia has made it abundantly clear that they are taking an active role in this conflict, but the news of the Chinese military to Syria provides more insight into their contingency.

Using satellites, drones, recon aircraft and Syrian Army spotters on the ground, we will see the effective use of tactical air strikes and artillery assets on ISIS positions. With increased flying capability, including attack helicopters, the terrorist forces will be driven back by the Syrian Army. There will be no more effective ISIS advances across open areas such as happened at Palmyra.

The only reason the US air intervention has not worked in Syria is because it is half arsed and intended to fail (The US and its allies are actually supporting ISIS in order to achieve regime change in Syria). When we look what happened in Libya, with the NATO attacks in 2011 (where they flew 26,000 sorties in 7 months), the effectiveness of a proper air campaign becomes apparent.

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Democracy Has Departed The West — Paul Craig Roberts

Before the West spreads democracy abroad maybe it could get some for itself. The US is an oligarchy in which government is answerable to six powerful private interest groups. In Europe governments are answerable to the EU, Washington, and private bankers and not to their peoples. In the UK the military brass has declared its hold on the reins of power.

Jeremy Corbyn is the first Labourite to lead the Labour Party in a long time. Considering the stupidity and immorality of the Tories, Corbyn could become prime minister of Britain. Should this occur, Corbyn would shift the budget priorities away from supporting Washington’s wars toward refurbishing the social welfare state that made life for ordinary Britishers more secure and less stressful.

A senior serving general of the British army said that the army would not allow the people to “put a maverick in charge of the country’s security. The Army just wouldn’t stand for it and would use whatever means possible, fair or foul, to prevent that.”

In other words, a democratic outcome unacceptable to the English military will be overthrown. Just like in Egypt.

Here we have the incongruity of Washington and London bringing democracy to others through what Vladimir Putin calls “airstrike democracy,” while tolerating a democracy deficit themselves. The safest conclusion is that democracy is a cloak for an aggressive agenda, not a value in itself to the US and UK elites, who rule and who intend to continue to rule these countries for their personal benefit.

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Military Report of Novorossia 22.09.2015

Sporadic firefights have been continuing in the sectors of Mariinka around Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Makeevka and Debaltesvo. Separately, sporadic shelligns have been continuing in LPR. The settlements of Kalinovka, Lozovoe, Troickoe came under fire last night.

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Mike Rivero on Clinton Espionage Accusations

And today the FBI is totally stonewalling whatever it is they found!

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation's most closely guarded secrets! It is already established that Hillary's email was hacked. One hacker named Guccifer provided copies of emails to Russia Today, which published them. Another hacker is reported to be offering 32,000 of Hillary's emails for the sum of $500,000. Security experts agree that Hillary's server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept "donations" from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn't have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn't have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn't have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

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There Are Indications That A Major Financial Event In Germany Could Be Imminent

Is something about to happen in Germany that will shake the entire world? According to disturbing new intel that I have received, a major financial event in Germany could be imminent. Now when I say imminent, I do not mean to suggest that it will happen tomorrow. But I do believe that we have entered a season of time when another “Lehman Brothers moment” may occur. Most observers tend to regard Germany as the strong hub that is holding the rest of Europe together economically, but the truth is that serious trouble is brewing under the surface. As I write this, the German DAX stock index is down close to 20 percent from the all-time high that was set back in April, and there are lots of signs of turmoil at Germany’s largest bank. There are very few banks in the world that are more prestigious or more influential than Deutsche Bank, and it has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons recently.

Just like we saw with Lehman Brothers, banks that are “too big to fail” don’t suddenly collapse overnight. The truth is that there are always warning signs in advance if you look closely enough.
In early 2014, shares of Deutsche Bank were trading above 50 dollars a share. Since that time, they have fallen by more than 40 percent, and they are now trading below 29 dollars a share.
It is common knowledge that the corporate culture at Deutsche Bank is deeply corrupt, and the bank has been exceedingly reckless in recent years.

If you are exceedingly reckless and you win all the time, that is okay. Unfortunately for Deutsche Bank, they have increasingly been on the losing end of things.

Prior to the “sudden collapse” of Lehman Brothers on September 15th, 2008, there had been media reports of mass layoffs at the firm. To give you just a couple of examples, CNBC reported on this on March 10th, 2008 and the New York Times reported on this on August 28th, 2008.

When big banks start getting into serious trouble, this is what they do. They start getting rid of staff. That is why the massive job cuts that Deutsche Bank just announced are so troubling

A huge financial shock in Germany would stir social tensions that already exist and discourage the refugees currently heading to Europe.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

CrossTalk: When Hubris Rules

After years of watching the Syrian civil war escalate – with all its carnage and humanitarian crisis – Washington finally appears to admit what has been so obvious to so many – Obama’s Syrian policy has been a blunder of catastrophic proportions. Does the administration and its allies have the guts for a total re-think? CrossTalking with George Szamuely, Franklin Lamb, and Andrew Bowen.

The 'failed Obama policy' is their sponsorship of a proxy war against the Syrian Government. Declassified August 2012 DIA documents stated that "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" were sponsoring the extremists in Syria.

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Fukushima Disaster was Preventable - New Study

Fukushima, the worst nuclear disaster in Japan’s history was preventable, a new USC study claims. Design problems, negligence and inadequate pre-tsunami surveys all contributed to the failure that led to the nuclear catastrophe, the study claims.

The Fukushima site still has no containment structure. The key issue is that there was a meltdown of 3 nuclear reactors, and the core material is still releasing harmful fission products into the environment.

What should have happened was the building of a vast concrete structure around, over and under, the entire site.

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Red Neoliberals: How Corbyn’s Victory Unmasked Britain’s Guardian

To understand what’s going on, we also need to consider the coverage of Corbyn in the Guardian, the better-known daily sister paper of the Observer.

All the Guardian’s inner circle of commentators, from Jonathan Freedland to Polly Toynbee, made public that they were dead against Corbyn from the moment he looked likely to win. When he served simply to justify claims that the Labour Party was a broad and tolerant church, these commentators were in favour of his standing. But as soon as he began to surge ahead, these same liberal-left pundits poured more scorn on him than they had reserved for any other party leader in living memory.

In a few months Corbyn has endured more contempt from the fearless watchdogs of the left than the current Conservative prime minister, David Cameron, has suffered over many years.

The Guardian’s news coverage, meanwhile, followed exactly the same antagonistic formula as that of the rightwing press: ignore the policy issues raised by Corbyn, concentrate on trivial or perceived personality flaws, and frame stories about him in establishment-friendly ways.

We have endured in the Guardian the same patently ridiculous, manufactured reports about Corbyn, portraying him as sexist, anti-semitic, unpatriotic, and much more.

We could expect the rightwing media to exploit every opportunity to try to discredit Corbyn, but looking at the talkbacks it was clear Guardian readers expected much more from their paper than simple-minded character assassination.

Red neoliberals

The reality is that Corbyn poses a very serious challenge to supposedly liberal-left media like the Guardian and the Observer, which is why they hoped to ensure his candidacy was still-born and why, now he is leader, they are caught in a terrible dilemma.

While the Guardian and Observer market themselves as committed to justice and equality, but do nothing to bring them about apart from promoting tinkering with the present, hugely unjust, global neoliberal order, Corbyn’s rhetoric suggests that the apple cart needs upending.

If it achieves nothing else, Corbyn’s campaign has highlighted a truth about the existing British political system: that, at least since the time of Tony Blair, the country’s two major parliamentary parties have been equally committed to upholding neoliberalism. The Blue Neoliberal Party (the Conservatives) and the Red Neoliberal Party (Labour) mark the short horizon of current British politics. You can have either hardcore neoliberalism or slightly more softcore neoliberalism.

Corbyn shows that there should be more to politics than this false choice, which is why hundreds of thousands of leftists flocked back to Labour in the hope of getting him elected. In doing so, they overwhelmed the parliamentary Labour party (PLP), which vigorously opposed him becoming leader.

But where does this leave the Guardian and Observer, both of which have consistently backed “moderate” elements in the PLP? If Corbyn is exposing the PLP as the Red Neoliberal Party, what does that mean for the Guardian, the parliamentary party’s house paper?

Corbyn is not just threatening to expose the sham of the PLP as a real alternative to the Conservatives, but the sham of Britain’s liberal-left media as a real alternative to the press barons. Which is why the Freedlands and Toynbees – keepers of the Guardian flame, of its undeserved reputation as the left’s moral compass – demonstrated such instant antipathy to his sudden rise to prominence.

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Paul Craig Roberts - Weak US Economy

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USA Snow in July & August You Didn't Hear About

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

US Never Expected Russian Deployment in Syria: Analyst

The United States never expected that Russia would deploy tactical military equipment to Syria to help resolve the years-long crisis that was created for the benefit of Israel, says a former US congressional staffer.

“The original policy was to destabilize nations in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel and I think the Russian deployment is something that they didn’t think would ever happen,” Rodney Martin told Press TV on Monday.

“I don’t think the United States figured that the Russians would ever deploy air forces and heavy armament and troops outside the territories of the Russian Federation ever again after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” he noted.

Russia has reportedly sent artillery units and tanks as well as dozens of personnel to Syria. US defense officials have said Russia moved fighter jets to a base near Latakia on Friday.

If the Russian's, working with the Syrian Army, have success against ISIS, this will further expose the faux US bombing campaign in Syria. Expect the airbase to be heavily targeted by militants (which is why the Russians sent so many troops to defend the position).

Related Info:

Russia has begun drone surveillance missions in Syria, US defense officials said Monday. The move marks Moscow's first military air operations there since undertaking a rapid buildup at a Syrian air base.
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International Military Review - Syria, Sep. 21, 2015: Forecasting the Syrian War

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Yemen: A War Crime Made in America

On Sunday, a Saudi-led coalition air strike ripped through a market in Sanaa, Yemen, killing 69 civilians and injuring dozens of others. People had been out shopping for Eid al-Adha, the annual Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, when the bombs fell. Photos posted on social media show corpses strewn amidst the rubble in the aftermath of the assault.

Air raids on Friday destroyed portions of Sanaa’s historic Old City, which is on the United Nation’s list of World Heritage sites. The area is the site of thousands of unique multi-storied homes that were constructed before the 11th century. Historic cultural sites throughout Yemen have come under repeated attack in the course of the six-month Saudi-fronted assault.

In the 24 hour period between Friday and Saturday morning, at least 57 civilians were killed and a further 130 people wounded in coalition air strikes throughout the country. The Yemen Health Ministry reported that at least 31 people were killed and 120 wounded in air raids on Sanaa that included multiple strikes on the Interior Ministry. Hospitals in the city, which face a shortage of medical supplies and fuel for power generators, were overwhelmed by the casualties.

While these bloody attacks were carried out by jets belonging to Middle East monarchies fronted by Saudi Arabia, the responsibility ultimately lies with the Obama administration. The atrocities carried out by the Saudi monarchy and its allies would not be possible without the backing of the American government and military.

Compare the silence in the mainstream media to incidents where the Syrian Army has killed civilians during their fight against extremists.

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Keiser Report (E813): British vs American Sex & Economic Scandals

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the role of #PigGate on national and economic security. They also look at the war machine and the Norman Bates-like fight Janet Yellen is having with the markets. In the second half, Max interviews Mark McGowan - aka the Artist Taxi Driver - about David Cameron’s relationship with pigs - both those at the trough and those on the platter.

In the second half they talk about Jeremy Corbyn where the establishment is fighting to keep the new Labour leader out. The problem for the establishment is that someone has now articulated a plan to change things that others can take up. If Corbyn is stopped, his ideas will continue. You cannot easily stop ideas once they are in the public domain. Neoliberalism has failed and people are moving way from this concept and are open to more socialist policies.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

European Refugee Crisis - The Anatomy of a Coverup

The real story behind the refugee/migrant crisis in Europe is much stranger than fiction.

The present refugee crisis is due to the West, Gulf Countries and Turkey sponsoring extremists in Syria. The destruction of Libya and Iraq contributed greatly. If it wasn't for western intervention in the region, there would be no crisis. This is what the media fails to address.

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Study Shows 'Conspiracy Theory' Insult Losing Power - #NewWorldNextWeek

Story #1: Colleges Brainwash Students Into Believing 9/11 Was Our Fault
Story #2: Has 'Conspiracy Theory' Lost Its Negative Connotations?
Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Media Monarchy’s 10th Anniversary

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GMO Crops Totally Banned in Russia... Powerful Nation Blocks Monsanto's Agricultural Imperialism and Mass Poisoning of the Population

At the same time that Monsanto's corruption is infiltrating every corner of U.S. academia, government regulators and corporate-controlled media, Russia has just announced a total ban on the cultivation of GMO crops.

"A senior Russian government member told reporters the cabinet decided that any food production in the country will completely exclude any genetically-modified organisms or parts thereof," reports

RT reports:

According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years, and currently there are just 57 registered food products containing GMO in the country. The law ordering obligatory state registration of GMO products that might contact with the environment will come into force in mid-2017.

This puts Russia in a powerful position of producing nearly 100% non-GMO foods for both domestic consumption and export. Most consumers around the world, when given a choice, prefer to eat non-GMO foods

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Monday, 21 September 2015

World War III - Who Will Be Blamed?

If you want to start a to war, the unwashed masses must be convinced to send their brothers, sons and fathers to die on the front lines. The specter of an external enemy must be etched into their collective mind through trauma, exaggeration and repetition. History must be whitewashed, twisted and cherry picked down to a politicized nursery rhyme. At no point should the real motives or consequences of such an endeavor be discussed.

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‘You Have Treated us With Contempt’: Soldiers’ Families Demand Iraq Inquiry Deadline

Relatives of 29 soldiers killed during the Iraq war have called on Sir John Chilcot to publish his long-awaited report on the UK’s role in the conflict before the end of the year or face legal consequences.
In a letter sent on Monday, lawyers acting on behalf of the families, wrote:

 “In the absence of any reasonable, transparent and full explanation why you cannot, we expect you to write to the prime minister within one month with a date for publication, which should be by the end of the year."

“By your own admission, now Maxwellization is over, there is nothing to prevent you doing this. If you fail to do so, we will continue with our legal challenge.”

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Kremlin Minions: BBC Ratchets up RT Rhetoric to Balance Budget

RT is in the center of Western media attention recently. Everything is exposed and discussed – from budget amounts to Youtube videos. Murad Gazdiev gives a first-hand perspective on real situation in RT.

The BBC propagandists are trying to smear RT.

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Keiser Report (E812): Privatization Schemes

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the sovereign reassignment surgery happening in so-called ‘privatization schemes’ as British companies are more comfortable (to politicians) draped in a French or German flag. In the second half, Max continues his interview with investment banker, Tony Gallippi and Marcel Roelants of

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

CrossTalk: Ukraine's Hard Choices

In this pre-recorded edition, the debate focuses on the Kiev regime, which is stuck between a rock and a very hard place. With the Europeans and Russians pushing Ukrainians to implement the Minsk accords, there is growing evidence the Maidan political forces are turning against themselves in disarray. In fact, during the recording of this show, Kiev reversed its position on the expulsion of Western journalists. Meanwhile, NATO continues to target Russia. CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Alexander Mercouris, and Nebojsa Malic.

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CNN Poli-tricks: How The Masters of Propaganda ‘Fixed’ The GOP Debate

Prior to Wednesday evening’s TV event, the people had spoken clearly through a number of major polls, and their top two run-away choices are clearly Donald J. Trump and Dr. Benjamin Carson. You wouldn’t know it after enduring three hours of CNN’s stage-managed production. This is perhaps the most damning indictment of the establishment politics in living memory, and potentially a major watershed moment in terms of American politics. Instead of using use real public opinion as a gauge, the media mafia, like in a Las Vegas boxing match, made the necessary moves behind the scenes in order to tilt the playing field in favor of the weaker candidates. This is nothing new, and they wouldn’t be alone. The only problem now is that the public are becoming wise as to how the media and the political establishment (in this case the GOP), work together in fixing the race.

CNN’s own debate protocol on the night stipulated that if another candidate’s name is mentioned in a contestant’s answer, then that other person is automatically given the right to rebuttal. In other words, if Tapper asks a question to Jeb Bush and Bush mentions the name ‘Rand Paul’ during his answer, then Rand Paul is summarily given time to reply. In this way CNN purports to be the ‘fair and balanced’ broker, but in reality the exercise is almost completely controlled by the moderator asking the question and the establishment candidates. Rule number one: don’t mention Trump. Using this clever formula, during one long stretch CNN, managed to shut-out Donald Trump for a full 40 minutes towards the third hour of the debate – just as viewer numbers began to gradually erode.

The other obvious point here is that it is simply ludicrous to claim that a debate is a legitimate reflection of the public interest when the broadcast network Svengalis allows nearly 15 candidates a place on the stage, with the majority of those 15 candidates polling somewhere between 1-2% nationally. This guarantees that the ‘debate’ will ultimately be a farce in terms of representing the public interest in this political race. Regardless of how poor their public appeal is, like a doctor doling out bad medicine, the establishment media is determined to force-feed their bloated field of mediocre political stooges and career glad-handers – down the throats of the American people.

Granted, this has been the GOP’s losing strategy since 2008 – to flood the primary field with as many candidates as possible, including completely unelectable and otherwise repugnant outdated party throwbacks like
Newt Gingrich - who was encouraged to run at the last-minute by the Republican establishment in 2012 in order to help dilute the field and eventually oust surging front-runner Ron Paul from the national spotlight. The media played the game, denying media coverage and redacting Paul’s winning polls and even his leading primary results, effectively erasing Ron Paul from American TV screens in 2008, and in 2012. The same could be said for GOP candidate Herman Cain in 2012, who after wiping the floor in interviews and debates, was ‘disappeared’ from much of the GOP media coverage in the run-up to the New Hampshire primaries. The same process is happening now, as the RNC, in partnership with networks like CNN and FOX, are trying to erase Donald Trump from America’s gaze. They will not give up until this mission is accomplished.

Another important element in fixing their staged production is ‘loading’ their studio audience. On Wednesday night, CNN in partnership with the Republican National Committee, chose a small venue that could only hold 500 persons so that they could more easily fix the audience so that it would include ZERO supporters of Donald Trump. Tickets to this event were strictly invite only and might have been distributed along the following lines:

Republican National Convention guest list – 350 tickets (70%)
Ronald Reagan Library guest list – 100 tickets (20%)
CNN guest list – 50 tickets (10%) CNN

Considering that only 48 hours before the debate, Donald Trump filled Mavericks Arena in Dallas, Texas with well over 10,000 supporters on just 72 hours notice, one might ask how no actual Trump supporters (aside from family members in the VIP enclosure) were present in the audience on Wednesday night. This topped by the fact that Trump is polling as high as 40% in places in a field of 15 candidates, this calculated move by CNN and the RNC is tantamount to fraud. This was obvious when the RNC’s hand-picked audience would applaud on cue at the end of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s rebuttals, as well as following any statements by Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina. Judging from this ‘canned’ applause, one can easily see which candidates the RNC were keen to promote through this CNN mass-media production. At no time did any member of the audience cheer following a rounding statement by Donald Trump, even though he had his share of applause-worthy moments.

To compound the farce, Jeff Zucker also ordered CNN producers to run the debate over 3 hours in length, pushing its completion well past the television watershed mark past 11pm ET. Zucker knew that if Tapper and CNN had achieved its list of objectives in the first 2 hours, that many viewers would begin to peel away in droves after that. Despite Hugh Hewitt’s sweeping claim afterwards that CNN had “built and kept its audience over the 3 hours”, the reality is that viewers fell off after the second hour. To drag on the debate could only benefit those establishment candidates CNN was keen to promote in hours one and two

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Keiser Report (E811): Hot Financial Promises

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss online cheating services like financial markets luring punters to part with their money in exchange for hot promises from algorithms and other bots. In the second half, Max interviews Tony Gallippi and Marcel Roelants of about the latest in the bitcoin and blockchain market.

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Antidepressant Deemed Unsafe for Young People After Reanalysis… Suicide risk much higher than previously thought…

Fourteen years ago, a leading drug maker published a study showing that the antidepressant Paxil was safe and effective for teenagers. On Wednesday, a major medical journal posted a new analysis of the same data concluding that the opposite is true.

That study — featured prominently by the journal BMJ — is a clear break from scientific custom and reflects a new era in scientific publishing, some experts said, opening the way for journals to post multiple interpretations of the same experiment. It comes at a time of self-examination across science — retractions are at an all-time high; recent cases of fraud have shaken fields as diverse as anesthesia and political science; and earlier this month researchers reported that less than half of a sample of psychology papers held up.

“This paper is alarming, but its existence is a good thing,” said Brian Nosek, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, who was not involved in either the original study or the reanalysis. “It signals that the community is waking up, checking its work and doing what science is supposed to do — self-correct.”

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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Trews About BBC Propaganda, Lies, Bias & Cover Up's

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Ukraine Military Report 18.09.2015

Problems with recently mobilised Ukrainian Army units, in terms of equipment, conditions and morale, are covered in this video.

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‘What is More Important for the US – to Defeat ISIS or Not to Deal with Assad?’

Putin is proposing an international coalition to fight Islamic State, and the US administration is ready to discuss the possibilities. However, US Secretary of State John Kerry says using the Syrian army to combat the jihadists is ‘not a winning strategy.’

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Thoughts on the WTC Artists

A large group of artists were given space and construction access to the World Trade Center in the four years leading up to 9/11.
I want to call your attention to the artist groups (E-TEAM and GELATIN) who were selected to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) World Views / Studioscape (slow link) programs that allowed them and other artists to work and live in the WTC in the four years leading up to 9/11 on different floors, including 91 and 92 of the North Tower. Additionally, they were given seven day a week construction access to the WTC that allowed them to freely move all sorts of materials in and out of the complex.
(Note: When you give young artists access to a building and work-live space, they’re going figure out everything they can and can’t get away with in there. I’ve lived in several wild artist buildings and from my experience, once they’re in, they can get anywhere they want...especially with climbing gear & harnesses...see photos below. LMCC and WTC management would know that before approving such a program. For artists to be able to take out windows on the 91st floor and install a makeshift “balcony” (see the NYTimes, August 2001) protruding out of the building should give you some real insight into just how lax WTC security was at that time and how dangerous the LMCC program was. Sounds to me like the WTC was conveniently out of control in the years leading up to 9/11 and that security there was a complete joke as far as these artists and all their friends were concerned...see photos below.)
As you may know, audacity, arrogance and a love of esotericism (“it’s a great piece of just don’t get it”) are common features of the art world, especially among privileged and highly connected, younger artists. Therefore, I think it is plausible that the E-Team might also stand for Explosives Team (amongst themselves, their handlers and sponsors) and that Gelatin’s The B-Thing may also be, not so secretly, referring to explosives (see blasting gelatin & note that Gelatin became Gelitin in ’05...wonder why?). Keep in mind that we gave these foreign groups WTC construction access and allowed them to live directly in the strike zone through the LMCC World Views and Studioscape programs. They would probably look upon most of Americans as complete idiots and that their work was highly sanctioned by the people in charge.

It's important to note that the Israeli spy ring that was (partially) rounded up before the 911 attacks consisted of 'art students' that said they served in "military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or Explosive Ordinance units."

The art student connection to the towers does not look coincidental considering the fact that these buildings and WTC7 were all brought down using explosives on 911:

The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

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Varoufakis on Corbyn’s Campaign & Tragedy of Greek Finance Plan

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Yanis Varoufakis. Ahead of the election this weekend in Greece, the former finance minister talks about Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and what he can do to win the war with the media. He explains the difference between the UK and Greece and why they have been in a great depression for five years. And discusses the reason why his party had to go against the public and accept a bailout. Plus why he no longer has what it takes to support Syriza.

Varoufakis explains the thinking behind their negotiations with the EU banking terrorists.

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Friday, 18 September 2015

CrossTalk: Obama's Syria

Ending Syria’s horrific civil war is possible, but the political will to do so remains elusive. Over the years the facts on the ground have changed in Syria – the rise of the Islamic State being the most deadly new player. But Washington and its regional allies remain focused on illegal regime change in Damascus. The west is fighting the wrong war and will surely lose the peace.
CrossTalking with Kapil Komireddi, Scott Bennett, and Richard Murphy.

Awesome comments from the former intelligence officer confirming Western-approved Gulf-country funding for the terrorists.

The US media propaganda on Syria and ISIS is simply not working when everyone has easy access to the truth thanks to online sources. Wars can be stopped when people are aware and angered by the reality of the conflict - as happened with Vietnam. This is why sharing the truth about these events is important.

Related Info:

US State Dept spox Almost Cracks over ISIS and Syria Regime Change Charges
In the mind of US State Department spokesman John Kirby, Russia should not back Syria against the terrorists, president Assad is to blame for ISIS, Iraq is much better off because of the US invasion, and it’s ‘absolutely astounding’ anyone would dare to disagree.

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Military Report of Novorossia 16.09.2015

Military actions of low intensity have been continuing in DPR and LPR. Ukrainian military have been shelling the settlements of Spartak and Staromihailovka from the directions of Krasnogorovka and Butovka coal mine. A firefight was observed in the sector of Mariinka.

With the recent banning of both Western and Russian journalists in Ukraine, and the upcoming UN meeting in New York at the end of September, expect the resumption of high intensity warfare soon. The recruits that make up the hugely expanded Ukrainian army will need to be used in combat in the near future, (before winter) as it is likely they will suffer logistically and mentally if kept in the field for too long (where reports of ill-discipline have already come out).

Poroshenko bans western journalists from Ukraine

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Coast To Coast AM - September 14, 2015 Cover Ups & Secret Space Programs ft. Mike Rivero

In the first half, commentator and talk show host Michael Rivero, who monitors a variety of controversial topics, spoke about current events, cover-ups, and political skullduggery.

Great interview with Rivero in the first hour.

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Conspiracy Theory Rock By Robert Smigel

The 1998 Robert Smigel animated short film "Conspiracy Theory Rock", part of a March 1998 "TV Funhouse" segment, has been removed from all subsequent airings of the Saturday Night Live episode where it originally appeared. Michaels claimed the edit was done because it "wasn't funny". The film is a scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including NBC's ownership by General Electric/Westinghouse

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Doctors List 50 Reasons Why You Must Stop Drinking Fluoridated Water Now

3. The dose of the amount of fluoride consumed is impossible to control if administered through the public water system.

4. Fluoridated water is administered equally to everyone, without regard to age, health or vulnerability.

5. Fluoride is provided in many other sources beside water, including food, salt, dental products, pesticide residues on food, etc.

6. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient that is required by any of the body’s biological processes.

7. Fluoride levels in a nursing mother’s milk are naturally very low, thus bottle-fed babies consuming formula mixed with fluoridated water may be consuming harmful levels.

8. The kidneys of an adult are only able to excrete 50-60% of fluoride ingested each day, resulting in accumulation in the body and bones.

9. No health agency in countries that fluoridate water is monitoring the side effects or results of fluoride exposure.

10. There have been no randomized controlled trials to demonstrate the safety or effectiveness to water fluoridation.

11. Acknowledged by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, the benefit of fluoride is mainly topical, not systemic.

12. Industrialized countries that have rejected water fluoridation have experienced the same decline in childhood dental decay. See graph.

13. The difference between tooth decay among children in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in the US is miniscule. See survey.

14. A study funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health found no significant relationship between tooth decay and fluoride intake in children. See study.

15. Tooth decay continues to be high in low-income communities that have had fluoridated water for years.

16. There is no noticeable rise in tooth decay in communities where fluoridation is stopped.

17. The decline in tooth decay started before water fluoridation was introduced. See graph.

18. The studies used to justify water fluoridation have been criticized as “especially rich in fallacies, improper design, invalid use of statistical methods, omissions of contrary data, and just plain muddleheadedness and hebetude.” ~ Dr. Hubert Arnold, Statistician from the University of California at Davis

19. Water fluoridation programs have massively failed to achieve their key objective of lowering dental fluorosis to 10% in children. As of 2014, 41% of American adolescents had dental fluorosis. See graph.

20. Infants consuming baby formula made with fluoridated water have the highest exposure to fluoride, which has been found to be a major risk factor in developing dental fluorosis later in life.

21. Dental fluorosis may be an indicator of wider systemic damage.

22. Evidence exists that fluoride may damage the brain, interfere with brain functions, or lead to neurotoxicity.

23. Multiple studies have reported an association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ.

24. Other studies have reported an association between fluoride exposure and non-IQ neurotoxic effects.

25. Studies have shown that fluoride accumulates and affects the human pineal gland. See studies.

26. Fluoride exposure affects thyroid function.

27. Fluoride causes arthritic symptoms due to a fluoride-induced bone and joint disease called skeletal fluorosis.

28. Fluoride damages bones.

29. Fluoride may result in an increase in bone fractures, particularly in the hips, in the elderly. Some studies suggest that even low-level exposure may have a detrimental effect on cortical bone density.

30. People with kidney disease are prone to higher accumulation of fluoride in their bones and blood, making them more vulnerable to bone damage.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Assad Calls Out U.S. For Supporting Terrorism, Says EU “Not Dealing With The Cause Of Refugee Crisis” - (FULL INTERVIEW)

As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, tension in the country is still growing. Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, gives an interview to key Russian media, revealing his view on political progress, the Syrian crisis, its allies and its war on terrorism.

Assad points out that the west is working closely with the terrorists. He is correct.

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In Syria, More Lies Brings More Chaos

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power told CNN that Russian support for the Syrian government is "not a winning strategy." Meanwhile, the US strategy of fighting ISIS has yet to produce tangible results. What's going on?

The lies about the conflict are deliberate because they want regime change in Syria at almost any cost. Exposing the lies will help end the war.

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5 Things the Media Won't Report About the Refugee Crisis

The entire narrative that major western media outlets have crafted around the migrant crisis is a complete fraud.

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Jeremy Corbyn: Conservatives are 'Poverty Deniers'

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Conservative government of being “poverty deniers” and pledged to oppose the welfare reform bill in his first official speech as Labour leader.

In a wide-ranging speech, Corbyn declared himself to be among friends and told delegates at the TUC conference that Labour would oppose Iain Duncan Smith’s plans in full.

Seeking to draw new distinctions between Labour and the Conservatives, Corbyn said: “They call us deficit deniers; they spend billions cutting taxes for the richest families and for the most profitable businesses. What they are is poverty deniers.

“They are ignoring the growing queues at food banks, they are ignoring the housing crisis they are cutting tax credits … let’s be clear: austerity is actually a political choice that this government is taking and they are imposing it on the most vulnerable and poorest in society.”

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Germany Moves Away From the US Anti-Putin Alliance and Joins Forces with Russia in Coalition to Defeat ISIS

In a surprise move Germany left the anti-Putin-alliance formed by the USA: Germany is now officially welcoming Moscow's readiness to act in Syria and is starting an initiative together with the Russians and the French to bring an end to the war. This is to stop the constant stream of refugees. Germany has ordered thousands of soldiers into readiness.

Germany surprisingly left the alliance formed together with the United States which intended to block Russia's entry into the Syrian conflict.

Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen told Der Spiegel that she welcomed president Putin's intentions of joining the fight against the extremist organization "Islamic State". It would be a matter of mutual interests, she said.

A speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added, Germany would welcome additional efforts of Russia in the fight against IS. Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even announced the starting of a joint venture between him, Russian foreign minister Lavrov and their French colleague Laurent Fabius with the aim of bringing the Syrian civil war to an end. Lavrov and Fabius are expected to arrive in Berlin this Saturday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called upon the US-Ministry of Defence to coordinate their efforts with the Russian military. Because both sides are actively invested in Syria it would be paramount for the US to reinstate the previously ceased operational cooperation with Russia, said Lavrov on Friday in Moscow. This was intended to avoid "unintentional incidents". Russia's military drills in the Mediterranean would be in accordance to international law. Larvrov explained furthermore, that Russia would keep delivering weapons to the troops of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to support their struggle against the extremist organization of Islamic State (IS).

Properly applied airstrikes, in combination with Syrian Army operations, will defeat ISIS forces in the field. To fully destroy ISIS in Syria the Nations of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan need to be publicly pressured to close their borders using military forces that are monitored by the UN. Outside countries presently provide logistical support for the terrorists, which means they can be continually resupplied.

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German Man Could Not Stand to Hear Media Lies About Refugees | Eng Subs

Awesome 2 minutes of this German dude ranting about the Syria problem - where the media does not address the causes. This is kinda how I feel when I watch TV on this issue (inspires me to write the odd letter). EPIC CLIP.

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Establishment Fit: Jeremy Corbyn Branded as ‘Natl Security Threat’

The Labour leadership election in the UK, which saw left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn win by a landslide, has left many wondering, what's next for the UK? Britain's political establishment has been making its opinion clear, as RT's Daniel Hawkins reports.

The Tories are acting pretty stupidly here. In the Internet age, blatant propaganda can easily be exposed. They are undermining themselves via such tactics.

Corbyn can win but faces the real danger of vote fraud. It is possible this occurred in the General Election where polls showed Labour had a lead. Vote fraud was certainly used in the Scottish Independence referendum.

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Keiser Report (E810): 'Made in Europe' Banking Frauds

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the protests in Moldova against a billion dollar banking fraud which looks remarkably ‘Made in Europe’ – i.e. similar to banking heists in Iceland and Ireland. They also look at the UK property companies raking in the profits off the government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. In the second half, Max continues his interview with investment banker, Ned Naylor Leyland, about the latest in gold markets.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Excluding Syrian Army From Fighting ISIS is Absurd – Lavrov

The Syrian army could be a crucial force in fight against Islamic State, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, reiterating that Russia will support the Syrian government in the fight against the extremist group.

“To exclude Syrian army from fighting Islamic State [formerly ISIS/ISIL] is absurd… Syrian armed forces will be the most effective military force on the ground,” Lavrov said in an interview to Russia’s Channel One TV.

Lavrov added that when there was a question of destroying chemical weapons a year ago, Assad was considered a “legitimate” president of Syria and his actions were welcomed in UN Security Council resolutions.

“A year passed and he [Assad] stopped being legitimate, because the threat is now not chemical weapons or substance but a terror menace,” Lavrov said, describing that as an “ideologized” approach.

“All our western partners, without any exceptions, tell us that they clearly understand what is the main threat in the Middle East and North Africa. And this [threat] is not Assad’s regime, but Islamic State,” he said.

Sometimes the US would not authorize an airstrike on a confirmed Islamic State position, sources in the US-led coalition tell Moscow. That raises questions, Lavrov says.

“I hope that I won’t fail anyone, saying that some of our colleagues from the coalition states say that they receive information where exactly, on which positions the Islamic State troops are located, but the commander of the coalition [of course, from the US] doesn’t approve the strike.”

“I could suspect that apart from the claimed purpose – fighting Islamic State – there is something else [as the aim] of the coalition, ” he added.

Lavrov said that Russia will assist Syrian government in the way it assists the governments of all countries, including the Iraqis, which face the threat of terrorism. Such help includes weapons deliveries as well as assistance of Russian specialists who help to set equipment and teach Syrian troops how to handle such equipment.

The greatest problem is the fact that ISIS, although protected somewhat by the USA, is logistically supported from neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Jordan. If the supply lines are closed off, ISIS will fail.

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Pentagon Opens Doors to 9/11 Attack by Sabotaging Military Intelligence Unit that Identified Hijackers

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Nearly A Third Of Americans Could Imagine Supporting The Military Overthrowing The Federal Gov’t

For many Americans, a coup in which the military seizes control of the federal government is starting to seem like a refreshing alternative to the existing administration, according to a new poll.

Conducted by YouGov, a new survey has found that 29 percent of Americans could imagine a scenario where they would support a military takeover in the United States. A total of 41 percent could not imagine supporting such an event. And so while the coup-supporters are still decidedly in the minority, the fact that the option polls so highly is remarkable. This translates to 70 million Americans who are potentially ready to support a coup.

The survey results revealed a clear political divide. Republicans were more than twice as likely to rate a potential coup more highly than Democrats, with the two parties polling 43 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

I would support a temporary military takeover because Washington is corrupt. Justice needs to be served upon those that have betrayed the Constitution with illegal wars and other matters.

A special Grand Jury should be convened to investigate the attacks of 911, torture, the illegal wars, and banking corruption. Immediate arrests and detention should be undertaken - starting with the President, the director (plus senior officials) of the CIA, the director (and senior officials) of the FBI, etc.

Furthermore, the mainstream media, that acts as a propaganda arm for the White House and Pentagon would need to be broken up, along with the Washington lobby groups starting with AIPAC. The election process would need to be made transparent - no electronic voting machines.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, September 15th, 2015.]