Friday, 21 August 2015

CrossTalk: Undiplomatic Power

How should we assess the behavior of Samantha Power, Washington’s top diplomat at the United Nations? Called by some a “foremost scholar on genocide,” Power is quick to back the use of military power in the service of so-called humanitarian goals. She is also fond of using the word ‘outrage’ – what does this tell us about her? CrossTalking with Daniel McAdams, Scott Rickard, and Patrick Smith.

'Humanitarian intervention' has sold aggressive (imperialistic) war policies to the left, a group that has traditionally been against such violence. Quote from the clip: 'We are looking at the weaponisation of human rights.' The establishment propaganda simply changed after the Bush regime left office. We were treated to made up stories about brutal repressions of 'pro-democracy' groups (often sponsored by the US), such that action had to be taken, like sending arms to Al Qaeda linked factions in Libya and Syria.  

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