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Bombing ISIS is Like Making Attacks on the Ho Chi Minh Trail During the Vietnam War: The Extremists are Supported by Outside Backers that Funnel Supplies Through Turkey - A Letter to Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

Dear Foreign Minister Bishop,

The following is a notice I have put out on social media. It deals with the difficulty of stopping an enemy without addressing their logistical supply lines - drawing attention to the fact that the conflict in Syria is, in reality, a proxy war. Those participating in backing the extremists, heads of Nation States or military/Intelligence people, are war criminals:

Bombing ISIS is like making attacks on the Ho Chi Minh trial during the Vietnam War. The problem is that the extremists have outside backers that funnel personnel and supplies through Turkey and that these backers are Nation States. General Wesley Clarke explained the problem in an interview on Fox News, stating that 'we' use extremists for foreign policy objectives:

In the following German News clip you can see trucks crossing the Turkish border going directly to ISIS occupied areas in Syria. Foreign fighters also freely cross the frontier with no Turkish military forces in sight:

Furthermore there is a declassified Defence Intelligence Agency document that states "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" are supporting 'Salafist, Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in Iraq', in the Syrian war:

The central problem is that we are witness to a western-backed proxy conflict that is intended to remove the Government of Syria.

To stop the war the countries backing the extremists must end their quasi-covert support. The border with Turkey must be closed, and the secular Government in Syria must be backed (the one that propaganda says is intentionally targeting civilians - as much as the US would during their air strikes).

It was illegal from the get go to sponsor proxy forces in Syria - forces that were never truly moderate or secular. And because the real target in Syria is the secular Government, expect mission creep to occur where we will see a switch from bombing ISIS to bombing of the Syria Army - much like the Turks recently bombed the Kurds, who were effectively fighting ISIS, while claiming they were also going after ISIS. Presently the Israelis are attacking Syrian Army positions in the Golan after 'stray rounds', likely fired by extremists, crossed their border. The target of these surrounding states is the Syrian State, not ISIS. That is the root of the problem we face, whilst we play games bombing the extremists in a (thus far) ineffective fashion.

War crimes investigations based on the declassified DIA documents are in order.

Ms Bishop, you should be aware that ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is currently being targeted as a war criminal for his involvement in the Iraq War. Similarly George W Bush, and others in his administration, are also targets of prosecution for their illegal invasion of Iraq (based on deliberately orchestrated WMD lies).

To stop ISIS, western backing of the extremists (that includes allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia) must end.  

Here is some related video material that further explains the situation in Syria:

1. Respected journalist Robert Fisk, interviewed on Australian TV, says that the FSA (moderate rebels) are a myth and that he was free to travel around Syria to report on the war (contrary to the  propaganda demonising the Syrian Government). He implies that support for the Syrian Army is necessary to defeat the extremists:

2. In the following clip FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, just back from Turkey, reports on the immediate situation concerning the Syrian-Turkish Border. She confirms that ISIS is a puppet of western intelligence, and that they are directly aided by Nation States:

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