Thursday, 23 July 2015

60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators

The top You Tube comment explains what is going on with these heinous criminals and the lack of action by the authorities:
Andrew Towell 
Sadly this information was known at the time and covered up, not least by the home office and police but also by the security services (MI5/6). The security services record these activities of people in positions of authority in order to blackmail and manipulate them, in order to have them "in their pocket". If you hear them utter the words "national security" or "not in the national interest" then know your being lied to and a cover up is in effect. You need to know that your childrens lives and their safety are not viewed as important as whats in the interests of the Government and/or Security Services. They murder to keep this a secret, even today. It's the job of the home office to protect the Government, that means further cover ups or throwing a few people under the bus when necessary. These activities have not gone away as they've been allowed to happen and covered up at the highest levels, then and now. Our children are not safe until these predators and their conspirators are exposed and jailed for the remainder of their lives.
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