Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ISIS Promised Day Of Bloodshed Has Arrived

If you are concerned with the recent terrorist attacks overseas, and the increased frequency of such events, then it helps to be interested in what has caused them. Unlike what Bush and co. had said, it is not simply because they 'hate us for our freedoms'.

ISIS didn't exist until the secular, albeit corrupt, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian states were subject to western intervention via trumped up charges of a WMD threat, or via Proxy Wars (in Syria and Libya). There is strong evidence showing western involvement in supporting the extremists in ongoing proxy wars which is a war crime (aggressive war) according to Nuremburg.

The US has a long history of using fundamentalists to conduct war. It began in Afghanistan against the Soviets and never ended. The jihadists are simply tools for foreign policy. The fact that tourists and civilians in the west end up as collateral damage is not a problem for these people. Terror blowback is used to justify further interventions and it helps Governments advance Police State powers (whilst the amnesic and misled public forgets the contributing factors that gave rise to such an environment).

Yes, there are usually crazy fundamentalists that do exist within society in any event, but without war and destabilisation, they have little support. Promoting and expanding conflict create more of these people - and thus we end up with various massacres of innocent people outside the conflict zone.

The recently declassified US DIA report stated that "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" were supporting the opposition in Syria where the leading fighting groups were 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda' - all extremists. The other group admittedly supported by the West is the 'moderate' Free Syrian Army which admits (in interviews appearing in the US media) to working closely with Al Qaeda and sometimes with ISIS (go and Google that if you don't believe me).

If you want an end to the massacres, then some interest in the issue of western intervention in the Middle East, with Turkey/NATO and Saudi Arabia being part of the game, will be useful. Public opinion still counts. If the public are sleep walking, information-absent, zombies then they will fall for any war prolonging rhetoric and we will never see an end to what is happening presently.

Please note: Although there may be some support for ISIS goals in the general Muslim population, most people are not blood thirsty murderers or are in favour of violence (as this video implies). I have little sympathy for people who would advocate murder and mayhem regardless of their backgrounds, whether from The West or Middle East.  

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