Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wikileaks: Sony Emails Reveal Hollywood Execs Work for Israel

Top Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States, according to a cache of Sony internal emails leaked to Wikileaks and published for the first time last week.

The emails reveal a dinner between Sony executives and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the presenter of American X-Factor chiding actress Natalie Portman aggressively for her views on Israel; meetings between top entertainment chiefs and the Israeli consulate-general; close ties between Sony’s Co-Chairperson and various pro-Israel lobbying groups; and film chiefs planning, in detail, a new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, about which the emails also reflect rising concern.

The news media, entertainment industry and the political sphere in the USA are strongly influenced by the State of Israel. Exposing this situation and treating it as a serious problem is the only way to free the US military from being continual pawns in Israeli foreign policy (ie attacking countries in the Middle East).

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