Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wesley Clark: "Our Friends and Allies Funded ISIS to Destroy Hezbollah"

ISIS is given support because they serve a purpose. This is geopolitical truth. The recent 'allied' attacks upon the extremists are just part of a wider game of deception. The ISIS logistical lines, running through the open Turkish border and Iraq, are still in place. The Frankenstein monster is on the loose and there are no serious moves to shut down the supply lines.

Note that "friends and allies" would include Israel (photographed and filmed rendering aid) and the elements of the western intelligence community that include the CIA and Saudi intelligence services. The target is the Hezbollah-Syria-Iraq(Shiite)-Iran nexus, with Russia in the background. All the countries involved in supporting the extremists will gain if they can break or disrupt that nexus.

Most people have trouble accepting such a scenario, despite exposure to supporting points of damning evidence, because they value individual human life and don't connect to people who do not. It seems to me that many/most people at the top of the geopolitical tree, those involved in strategic planning and intelligence plotting, do not value individual human lives. They do not value the lives of large communities or even whole countries. They can probably justify the death tolls and misery in the context of 'greater purpose'.

There are crazy fundamentalists out there willing to cut peoples heads off but there are also traitors to humanity within our own midsts that would support such cretins.

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