Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Snowden Docs reveal 5-Nation Cointelpro Ops

Famed journalist Glenn Greenwald, most known for being the main reporter who received and exposed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s stolen files, has just released another shocking global espionage revelation. Except this one doesn’t expose overzealous spying upon all of humanity. It exposes a worldwide cointelpro operation being perpetrated by 5 Western governments.

Police forces are in the business of protecting the populace from criminals and harm. It’s mostly a defensive job. But in the mid-twentieth century, the FBI expanded their mission to include going on the offense, not against criminals, but against anyone the government deemed the ‘enemy’. Thanks to a detailed report from journalist Glenn Greenwald and the accompanying 50-page secret document from the British government, it’s now apparent cointelpro operations are back.


It’s worth noting that one possible and glaring example of the five-nation cointelpro operation is the mysterious re-defining of the word ‘cointelpro’ itself. There are two definitions of the term and one has been all but scrubbed from the internet. According to establishment experts, the term stands for, ‘Counter Intelligence Program’. But the dictionary definition of Counter Intelligence is, ‘defending against foreign or enemy espionage assaults,’ not sabotaging your political opponents.

While ‘Counter Intelligence Program’ is a legitimate term, it’s illegitimately used to describe the current secret programs being carried out by national spy agencies like the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ. Those covert campaigns, both online and off, actually fall under the definition of Cointelpro that many of us are more familiar with - Counter Intelligence Agent Provocateur. The term was first widely used in the 1960’s when FBI agents destroyed racist organizations in the American deep south by sabotaging their members’ lives, including their marriages, jobs, finances and reputations.

Today, the five-nation Cointelpro team described in Glenn Greenwald’s report is given the name, the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance. It includes the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Greenwald’s explosive revelations, acquired from leaked Edward Snowden documents, are being released in pieces in cooperation with NBC News. From what has been exposed so far, the news team has chosen the term ‘dirty tricks’ to describe the spy agencies’ tactics. But in reality, it illustrates textbook examples of Counter Intelligence Agent Provocateurs.

These are the same 5 countries involved in the Cold War signals intelligence 'ECHELON' program.

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