Friday, 26 December 2014

MH17 Witness Emerges, Claims Ukrainian Jet Brought Down Boeing

Russia’s Investigative Committee has confirmed the claims by a Ukrainian, who said he witnessed the deployment of a Ukrainian warplane armed with air-to-air missiles on the day the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down.

Mike Rivero at provides further analysis on the claims being made:
This story suggests that the Ukrainian pilot, Captain Voloshin, shot down MH17 via mis-identification with a real target. So, with the eastern Ukrainians lacking any real air force, what target was Captain Voloshin searching for that would look like a Boeing passenger jet?

As it happens, Russian President Vladimir Putin was flying through the same area on that very day, returning home from a six day visit to Cuba and South America. Putin's Presidential jet, not as grand as Air Force One, is based on the Ilyushin 96. The IL-96 is a passenger jet, and is painted with a similar color scheme to the Malaysian 777. At a distance, they could easily have been confused for one another!

So Kiev wanted to murder Putin, to throw the Russian government into turmoil while Kiev reconquered the east (and possibly Crimea), but botched the operation, shooting down MH17 instead, then tried to drop the blame on Russia.
The story here does fit with eyewitness accounts, and Russian radar imagery, that showed fighter or attack aircraft in the area at the time of the shoot down. 

Even without this new witness, there remains no hard evidence to pin this incident on the rebels in East Ukraine. US satelite pictures, that would show smoke trails from ground-to-air missiles, the alleged murder weapon according to the West, would clearly have been seen.

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