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Misleading Material in "What Makes the Middle East a Witch's Brew" - A letter to ABC Online News

Hello [XXXXXXX],

I just went through your article titled "Explained: What Makes the Middle East a Witch's Brew" and noted a number of very significant omissions to the narrative such that it effectively misleads your audience when it comes to helping them "understand what is happening in Iraq and Syria."

The biggest overarching omission is that you neglected to explain that the conflict in Syria, that has helped fuel the fighting in Iraq, is essentially a PROXY WAR that was instigated by the US, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other allies, where planning was conducted a number of years before hostilities erupted.

The problem is not ISIS. The problem is the proxy war in Syria and the geopolitical desire by the west to remove Iranian-Shia influence in Iraq. This is not to say that your analysis of the Maliki Government's pro-Shiite bias is incorrect, only that the opposition movements benefited immensely from this US-Saudi policy to the point where these countries backed extremists and escalated the fighting to serve their own agendas. The focus on fighting Assad in Syria over the last 3 years is the root cause of the ISIS ascension.

You needed to inform your audience that the initial pro-democracy protests in Syria were hijacked by armed gangs/defectors that we know were operating out of the Incirlik NATO base in southern Turkey:

Interviews with people, such as refugees including nuns, indicated that the protests were indeed hijacked and that people fled the country because of the 'rebels', who acted barbarically from the beginning:

See this SBS interview with mother Agnes-Mariam:
+ Nobel peace prize Laureate fact finding tour interview:

Furthermore, the precursor to ISIS, as reported by The Guardian and Der Spiegel newspapers, actually received anti-tank weapons training from US, UK and French personnel in Jordan in 2012:

Other reports of arms flowing across the Turkish border in trucks and weapons coming in from Qatar and Saudi Arabia can be found by those that look.

In your section "The Assad Problem" you mentioned sniper attacks on children without presenting any evidence of this claim. The reason evidence is important here is because we have had claims of chemical weapons use by the Syrian Government where the evidence (Carla Del Ponte's UN team, MIT scientists) indicated that the rebels were responsible for its use - the opposite of the claims made by western countries (USA, UK) involved in the proxy attack on Syria.

We do have footage of snipers shooting on civilians in Syria but they are unidentified individuals and are likely provocateurs. We cannot tell for sure. In an interview with former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, we find that he was approached by British officials in 2009, two years before violence broke out in Syria, to assist in efforts to oust/destabilise Assad:

This is not to say that the forces of the Assad Government have acted by the conventions of a legally conducted war - obviously they have not, if we are to go by Robert Fisk's reports of the Syrian Army not taking prisoners at various stages of the conflict. However, the Assad Government is reacting to an armed uprising fully supported by a western military alliance. Herein lies the great crime, and the issue that you have neglected to cover.

I highly recommend watching the following videos that contain strong first hand evidence of foreign intervention in the conflict including the staging of the chemical weapons attacks that were wrongly (deliberately) blamed on the Syrian Government.

Corbett Report on Who is Really Behind the Syrian War:

Corbett Report on ISIS:

Video Compilation on ISIS origins:

FBI whisleblower interview on direct US support for terrorist groups:

Syrian chemical weapons lies exposed:

Professor Michel Chossudovsky's very reasonable geopolitical assessment of the wars in the Middle East:

At present your article is misleading your audience through the omission of vitally important evidence. In the interests of balance you need to make corrections (under the ABC Code of Practise guidelines).

This is the problem with the mainstream media at present - it is facilitating murder by uncritically reporting on these events and neglecting to remind viewers of deliberate western involvement in these types of wars - where they initiate the fighting and then escalate the situation.

Please make the necessary corrections.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, October 26th, 2014.]

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