Thursday, 18 September 2014

Will Obama's Bombs Stop Beheadings? Russell Brand The Trews

Reaction to President Barack Obama's 'destroy and degrade' strategy address for fighting the Islamic State.

Great sentiments and insights from Brand - especially about the Sunnis siding with ISIS for economic reasons - because they have been partly excluded from local resources by the Shites and Kurds. This goes to the politics of the region. He also points out that US interests are always financial and benefit the elite, and that Obama is merely a frontman for this corrupt system.

The other thing, which he might have emphasised, and he hinted at this, is the western support (US-Saudi) for ISIS in terms of their years-long campaign against Syria. Now we are supposed be concerned about the terrorist threat that was fostered by the west.

To achieve peace the western backers of ISIS must desist. However, ISIS as a military force filled with extremists, will probably need to be opposed with force before it crumbles from lack of support. Backing Iraqi Government and Syrian Government forces is the way to go in this regard, despite the problematic nature of such a strategy.

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