Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cold Warmongering: Putin Vilified by MSM Magazines & Newspapers

Kiev says the Malaysian airliner didn't veer off course before going down - contradicting evidence provided by the Russian Defence Ministry. Meanwhile amid conflicting claims and a lack of clear proof, the media are stirring up talk of a new Cold War, jumping at any opportunity to point the finger.

The first clip features the censored BBC Russia news story where witnesses saw a military jet flying close to where the Malaysian airliner was shot down.

Story #2:
Where’s the Beef? US Media Blame Game VS Russia’s Counter-Evidence

The MH17 crash is turned into an information war by western media. Despite the US officials say there is no evidence of Russia’s involvement in MH17 crash, the Western media is looking for a new face to blame.

The accusations of direct Russian involvement in the shootdown, with the implication that civilian airlines had been deliberately targeted, are absurd, and were so from the first day of the incident. RT is right to criticise the western media (and various politicians/experts) over their handling of the tragic event.

It was interesting to see the snippet of the CNN interview with the leader in Donetsk who was told that if their forces moved the bodies they'd be responsible. ie they were warned off moving the bodies. I have doubts that they were blocking any investigation due to the number of media on scene.

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