Sunday, 22 June 2014

Doctors Helpless Against Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak

The Ebola outbreak that was called "unprecedented" when it had killed 80 people in March has now infected at least 500 people in three countries and health authorities say they're not sure how to stop it. The outbreak has now killed at least 337 people, making it the worst since the incurable virus surfaced in 1976, and reported cases have surged 60% over the last two weeks. "There are many villages in the eastern part of Sierra Leone that are basically devastated," a virologist tells NPR. "We walked into one village ... and we found 25 corpses. One house with seven people, all in one family, were dead."
Experts say the virus tends to kill so quickly that outbreaks are relatively easy to stop, but this outbreak, the first major one in West Africa, is different, with the virus spreading from Guinea into Sierra Leone and Liberia.

According to the article the outbreak is already in the Liberian capital. With a long incubation period the virus appears to have successfully entered the general population. The entire region here must be put under quarantine, with restricted travel.

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