Wednesday, 19 February 2014

US-Backed Venezuelan Opposition trying to use Ukraine-style Protests to Take Power

Anchor Mike Walter of CCTV America sits down with Mark Weisbrot to debunk the myths behind the February 2014 Venezuelan protests.

The issue is beyond economic issues. The US-supported opposition are the ones that own almost all the mainstream media in Venezuela and have a choke-hold on the news, but this has not fooled the large numbers of Venezuelans that support the government. These groups have launched a propaganda war.

Despite the Venezuelan government's democratic mandate, which includes winning most the municipal campaigns in December 2013, the Venezuelan opposition wants to use flash mobs to takeover the country and ouster the government in Caracas. According to state news agency AVN, of the 337 mayors elected in December 2013, the final vote counts awarded 256 mayor positions (76%) to the ruling party or pro-government forces

Some background information to the rioting in Venezuela.

Beware that there is a certain level of propaganda being used to vilify the Government. This does not mean there are no problems with the present Venezuelan Administration, but there are big-money US-supported interests at work here, working to undermine the economy, so they can take control.

Remember, not everyone that says they are out to help you are actually going to help.

Related Info:

International agencies fund Venezuelan opposition with $40-50 million annually
A revealing report published in May 2010 by the FRIDE Institute, a Spanish think tank, prepared with funding from the World Movement for Democracy (a project of the National Endowment for Democracy-NED), has disclosed that international agencies are funding the Venezuelan opposition with a whopping US$40-50 million annually.

This exorbitant amount of financing well exceeds the approximately $15 million previously believed to have been channelled to Venezuelan opposition groups via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the NED.

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