Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Zionists Have No Clothes - Part 1: The Debunked Middle-Eastern Roots

The final blow for the Zionist theory came recently from an Israeli molecular geneticist. According to his findings, there is no genetic proof for the ‘Rhineland hypothesis’ according to which the Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants from Jews who fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest of the Holy Land, settled in the Rhineland at first and later moved east. The Khazarian theory, on the other hand, was confirmed by his findings.

He concludes that contrary to common belief, Jews are not a race, have no common Levantine ancestors, have nothing to do with the Roman Exile (70 A.D.), don’t originate from a small founder group, and are not all related to each other.

Consequences for the Zionist claim on Palestinian land

The confirmation of the Khazarian theory by modern genetics means that modern Jews have no ‘right of return’ to the Holy Land. It provides Palestinians with all the scientific evidence they need to refute the Zionist claims for their land and demand the removal of all Zionist immigrants and their descendants.

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