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A Letter to ABC News Radio - On Their Propaganda-like Coverage of the Geneva II Peace Talks and Failure to Report on the Proxy War.

Dear ABC,

In regard to your early morning coverage of the Geneva II 'peace talks' on 23/1, why do you continue to mislead your audience by failing to point out that the conflict in Syria is largely a proxy war? Most of your reporting simplistically reflects the propaganda put out by those seeking to destroy the Syrian State - even the academic expert you had on brought little truth to your story.

The Syrian foreign minister was correct in complaining about outside interference in the war.
Without the hijacking of the anti-government protests by violent groups sponsored by the West, and without armed fighters trained in Turkey crossing the border, there would have been no war.

Early complaints about the fighting from Syrians told of peaceful protests being overrun by armed gangs. This story has been confirmed by refugees, victimised religious groups within Syria, and a fact finding mission that included Noble Peace Prize laureate, Mairead Maguire.

(Here is a link to Maguire's view on the proxy war and the Geneva II talks:  

I looked at your page on Syrian opposition parties and noticed that it downplayed the role of the extremist groups that have done the bulk of the fighting and terrorising. There is a distinction between the publicly spun role of these groups and what they are actually doing on the ground and the composition of their fighters - many of whom are foreigners and/or extremists. Independent analysis of the massacre in Homs and other atrocities have shown these attacks to be the work of rebel groups, not the Assad Government. The lack of accurate reporting, including corrections to the record regarding which side has been deliberately attacking civilians, is lamentable and inexcusable.

Your sanitised page also neglects to mention that the extremists have been funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar - which is on the public record. Without outside help these groups, and the FSA being armed and trained in Turkey, through NATO, would not be able to function. When your report mentioned that these groups were simply 'Al Qaeda' funded you should have considered the central role of US ally Saudi Arabia in this funding.

The worst thing about the reporting is that you took the word of US Secretary of State John Kerry at face value. Kerry and Obama have lied repeatedly about the fighting in Syria. They lied about the earlier massacres and they lied about the recent chemical weapons attacks that were carried out by opposition groups attempting to frame Assad in order to gain further, more direct, outside assistance. 

Here is a link exposing John Kerry's lies about the UN weapons inspectors in Syria making it look like the Assad government was refusing to co-operate after the Ghouta chemical attack:

Point of fact: The rebels were caught with Sarin gas components in Southern Turkey, they were identified as being the culprits in gas attacks inside Syria by Carla del Ponte's UN team, and MIT professors recently concluded that the 2km range of the projectiles used to carry gas in the Ghouta attack meant they could not have been fired from government controlled areas.

Your FAQ page on Chemical weapons use in Syria is seriously flawed and contains only the unsupported claims put out by the oppositions groups, and their supporters (the USA et al) who lied about earlier massacres. For a simple to understand overview of the chemical weapons situation see these links:

You should also note that the recent reports on torture and starvation conducted by the Assad Government is likely propaganda and needs to be investigated further since it was sponsored by Qatar - a backer of the extremist forces in Syria (ie the ones performing summary executions, decapitations of civilians etc.)

Your coverage of the Syria proxy war is a disgrace. Stop acting as propagandists and act as real journalists.

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