Thursday, 26 December 2013

Analysis of Gaza Violence (false flag)- Mike Rivero/

A post at contained the following story:
Two Palestinian Civilians in Gaza, Including 3-Year-Old Girl, and Israeli Soldier Killed, in Attacks
Israeli daily Haaretz has reported the no Palestinian armed group claimed responsibility for the attack that killed the engineer, near the Nahal Oz settlement. The engineer is from Rahat, south of the country, a town mainly inhabited by Bedouin Palestinian Arabs.

The Israeli army said it appears a sharpshooter carried out the attack and fled the scene, and that no clashes took place following the shooting.
The webmaster Mike Rivero made the following observation, which is the most likely accounting for this Christmas time violence - that it is a staged event designed to further terrorise the Palestinians:
A civilian worker for the Israeli Defense Ministry, reported ot have been Bedouin, was working on the apartheid fence when he was shot by a sniper, who escaped. No Palestinian groups have claimed responsibility. "Luckily" for Israel, this is all happening during Christmas, when the west is distracted by religious celebrations and not paying attention to Israel's wholly out-of-proportionate "response" to what looks like a classic false-flag operation to justify military strikes into Gaza.

Stop and think. Palestine is winning the public relations battle with Israel. The boycott movement is growing rapidly. The UN has recognized Palestine as a state, and the whole world condemns Israel's starvation blockade of Gaza as a crime against humanity. Palestine is not going to risk alienating world opinion with a single random shooting of a Bedouin. Such a shooting gains them nothing militarily or politically.

Israel, on the other hand, stands to gain a great deal by killing that Bedouin worker and blaming Palestine, even though the sniper got away and remains unidentified, to demonize Palestine in the eyes of the world and justify (at last count) 18 strikes into Gaza.

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