Wednesday, 20 November 2013

British Intelligence Operation to Kidnap Snowden? Number One MI-6 Officer Working Undercover in Moscow Embassy

Britain‘s spy-infested embassy in Moscow has taken the lead among the “FIVE EYES" signals intelligence allies to locate the whereabouts of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden in Russia. In fact, the British government is more avid in its desire to locate and possibly rendition Snowden to the United Kingdom or United States than is either the U.S. or the other governments of the FIVE EYES signals intelligence (SIGINT) partnership, which also includes Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Britain‘s desire to bag Snowden has more to do with the alleged damage his revelations caused British electronic surveillance operations around the world than any desire to ingratiate Britain‘s Government Communications Headquarters (GHCQ) and Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) with their American counterparts, the NSA and CIA, respectively.

The government of Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear that it views Snowden, as well as those who have assisted him in the publication of NSA‘s and GCHQ’s most closely-guarded espionage secrets as “terrorists".

I would be sympathetic to the revelations against State vs State spying but the fact remains that the intelligence agencies run or sponsor terrorists. The NSA spying is not used to stop terrorism - it is used for blackmail and to spy on people who might expose State sponsored spying, murder and other crimes.

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