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JFK, LBJ and The Wink - Linked Video page at

Lyndon Baines Johnson "Had an almost maniacal urge to become president, he regarded JFK as an obstacle to achieving that."
Lyndon Johnson's mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown, on LBJ telling her on the day before JFK's assassination "after tomorrow those S.O.B.'s will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise."
I looked at her. Mrs. Kennedy's dress was stained with blood. One leg was almost entirely covered with it and her right glove was caked, it was caked with blood - her husband's blood. Somehow that was the one of the most poignant sights - that immaculate woman, exquisitely dressed, and caked in blood. I asked her if I couldn't get someone in to help her change and she said, "Oh, no. Perhaps later I'll ask Mary Gallagher but not right now." And then with almost an element of fierceness - if a person that gentle, that dignified, can be said to have such a quality - she said, "I want them to see what they have done to Jack." [PBS]

With the 50th anniversary of the assassination it's worth checking out the videos at the link above.

And because we never saw justice in the JFK case the assassins were free to protect and strengthen the corrupted establishment system. This killing of a President allowed all manner of further crimes to continue, from the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, to the cover-up of the attack on the USS Liberty, to the murders of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

Sample video:

JFK assassination: Secret Service Stand-down  

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John . F. Kennedy’s assassination happened 50 years ago and a majority of Americans do not believe The Warren Commission Report. After 50 years of denials, free the files.

“Sunny Day in Dallas” – Gerry Segal