Sunday, 20 October 2013

Fukushima Fear: Radiation Rises, 'Nobody Really Knows How to Dodge Disaster'

There's a worrying spike in radiation at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Readings from a water storage tank have rocketed six-and-a-half-thousand times higher in two days. A powerful typhoon swept through Japan earlier this week, causing toxic waters to be released into a drainage ditch leading to the Pacific Ocean. It's compounded what's been a worsening situation at the plant in recent months, as Irina Galushko explains.

Some corrections to the implied state of the reactors ... There were three complete meltdowns. Some, or all, of the cores have melted through the concrete containment vessels and are probably in the ground. Radiation has been spewing from the site consistently over the last two years via radioactive steam or contaminated water leaking into the ocean. Nothing that the Japanese Government is saying or TEPCO, can be trusted. Ditto for the corrupt US Government.

The 'solution' is the same as we saw for Chernobyl which is some form of containment. In this case huge engineering works must be undertaken to entomb the reactor buildings in three dimensions. This must be thought of on the same scale as building a bridge or skyscraper. If nothing is done more radiation will be released over the coming years.   

The cover-up of this disaster must end.

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