Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Russia Slams US Blame Game Over UN Syria Chemical Attack Report

Russia has stressed that the UN probe concluding nerve gas was used in Syria last month, does not rule out rebel involvement in the atrocity. But the U.S, Britain and France have been quick to claim the report is enough to implicate the Assad government - READ MORE

The White House insists the rockets used in the attack, could only have belonged to loyalist forces. However, the UN findings state that the sarin-tipped warheads may have been improvised... and the report did not pinpoint the sites from where they were launched, at residential areas of Damascus.

Meanwhile, a prominent group of former U.S. security officials had warned the White House about intelligence reports from the war zone, indicating that radical rebel factions are in possession of chemical weapons. One of them - Pentagon veteran Michael Maloof - gave RT the details...

The US is is still trying to push its Proxy War in Syria with false accusations of chemical weapons use. However we know that the rebels have actually used sarin and were caught with it previously (in May). This is a very good clip that has a very reasonable assessment of the situation. The mainstream news is just spewing US rhetoric that the Syrian Government is responsible. These are lies just like the Iraq WMD claims.

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