Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The State is Not Great

While the so-called "New Atheists" are spending their energies warning of the violence that is justified by religious belief, they miss the most dangerous, the most irrational, and the most pervasive religion on the planet: statism. Modern-day government is a god and statism is a religion that is responsible for 260,000,000 deaths in the last century alone. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we commit the heresy of denying the statist religion and disproving the government god.

The GREATEST threats we face today come from the State-Corporate-Intelligence complex and its pet media (Operation Mockingbird), plus various hoodwinked academics that underplay the entrenched corruption. Lessons learnt from lying politicians that pushed for war (ie Iraq, Syria etc), the influence of corporations on complicit Government regulators and legislators, and covert operations (false flags, proxy armies, CIA drug ops, secret arms dealing etc) are commonly swept under the rug in favour of the open (media propaganda) political discourse.

The issue with many leading atheists appears to be a level of hypocrisy where they point to religion as a primary problem whereas it is the State. The heads of Nation States are responsible for most of the mass killings in the 20th century. Presently we find ourselves tied up with the War on Terror which actually comes from the 911 false flag attack, a State involved CIA-Mossad operation, that has helped stir up religious militants who have become emboldened, not because they 'hate our freedoms', but because of foreign intervention and State oppression in their own region.

I think the glaring issue here is people's belief in the benevolence in 'the Government' even when there is strong evidence to show that big Governments, that are opaque and entwined with large corporations and the military, cannot be trusted.

This is a great clip. What people like, IMHO, is their own liberty, although not at the expense of other people's liberty.

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The State is behind the following situation:

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steven andresen said...

So, spook, I take it you are against social security, public education, and interstate freeways?

SpookyOne said...

I humbly admit I should have inserted the word 'corrupt' before the word state.

The corrupted state is the big problem when we look at state vs religion in the 20th century.

We can then look at what specific problems we face with the formation of a corrupt state.

This leads to the corporatists, the militarists, the rich elite, ideologues etc. The usual suspects! :)