Thursday, 28 February 2013

'Israel Wants Iran Regime Change via US, Nukes Just Excuse'

Having tried the stick, it'll reportedly be the carrot for Iran today as world powers meet with Tehran's nuclear representatives in Kazahstan. According to sources, The Islamic Republic will even be offered a let up on sanctions. That is, if Tehran shuts down a fortified nuclear site buried in a mountain, and halts some of its enrichment activities. In return, according to reports, sanctions on the trade in gold and precious metals could be lifted. The measures, along with an oil embargo have put massive pressure on Iran. For more on this, RT talks to former Washington advisor Gwenyth Todd.

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What If the Iranians Waterboarded an American?

Sometimes, the world can be such a simple, black-and-white sort of place.  Let me give you an example.  Imagine for a moment that the Iranians kidnap an American citizen from a third country.  (If you prefer, feel free to substitute al-Qaeda or the North Koreans or the Chinese for the Iranians.)  They accuse him of being a terrorist.  They throw him in jail without charges or a trial or a sentence and claim they suspect he might have crucial information (perhaps even of the “ticking bomb” sort -- and the Iranians have had some genuine experience with ticking bombs).

Over the weeks that follow, they waterboard him time and again. They strip him, put a dog collar and leash on him. They hood him, loose dogs on him. They subject him to freezing cold water and leave him naked on cold nights. They hang him by his arms from the ceiling of his cell in the “strappado” position. I’m sure I really don’t have to go on. Is there any question what we (or our leaders) would think or say?

We would call them barbarians. Beyond the bounds of civilization. Torturers. Monsters. Evil. No one in the U.S. government, on reading CIA intelligence reports about how that American had been treated, would wonder: Is it torture? No one in Washington would have the urge to call what the Iranians (al-Qaeda, the North Koreans, the Chinese) did “enhanced interrogation techniques.” If, on being asked at a Senate hearing whether he thought the Iranian acts were, in fact, “torture,” the prospective director of the CIA demurred, claimed he was no expert on the subject, no lawyer or legal scholar, and simply couldn’t label it as such, he would not be confirmed. He would probably never have a job in Washington again.

And what if those being waterboarded had nothing to do with the attacks of 911 because they were false flag events, that those people captured in Iraq and Afghanistan were not a threat to the USA? Some of those that were tortured died. Those that conducted the torture and authorised it must be charged with War Crimes.

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Book Launch - Postmark 9/11 - The Lost Letters that Reveal the Untold Story

"…a fascinating story that I hope will awaken the imagination of the American people to the truth about what really happened on 9/11. It has been the failure of the public to imagine the `inconvenient truth' that is the major challenge — not a lack of explosive evidence. This story may just be the lightning rod." — Richard Gage aia, architect

Postmark 9/11 The Lost Letters That Reveal The Untold Story

"On February 21, 2012 a young lady, whose identity we've chosen to keep private, arrived in our office with a box of letters she found in an old farmhouse she recently purchased. The letters capture correspondence between Tara Young and her boyfriend, Blake Watson. "

And so the story begins. We learn through Tara and Blake's letters what transpired after that night Blake saw something he wasn't intended to see. We learn what happened to turn their world upside down. Their love tested, the mystery unfolds with a chilling realization and an explosive reveal. What we never learn is what happened to Tara Young and Blake Watson.

In our fictional account, we provide truther information encased in a love story and mystery. We decided to write in this vein in order to attract those who refuse to read all the scientific information and documentation available. Movies, books, interviews, conferences have all laid out the truther story. We thought casting this in a love story would help reach more individuals.

We hope we are right.

This is a book promotion posted at request. If this sort of narrative interests you then go ahead and check it out.

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Keiser Report (E411): Media Moron Mockery

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert notice that the mainstream media mocks the jury in the UK dismissed for being too stupid to understand basic concepts of jury trial like 'guilt beyond a reasonable doubt;' when, in fact, the same media takes financial regulators seriously when they say they can find no evidence of financial crime. They spot Gary Gensler, Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, on BBC News seemingly incapable of understanding that Libor rigging is 'fraud' and not merely a 'fiction' as he suggests. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to renowned mathematician and monetary scientist, Professor Antal Fekete, about the gold basis - cash versus the nearest futures contract and why that the cash price for gold is never reported is by design. They also discuss gold repatriation from Germany as a trial balloon, to see how much demand there is for cash gold and how it is that permanent backwardation means internal bleeding in the monetary system.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Victory for Protestor who says BBC 9/11 Coverage was False

Campaigner and film maker Tony Rooke claimed a moral victory today after a UK court gave him a conditional discharge even though he has refused to pay his BBC license fee. Over 100 supporters from as far away as Denmark and Norway cheered in front of the court house as independent media people conducted interviews and photographed the crowd. Court officials had booked their largest room for the case but were at a loss to find that well over 50 people could not be fitted in.

Tony said: "I am taken a back and hugely grateful for all the support." He is asking for at least one person to take up the campaign by refusing to pay or taking other legal action (see below).

Rooke argued that the BBC's coverage of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York has been so distorted that it amounts to giving aid and comfort to the unidentified terrorists who demolished three World Trade Centre buildings in 2001. Two hijacked planes were flown into the famous Twin Towers and a third tower WTC7 collapsed later in the day. The attacks were used as the pretext for a decade of wars and the introduction of police state measures across the NATO countries. Vast personal fortunes were made by White House and CIA officials who failed to thwart 9/11.
Sceptics say that the collapse of WTC7 must have been the result of something more than limited fires and damage from the Twin Towers, hit by the two hijacked planes. Argument has revolved around the speed of the collapse. In the BBC Conspiracy Files series, which endorsed every aspect of the official 9/11 story, it was stated that the building did not collapse at free fall speed, but later US officials were forced by video evidence to admit that it did just that.

A large group of over 1500 architects and engineers known as AE911 say that free fall collapse implies that the building had all its supports removed at the same instant which can only happen with a controlled demolition. Tony Rooke's legal argument is that in failing to correct their free fall misinformation and many other misstatements of fact, the BBC are a party to covering up the terrorists who organised the controlled demolition of WTC7.

The BBC has also failed to publicise the finding of Richard Clarke, head of counter terrorism at the White House in 2001. Two years ago Clarke made a bombshell announcement: in the weeks before 9/11 a secret "decision" must have been taken at the CIA to over rule FBI officers who wanted to arrest some of the people who according to the official story went on to commit the attacks. Clarke says that if this decision had not been made the 9/11 attacks would not have happened. Before Clarke went public the BBC programme makers were adamant this was a "conspiracy theory". Afterwards they failed to give it any prominence and failed to reinterview any of the officials who, if Clarke is right, must have lied to them.

The official account of the attacks is riddled with falsehoods and omissions of key evidence, such as the freefall collapses, the melted steel, the thermite signatures, plus reports and recordings of explosions, the conflicting accounts of the NORAD response, and other data. The official NIST World Trade Centre investigation is thoroughly discredited along with 'debunker' attempts to hide damning evidence of the controlled demolition of these three buildings.

Despite a concerted effort by the establishment and their defenders, the truth about what happened is virtually impossible to paper over. Justice can still be visited upon some of those involved. Indeed, the NIST 'investigators' can easily be targeted for producing a fraudulent report that hid or obfuscated evidence of Treason. For instance, their claim that there was no evidence for melted steel, a clear indication of incendiary action, is a bare faced lie.

All withheld NIST documentation, preserved steel, and crime scene photos or video need to be released to the public for independent review. The material should be seized to prevent destruction of any relevant material. Only the truth about 911 will end the war on terror and help to reign in a corrupt establishment.

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'US Resort to Terror, Stopped Trying to Win Hearts & Minds of Afghan People'

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered U.S. special forces to leave the key battleground province of Wardak. Troops there were accused of torture and the murder of civilians. RT talks to Brian Becker of the anti-war ANSWER coalition.

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‘Dagger’ Brigade Readies for AFRICOM Missions

Some 4,000 Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, out of Fort Riley, Kan., are training for realignment to U.S. Africa Command, expected later this year.

The 2nd BCT, or “Dagger” Brigade as it is known, will be the first brigade to be regionally aligned to U.S. Africa Command, or AFRICOM.

U.S. Pacific Command has had units regionally align to its area of responsibility with similar training at Fort Irwin earlier this year

This is the US pivot into Africa. With the toppling of Gaddafi and the rise of Islamist fighters in the northern areas of the continent, the US has an excuse to intervene and secure strategic relationships with African leaders that exclude the Chinese.

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China Admits Pollution has Caused ‘Cancer Villages’

The admission by China’s Environment ministry came in a five-year plan on tackling pollution.

“In recent years, toxic and hazardous chemical pollution has caused many environmental disasters, cutting off drinking water supplies, and even leading to severe health and social problems such as ‘cancer villages’” the document says.

Environmentalists have long campaigned for the government to recognise and help the hundreds of cancer clusters caused by poisoned soil, water or air. In 2009, Deng Fei, an investigative journalist helped to plot some of the worst-hit villages on a Google map.

“I do think this shows a positive development,” said Ma Jun, one of China’s leading environmentalists. “The recognition of the existence of problems is the very first step and the precondition for us to really start solving these problems.”

The chemical pollution in our modern society is harming the health of the population. Where pollution is less obvious the effects are more subtle. There are a lot of cancers in the Western world and I suspect that many of them come from low dose pollution, either industrial or from various domestic products. Exhaust fumes from combustion engine cars probably do not help but at least they no long add lead to the petrol these days.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

America's False Flag Attacks | Brainwash Update

Remember the Maine? On the 115th anniversary of the Maine explosion, Abby Martin explores US False Flag Attacks as being at the heart of every major US war of aggression in history.

And yes, 911 was definitely an inside job. The physical evidence by itself uncovered at the World Trade Centre site has proven the case. We know from the molten steel (only possible via incendiary or explosive devices), the freefall collapse of WTC7 (impossible except via explosives), and the detection of thermitic materials (both incendiary and advanced explosive forms) that the three collapsed skyscrapers must have been brought down in an unconventional controlled demolition. The aircraft were a means to cover for these demolitions and to focus media attention on this terrorising event.

Until we address the issue of false flag attacks the US and other countries will continue to be dragged into further unnecessary wars.

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West Pours Arms into Syria as Al Qaeda Mass Slaughters Civilians

Repeat a lie often enough, and hopefully people will begin to believe it. That is what a concerted effort by Western media houses hopes to achieve as they claim the recent flow of heavy weapons from Western nations and their Arab-Israeli partners is boosting "moderate rebels" and "tilting" the balance of Syria's conflict against the Syrian government.

The Washington Post in particular, sets the tempo for this coordinated propaganda campaign, claiming in their report, "In Syria, new influx of weapons to rebels tilts the battle against Assad," that:

A surge of rebel advances in Syria is being fueled at least in part by an influx of heavy weaponry in a renewed effort by outside powers to arm moderates in the Free Syrian Army, according to Arab and rebel officials.

The report also states:

The officials declined to identify the source of the newly provided weapons, but they noted that the countries most closely involved in supporting the rebels’ campaign to oust Assad have grown increasingly alarmed at the soaring influence of Islamists over the fragmented rebel movement. They include the United States and its major European allies, along with Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the two countries most directly involved in supplying the rebels.

The Washington Post refuses to use the term, "Al Qaeda," and instead labels the international, Persian Gulf financed, armed, and harbored terror organization as, "radical Islamists." It quotes an unnamed Arab official as saying,:

"If you want to weaken al-Nusra, you do it not by withholding [weapons] but by boosting the other groups."

Al Qaeda and the "Moderates" are One in the Same

Al-Nusra, of course, is Al Qaeda in Syria and is linked directly to the openly Western-created and backed "moderate" opposition. Moaz al-Khatib, leader of the so-called National Coalition, demanded the US take al-Nusra in particular off their list of sanctioned terrorist organizations. In December of 2012, Reuters quoted al-Khatib as saying:

"The decision to consider a party that is fighting the regime as a terrorist party needs to be reviewed. We might disagree with some parties and their ideas and their political and ideological vision. But we affirm that all the guns of the rebels are aimed at overthrowing the tyrannical criminal regime."

In the same article, Reuters would admit:

The United States designated the Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front) as a foreign terrorist organisation and said it was trying to hijack the revolt on behalf of al Qaeda in Iraq.

While the Washington Post tries to claim Al Qaeda is somehow a separate entity from the "Syrian opposition," the West's own opposition front openly defends and supports Al Qaeda's ongoing violence, which most recently manifested itself in a car bomb targeting scores of civilians, including school children.

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Philip Zimbardo: The Psychology of Time [MUST SEE]

A really great presentation on perspective- how people focus upon their past experience, their future actions or present condition when making decisions. Consider how you might fit into this paradigm.

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Media Fakes War Propaganda | Weapons of Mass Distraction

Abby Martin takes a look at MSNBC's recent documentary about the lies leading up the Iraq war, and the closer look at the corporate media's complicity in selling war to the American people by highlighting multiple staged events.

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Why Israel Attacked Syria and Other News

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Pelosi Backs Obama on Secret Execution of Americans Without Trial

House Democrat leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California is under fire from across the political spectrum after admitting in an interview, among a host of other controversial positions, that she was not opposed to President Obama’s secret executions of U.S. citizens without a trial or even charges. She also claimed that, depending on the timing and situation, it was acceptable for the executive branch to simply “disappear” Americans and keep it secret — a wildly unconstitutional notion that even most Third World dictators would never dare support publicly.

The Obama administration, of course, admits to believing it has the power to legitimately murder anyone, anywhere, anytime — no charges, trial, jury, or due process are needed. Americans have known about the murderous program for years, but more facts about it were exposed recently when an apparently leaked memo from the Justice Department “justifying” the murders hit the headlines earlier this month. The incredible document purporting to legalize extrajudicial assassinations shocked even the president’s most slavish supporters.

Speaking to the extremely Democrat-friendly Huffington Post, however, the former Speaker of the House said she was not even sure whether the Obama administration should tell the public when it lawlessly executes an American. “Maybe,” she told the liberal media outlet after being asked if the government ought to acknowledge murdering U.S. citizens with a drone strike after the deed is done. “It just depends.” What it “depends” on was not immediately clear.

Rep. Pelosi, who infamously said the deeply unpopular ObamaCare would have to be passed so the American people could find out what was in it, cited public opinion as one reason that lawmakers have allowed the president to unconstitutionally becomejudge, jury, and executioner without much protest. “It’s interesting how popular it is in the public,” she claimed about Obama’s extrajudicial assassination program.

The administration’s lawless policy, as The New American’s Joe Wolverton has documented extensively, has already claimed the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other nations. Even an American teenager, 16-year-old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, was assassinated by a drone strike under the administration’s program without ever being so much as charged with a crime.

Pelosi, though, despite her oath of office, apparently relies on public opinion rather than the Constitution she swore to uphold — at least if it is to support Obama and his radical agenda. “People just want to be protected,” she told the Huffington Post. “And I saw that when we were fighting them on surveillance, the domestic surveillance. People just want to be protected: ‘You go out there and do it. I’ll criticize you, but I want to be protected.’”

When former President George W. Bush was in office, Democrats rightfully condemned his lawless activities — spying on Americans without a warrant, torturing suspects, and even murdering people with drones. Under Obama, however, despite the fact that his administration has gone far beyond what even the Bush administration was doing, serious Democrat criticism of the rogue and unlawful executive-branch activities has all but ceased to exist.

The former House speaker, however, denied that she or her party were hypocritical. “Those opposed are pretty critical, and other people are just listening to see what this is and why this is necessary, because we’re in a different world,” Pelosi claimed, disputing the idea that Democrats are less critical of the mass-murder program than they would have been if a Republican were in the White House.

Apparently, then, the establishment wing of both parties agrees: Despite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the president now has the power to secretly murder or indefinitely detain anyone, including Americans, anywhere in the world at any time. They also seem to agree that no justification is necessary and that the public does not even have to be informed.

In terms of Obama secretly “disappearing” Americans, Rep. Pelosi, while apparently appearing “conflicted,” confirmed that she thought it was essentially alright. “It depends on the situation,” she said. “Maybe it depends on the timing, because that’s right — it’s all about timing, imminence. What is it that could be in jeopardy if people know that happened at this time? I just don’t know.”

Pelsoi helped protect the Bush administration from criminal investigation when she was the Majority Leader in Congress. She's on record as saying that she would impeach Bush if she had the evidence - after Dennis Kucinich had tabled 35 articles of impeachment that included multiple violations of US and International Law. Pelosi has obstructed justice and should be criminally charged. No actions were taken against Bush for torture or illegal war. Those with responsibility to act, and didn't, must be held to account.

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Keiser Report (E410): Death by Financial Hypoxia

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert compare the real financial suicide machine that is the global financial markets to the hypothetical euthanasia coaster that would kill its passengers after an allegedly fun and euphoric ride induces GLOC - G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness. In the financial markets this is achieved by churning clients so rapidly or front running them at faster than the speed of light. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to professor and economist, Constantin Gurdgiev, about the liquidation of IBRC, the bank formerly known as Anglo Irish and how it is that the bank came to collapse in the first place.

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

MUST SEE RECAP: George Galloway on Syria, Gaza & What Happened in Libya

Essential viewing. This is an awesome clip that nails the issue of corrupt regimes in the Middle East and how overthrowing certain ones has more to do with Western-Israeli geopolitics rather than democracy. Please share !

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Syrian Rebels Attack Lebanon, Vow to ‘Eliminate’ Hezbollah

The Syrian Civil War has officially gone regional today, with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) announcing that it has begun attacking neighboring Lebanon as of 12:30 pm Thursday afternoon.

The FSA and other factions of the Sunni-dominated Syrian rebels have been fighting with Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shi’ite militia, for over a week over control of several Shi’ite border villages with large populations of Lebanese residents. The FSA has ordered the villages all “evacuated.”

The FSA has promised to continue with its attacks until it “eliminates” Hezbollah across Lebanon. Given the Hezbollah militia’s political wing is part of the ruling Lebanese government, this is a de facto declaration of war on Lebanon itself.

Very likely the Israelis will try to attack Lebanon again - perhaps not immediately but soon. They may also try to provide air strikes on targets in Syria during this time. The concocted war in Syria is doing its job for Western and Israeli interests.

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Foreign Aid Trap: Cameron Diverts Tax Cash to Military Projects

The cash from the UK's foreign aid budget may now be diverted to military operations - that's the proposal of Prime Minister David Cameron, who said he's 'very open' to the idea. The green light's now on for the aid money to be used in three areas - security, demobilization and peacekeeping. Geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen talks to RT.

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Israel Awards US Oil Firm License to Drill in Golan Heights

The Israeli regime has awarded a US energy company a license to drill for oil on Syria’s occupied Golan Heights.

Industry sources said on Thursday that Genie Energy won the license following reports last year that Tel Aviv had decided to allow oil and gas exploration on Golan Heights.

The New Jersey-based company has yet to obtain further work permits before it can launch the drilling operation.
Israel occupied and annexed the Golan Heights in 1967, in a move not recognized by the United Nations and the international community.
Israelis have been settling extensively in the highly strategic plateau, which is also the site of a major Israeli wind turbine project.
The Golan's status has been one of the core issues in the Israeli-Syrian row, with Damascus demanding full return of territory.

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Researchers have Discovered a Stunning New Process that Takes the Energy from Coal Without Burning it -- and Removes Virtually All of the Pollution

When a team of Ohio State students worked around the clock for nine days straight recently, they weren't pulling the typical college "all-nighters."

Instead, they were reaching a milestone in clean coal technology.

For 203 continuous hours, they operated a scaled-down version of a power plant combustion system with a unique experimental design--one that chemically converts coal to heat while capturing 99 percent of the carbon dioxide produced in the reaction.

This new technology, called coal-direct chemical looping, was pioneered by Liang-Shih Fan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and director of Ohio State's Clean Coal Research Laboratory. (Fan is a Distinguished University Professor and a 2012 Innovator of the Year.)

Typical coal-fired power plants burn coal to heat water to make steam, which turns the turbines that produce electricity. In chemical looping, the coal isn't burned with fire, but instead chemically combusted in a sealed chamber so that it doesn't pollute the air. A second combustion unit in the lab does the same thing with coal-derived syngas, and both produce 25 thermal kilowatts of energy.

"In the simplest sense, combustion is a chemical reaction that consumes oxygen and produces heat," Fan says. "Unfortunately, it also produces carbon dioxide, which is difficult to capture and bad for the environment. So we found a way to release the heat without burning."

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hezbollah vs FSA: 'Bloodbath Looms in Lebanon as Syria War Spills Over'

A powerful blast has struck the Syrian capital - killing 31 people and injuring dozens more. The explosion also caused severe damage - shattering windows and sending a cloud of smoke above the city.It comes as the Free Syrian Army opposition group has given Hezbollah a 48-hour deadline to stop shelling its locations from neighbouring Lebanon. Middle East expert Tariq Ali shares his opinion with RT.

Ali says a negotiated peace could be achieved and included the option for Assad to step down. The idea is to save civilian lives. However, peace could also be achieved if the FSA lost the support of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US and other involved countries. There would have been no armed conflict without foreign help.

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Report: ‘Prisoner X’ Leaked Info on Mossad Operations, Including One in Italy, to Australian Intelligence

According to a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), suspected Mossad agent Ben Zygier – also known as “Prisoner X” – was arrested by his Mossad handlers after they believed he leaked information on Mossad operations to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

Recently, it was reported that the Israeli government silenced media over the apparent suicide of Zygier in Israeli custody while yesterday it was also reported that Australia is seeking information from Israel on his death.

Some of the leaked information included plans for a major classified mission in Italy that “had been years in the making,” according to the ABC.

The ABC notes that it is unclear who initiated the contact, but unnamed sources stated that on one of the four trips back to Australia before he died in 2010 he applied for a work visa to Italy.

The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program reported just last week that Zygier, who also went by Alon, Allen and Burrowes, was secretly jailed in Israel’s Ayalon prison in Ramle where after 10 months “it is claimed he committed suicide.”

Australian links to the State of Israel represent a security rsik to the Australian people considering their role in false flag terror and pushing for unnecessary war in Iraq and now Iran.

Related Info:

War By Deception 2013

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Keiser Report (E409): Mystery Meat - Shut Up & Eat!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss where you go when you can't even afford mystery meat? They also wonder whether Germany's gold has already been sent out to slaughter while the men running the money abattoirs continue sending us photos of the intact gold. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to HBOS whistleblower, Paul R. Moore, about the absurdity of naming the FSA twice and why eating dodgy securities is not a victimless crime.

Another great show pointing out financial crime. The big banks are literally killing people and they are often headed by psychopaths (check out the second half!).

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Poisoned by Every Day Life: Landmark Study Warns Gender Bending Chemicals in Your Home, Food and Car ARE Linked to a Huge Range of Diseases

Chemicals found in every home may cause breast cancer, asthma, infertility and birth defects, global health chiefs said yesterday.

They warn the gender-bending compounds – used in toys, PVC flooring, car dashboards and credit cards – have ‘serious implications’ for health.

In a landmark report, the World Health Organisation suggested a ban might be needed to protect future generations.

It says it is ‘reasonable to suspect’ chemical substances called phthalates of harming female fertility and linked them with rising rates of childhood illnesses including leukaemia.

Also under suspicion is bisphenol A, which is found in a host of daily items including tin cans and sunglasses.

The man-made compounds are thought to interfere with the natural hormones that are key to our growth, development and overall health.

The WHO said there was ‘very strong evidence’ in animals they can interfere with thyroid hormones – something that can cause brain damage, stunted intelligence, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

For prostate cancer ‘significant evidence’ exists of a link with agricultural pesticides.

And there was some evidence linking exposure in pregnancy to weight gain in infants and children and potential links to breast cancer.

In the same report ten years ago, the UN agency said there was only ‘weak evidence ’ that gender-bending chemicals were harming human health.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Rampant INjustice

State attacks on US small businesses perpetrated by the IRS, DoJ and other agencies.

This is nasty police state stuff. Notice how they, the DoJ, are attacking these businesses and are NOT holding the big banks to account for massive fraud. MUST SEE Video.

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US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan

Quetta, the capital of Pakistan's southwest Baluchistan province, bordering both US-occupied Afghanistan as well as Iran, was the site of a grisly market bombing that has killed over 80 people. According to reports, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attack. Billed as a "Sunni extremist group," it instead fits the pattern of global terrorism sponsored by the US, Israel, and their Arab partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The terrorist Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group was in fact created, according to the BBC, to counter Iran's Islamic Revolution in the 1980s, and is still active today. Considering the openly admitted US-Israeli-Saudi plot to use Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups across the Middle East to counter Iran's influence, it begs the question whether these same interests are funding terrorism in Pakistan to not only counter Iranian-sympathetic Pakistani communities, but to undermine and destabilize Pakistan itself.

The US-Saudi Global Terror Network

While the United States is close allies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While Qatari state-owned propaganda like Al Jazeera apply a veneer of progressive pro-democracy to its narratives, Qatar itself is involved in arming, funding, and even providing direct military support for sectarian extremists from northern Mali, to Libya, to Syria and beyond.

We are all living on a geopolitical chessboard but few realise this. Information sharing about this kind of corruption will help deter the aggressors. Share information.

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Last Stand: Israel's E1 Settlement Slaps World in Face

Despite Monday's anti-Israeli protests in the West Bank, the country's vowing not to backtrack from its settlement plans. Israel's been eying a disputed area of land known as E1 for years, even though building there might drive a stake through the heart of any future peace solution with the Palestinians.

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Soviet Officer Awarded Prize for Preventing Nuclear War

Petrov has stubbornly denied all attempts to label him a hero. “I did nothing heroic, I don’t feel like a hero. I just did my job and I like the way I did it,” Petrov told the audience.

Ironically for a military officer, Petrov shot to fame for ignoring his direct responsibilities. The officer served at a command center of the Soviet nuclear early-warning system outside Moscow, which reported the launch of five nuclear missiles from US territory on Sept. 26, 1983.

Cold War tensions were riding high at the time, boosted by the Soviet Union’s fears about the US Strategic Defense Initiative – “the Star Wars program” – and the international incident caused by the Soviet air defense shooting down a Korean passenger plane earlier in September that year.

Petrov’s duty was to report the incoming missiles to his superiors, who were likely to order a snap retaliatory strike. However, he chose to ignore the report, ruling it an equipment malfunction and reckoning five missiles insufficient for a proper war.

His guess was right: an investigation proved the warning to be a false report by a monitoring satellite confused by sunlight reflecting off high-altitude clouds.

Petrov was neither promoted nor disciplined and continued his service, while the story remained classified until 1998. He later said he was denied an award because the incident was investigated by the officers responsible for the malfunction.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

'West Wants to Pour Petrol on Syria Flame, Not Water'

UN investigators are accusing both the Syrian government and the opposition of committing war crimes, including killings and torture, in the country's civil war. The panel is also warning against foreign weapons supplies, in what it called an increasingly radicalised conflict. That, as Britain fights to lift an EU arms embargo, so that weapons can be funneled to the rebels. RT talks to Neil Clark, a journalist and contributor to Britain's Guardian newspaper, who's been closely following the Syrian standoff.

The truth about what is going on in Syria - attempts at coming to a peaceful resolution sabotaged by the West at every turn.

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Italy's Ex-Intelligence Chief Given 10-Year Sentence for Role in CIA Kidnapping

Nasr "was seized in broad daylight on the open street, pushed into a white van, taken to the Aviano military airport and then flown to Egypt via the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany". Yesterday, an Italian appellate court sentenced the country's former intelligence chief, Niccolò Pollari, to ten years in prison "for complicity" in that kidnapping:

The appeals court, in Milan, sentenced the former chief, Niccolò Pollari, to 10 years and his former deputy Marco Mancini to nine years for their role in the kidnapping of the cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr . . . . Three Italian secret service officials were also sentenced to six years each.

Mr. Nasr was kidnapped under the practice of 'extraordinary rendition', in which people suspected of being Islamic militants were abducted in one country and then transferred to another, often one where torture was common.

While Mr. Nasr was initially charged with membership in an illegal organization, the charges were ultimately dropped. He has since been released.
In other words, not only did the CIA kidnap Nasr and deliberately send him to an allied regime notorious for torture - a serious crime no matter who he was - but, as it turns out, he was guilty of absolutely nothing. What made him a kidnapping target was that, according to the New York Times, his "anti-American speeches and calls to jihad were resonating with young Muslim men who were attending his Islamic center".

Despite being convicted of no crime (other than criticizing US aggression), he was imprisoned in Egypt without charges for four years until a Cairo court found his detention unfounded and ordered him released. Upon release, he said "he had been reduced to a 'human wreck' by torture he had undergone in a Cairo jail". Nasr detailed the truly horrific kidnapping and torture he endured in a 2008 interview with Peter Bergen for Mother Jones, who used Italian court documents to write a comprehensive report on the case

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The Offshore Outsourcing of American Jobs: A Greater Threat Than Terrorism

Prior to the advent of offshore outsourcing, US employees were shielded against low wage foreign labor. Americans worked with more capital and better technology, and their higher productivity protected their higher wages.

Outsourcing forces Americans to “compete head-to-head with foreign workers” by “undermining US workers’ primary competitive advantage over foreign workers: their physical presence in the US” and “by providing those overseas workers with the same technologies.”

The result is a lose-lose situation for American employees, American businesses, and the American government. Outsourcing has brought about record unemployment in engineering fields and a major drop in university enrollments in technical and scientific disciplines. Even many of the remaining jobs are being filled by lower paid foreigners brought in on H-1b and L-1 visas. American employees are discharged after being forced to train their foreign replacements.

US corporations justify their offshore operations as essential to gain a foothold in emerging Asian markets. The Hira brothers believe this is self-delusion. “There is no evidence that they will be able to outcompete local Chinese and Indian companies, who are very rapidly assimilating the technology and know-how from the local US plants. In fact, studies show that Indian IT companies have been consistently outcompeting their US counterparts, even in US markets. Thus, it is time for CEOs to start thinking about whether they are fine with their own jobs being outsourced as well.”

The outsourcing of jobs serves to increase corporate profits at the expense of the long term wealth of the country overall.  This is a function of corporate-stockmarket driven greed. It's almost always about finding ways to deliver short term profit growth from quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year. CEOs often have their bonuses tied to such increases. They usually get a bonus, and get bigger ones including stock options, for following this trend.

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Keiser Report (E408): When Truth is Found to be Lies

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the four horsemen of the bondpoclypse riding into town bringing with them the reversal of multi-decades long trends and as pipe swipers steal toilets and as supermarkets hit the limits of cost-cutting, the population confronts the high cost of backsliding trends. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to former energy regulator, Chris Cook, about how we move from dollar diplomacy to gas diplomacy and a world where energy as the modern water hole where you don't have to kill each other and a gas backed currency becomes a new global reserve currency in a post-dollar world.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bill Maher :‘The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government’

Maher: “Based on every statement I’ve heard from every Republican in the last two years, the Israelis are controlling our government,” he said, prompting a huge applause from the audience.

To my knowledge, Maher has also been attacked by paleoconservatives blaming Jewish control of the media on the likes of Maher and his leftward bent. Which is it, conservatives?

The old flavor of conservatism was about putting America’s interests first, while today’s has been about kneeling to the shrine of Israel Uber Alles. It’s a mighty marked difference if you ask me!

Perhaps the only truly conservative thing left in contemporary conservatism is conserving money for the wealthy- for whomever those wealthy might be. But let’s take a look at some of the money cruising around Congress today. Don’t question why so many are given large incomes and expensive homes and cars to be publicist-propagandists for a country founded on war crimes and injustice. That would be anti-semitism!

….so it’s okay for US politicians to give pro-Israel paid speeches, when paid for by Israel and its number of lobbying groups and special interest groups in the United States, at every influential institution across the nation, but it’s not okay for Arab and Muslim lobbies, if any, to invest in a bit of PR ?
The list below tells an obvious tale of who controls the US government.

Top Senate Recipients Funded by Pro Israel PACS

link to:

Recipient Amount

Mark Kirk $945,679
John McCain $772,327
Benjamin Cardin $446,948
Mitch McConnell $404,700
Carl Levin $366,278
Robert Menéndez $343,394
Richard Durbin $325,112
Kirsten Gillibrand $312,687
Mary Landrieu $294,259
Harry Reid $261,708
Frank Lautenberg $258,333
Barbara Boxer $245,179
Charles Schumer $243,149
Bill Nelson $236,150
Ron Wyden $219,931
Sheldon Whitehouse $214,421
Sherrod Brown $212,175
Robert Casey $203,450
Claire McCaskill $175,396
Debbie Stabenow $169,089
Barbara Mikulski $168,250
Mark Udall $162,923
Roger Wicker $152,561
Bob Corker $151,820
Roy Blunt $144,750
Susan Collins $141,518
Mark Warner $140,651
Mark Pryor $138,250
Jeff Merkley $137,130
John Rockefeller $123,807
John Thune $122,725
Max Baucus $121,050
Amy Klobuchar $119,302
Pat Roberts $116,900
Jeanne Shaheen $114,374
Jon Tester $113,557
John Reed $111,140
Michael Bennet $109,126
Al Franken $109,018
Tom Udall $107,468
John Cornyn $107,000
David Vitter $105,469
Joe Manchin $103,910
Saxby Chambliss $103,650
Tim Johnson $92,465
Kelly Ayotte $90,350
Martin Heinrich $89,160
Maria Cantwell $87,722
Jefferson Sessions $86,550
Lisa Murkowski $85,900
John Barrasso $84,550
Lindsey Graham $84,515
Daniel Coats $81,733
Tammy Baldwin $81,637
Patty Murray $81,550
Thomas Harkin $81,480
Richard Blumenthal $80,640
Orrin Hatch $80,250
Patrick Leahy $74,062
Marco Rubio $73,800
Richard Burr $70,850
Robert Portman $68,815
John Hoeven $67,535
Thomas Carper $64,450
Mike Johanns $63,635
Dianne Feinstein $63,520
James Inhofe $60,000

Posted because no one likes to be slaves to a foreign power. People are sick of the obvious corruption and are standing up against the oppression. To do nothing invites more senseless wars and economic hardship.

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The Death of American Democracy

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America Shamed Again: A Colonized People — Paul Craig Roberts

Americans have been shamed many times by their elected representatives who cravenly bow to vested interests and betray the American people. But no previous disgraceful behavior can match the public shame brought to Americans by the behavior of the Senate Republicans in the confirmation hearing of Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

Forty Senate Republicans made it clear that not only do they refuse to put their service to America ahead of their service to Israel, but also that they will not even put their service to America on a par with their service to Israel. To every American’s shame, the Republicans demonstrated for all the world to see that they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Israel Lobby. (The Israel Lobby is not their only master. They are also owned by other powerful interest groups, such as Wall Street and the Military/Security Complex.)

The most embarrassing behavior of all came from the craven Lindsay Graham, who, while in the act of demonstrating his complete subservience by crawling on his belly before the Israel Lobby, dared Hagel to name one single person in the US Congress who is afraid of the Israel Lobby.

If I had been Hagel, I would have written off the nomination and answered: “You, Senator Graham, and your 40 craven colleagues.”

Indeed, Hagel could have answered: The entire US Congress, including Rand Paul who pretends to be different but isn’t.

The real question is: Who in the Congress is not afraid of the Israel Lobby?

The hatchet job on Hagel is driven by fear of the Israel Lobby.

Perhaps the worst affront Israel’s American representatives ever inflicted on the US military was the coverup of the Israeli air and torpedo boat attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. The Israeli attack failed to sink the Liberty but killed and wounded most of the crew. The survivors were ordered to silence, and it was 12 years before one of them spoke up and revealed what had happened (James Ennes, Assault On The Liberty). Not even Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff could get Washington to own up to the facts.

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US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets

The US media, over the last decade (at least), has repeatedly acted to conceal newsworthy information it obtains about the actions of the US government. In each instance, the self-proclaimed adversarial press corps conceals these facts at the behest of the US government, based on patently absurd claims that reporting them will harm US national security. In each instance, what this media concealment actually accomplishes is enabling the dissemination of significant government falsehoods without challenge, and permitting the continuation of government deceit and even illegality.

One of the most notorious examples was in mid-2004 when the New York Times discovered - thanks to a courageous DOJ whistleblower - that the Bush administration was eavesdropping on the electronic communications of Americans without the warrants required by the criminal law. But after George Bush summoned to the Oval Office the paper's publisher (Arthur Sulzberger) and executive editor (Bill Keller) and directed them to conceal what they had learned, the NYT complied by sitting on the story for a-year-and-a-half: until late December, 2005, long after Bush had been safely re-elected. The "national security" excuse for this concealment was patently ludicrous from the start: everyone knew the US government was trying to eavesdrop on al-Qaida communications and this story merely revealed that they were doing so illegally (without warrants) rather than legally (with warrants). By concealing the story for so long, the New York Times helped the Bush administration illegally spy on Americans.

The Washington Post's Dana Priest, in a superb act of journalism, reported in 2005 that the CIA was maintaining a network of secret "black sites" where detainees were interrogated and abused beyond the monitoring scrutiny of human rights groups and even Congress. But the Post purposely concealed the identity of the countries serving as the locale of those secret prisons in order to enable the plainly illegal program to continue without bothersome disruptions: "the Washington Post is not publishing the names of the Eastern European countries involved in the covert program, at the request of senior US officials."

In 2011, the New York Times along with numerous other US media outlets learned that the American arrested in Pakistan for having shot and killed two Pakistanis, Raymond Davis, was not - as President Obama falsely claimed - "our diplomat", but was a CIA agent and former Blackwater contractor. Not only did the NYT conceal this fact, but it repeatedly and uncritically printed claims from Obama and other officials about Davis' status which it knew to be false. It was only once the Guardian published the facts about Davis - that he was a CIA agent - did the Times tell the truth to its readers, admitting that the disclosure "pulled back the curtain on a web of covert American operations inside Pakistan, part of a secret war run by the CIA".

The NYT, as usual, justified its concealment of this obviously newsworthy information as coming "at the request of the Obama administration, which argued that disclosure of his specific job would put his life at risk". But as the Guardian's Deputy Editor Ian Katz noted, "Davis [was] already widely assumed in Pakistan to have links to US intelligence" and "disclosing his CIA role would [therefore not] expose him to increased risk".

And now, yet again, the US media has been caught working together to conceal obviously newsworthy government secrets. On Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that two years ago, the Obama administration established a base in Saudi Arabia from which it deploys drones to kill numerous people in Yemen. including US citizen Anwar Awlaki and, two weeks, later his 16-year-old American son Abdulrahman. The US base was built after the US launched a December, 2009 cruise missile/cluster-bomb attack that slaughtered dozens of Yemeni women and children.

But the Post admitted that it - along with multiple other US media outlets - had long known about the Saudi Arabia drone base but had acted in unison to conceal it from the US public

The US 'liberal' media helps control and keep secrets of the establishment. The mainstream media are corporate entities that should never be trusted because of their record and conflicts of interest.

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Contains interesting information that may come in handy for those who are suffering from a terminal cancer condition. Worth trying.

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Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing? Sears, J.C. Penney, Best Buy and RadioShack Are All Going To Close Hundreds of Stores Before The End of 2013!

If the economy is improving, then why are many of the largest retail chains in America closing hundreds of stores? When I was growing up, Sears, J.C. Penney, Best Buy and RadioShack were all considered to be unstoppable retail powerhouses. But now it is being projected that all of them will close hundreds of stores before the end of 2013. Even Wal-Mart is running into problems. A recent internal Wal-Mart memo that was leaked to Bloombergdescribed February sales as a “total disaster”. So why is this happening? Why are major retail chains all over America collapsing? Is the “retail apocalypse” upon us? Well, the truth is that this is just another sign that the U.S. economy is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Incomes are declining, taxes are going up, government dependence is at an all-time high, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed has been steadily falling since 2006. The top 10% of all income earners in the U.S. are still doing very well, but most U.S. consumers are either flat broke or are drowning in debt. The large disposable incomes that the big retail chains have depended upon in the past simply are not there anymore. So retail chains all over the United States are now closing up unprofitable stores. This is especially true in low income areas.

When you step back and take a look at the bigger picture, the rapid decline of some of our largest retail chains really is stunning.

It is happening already in some areas, but soon half empty malls and boarded up storefronts will litter the landscapes of cities all over America.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Hawks Were Wrong: Iraq is Worse Off Now

Whether or not Blair’s conscience remains “clear” is, as he once pointed out, between him and God. But a decade on from the debate about dodgy dossiers, WMDs, 45-minute warnings and various clauses and subclauses of UN Resolution 1441, those of us who marched against the war stand vindicated. We were right; the hawks were wrong.

It isn’t the size of our demonstration that those of us against the war should be proud of, it is our judgement. Our arguments and predictions turned out to be correct and those of our belligerent opponents were discredited. Remember the rhetoric? There was “no doubt” that the invaders would “find the clearest possible evidence of Saddam’s weap­ons of mass destruction” (Blair) as well as evidence of how Iraq had “provided training in these weapons [of mass destruction] to al-Qaeda” (Colin Powell); the foreign troops would be “greeted as liberators” (Dick Cheney); “the establishment of a free Iraq at the heart of the Middle East” would be “a watershed event in the global democratic revolution” (George W Bush).

It was a farrago of lies and half-truths, of delusion and doublethink. Aside from the viewers of Fox News, most people are now aware that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, no ties between secular Saddam and Islamist Osama. The fall of the Ba’athist dictatorship failed to usher in a democratic or human-rights revolution. Every argument advanced by the hawks proved to be utterly false.

The Iraq war was a strategic disaster – or, as the Tory minister Kenneth Clarke put it in a recent BBC radio discussion, “the most disas­trous foreign policy decision of my lifetime . . . worse than Suez”. The invasion and occupation of the country undermined the moral standing of the western powers; empowered Iran and its proxies; heightened the threat from al-Qaeda at home and abroad; and sent a clear signal to “rogue” regimes that the best (the only?) means of deterring a pre-emptive, US-led attack was to acquire weapons of mass destruction (see Korea, North).

There may have been a strong moral case for toppling the tyrant and liberating the Iraqi people – but there was a much stronger moral case against doing so. Brutal and vicious as Saddam’s reign had been, a “humanitarian intervention” could not just be justified in March 2003, given the complete absence of an ongoing or imminent mass slaughter of Iraqis. Some of us warned that the cost of action, in blood and treasure, would far outweigh the cost of inaction.

And so it came to pass. The greatest weapon of mass destruction turned out to be the invasion itself. Over the past ten years, Iraqis have witnessed the physical, social and economic destruction of their country – the aerial demolition of schools, homes and hospitals; the siege of cities such as Fallujah; US-led massacres at Haditha, Mahmudiyah and Balad; the biggest refugee crisis in the Middle East since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948.

Between 2003 and 2006, according to a peer-reviewed study in the Lancet medical journal, 601,000 more people died in Iraq as a result of violence – that is, bombed, burned, stabbed, shot and tortured to death – than would have died had the invasion not happened. Proportionately, that is the equivalent of 1.2 million Britons, or six million Americans, being killed over the same period.

'Freedom' at the cost of your homes, wealth, health and lives. The consequences of attacking Iraq were well known. Even Dick Cheney in the 90s mentioned that attacking Iraq was not a good idea, that it would lead to a quagmire:

Perhaps his central role in PNAC changed his mind.

This war monger must be arrested for the illegal attack on Iraq and for his later (admitted) involvement in authorising torture - another war crime.

Dick Cheney approves torture:

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Absolute Lawlessness: Libyan “Democracy” Two Years After NATO Air War

With anarchy and marauding flourishing in border areas where once strict law and order reigned under Gaddafi, most Libyans, particularly in the east, have been outraged by the authorities’ inaction. In addition to local extremists and “adventure seekers”, terrorists of all sorts, including groups of jihadists from Mali, have been pouring in. The “democracy” the West had once been so fervent in forcing upon Libya looks more like a medieval rule, says Director of the Cairo-based Java Center for Political Studies Rifaat Sayed Ahmad.

“NATO air strikes threw the once prospering country by African standards back into the Middle Ages, and still worse, they plunged it into a civil war. The West used military force to install an obedient yet unpopular regime unable to deal with the religious and tribal feud that is tearing the country apart. Libyan oil and gas – that was the main target of NATO’s military intervention in the name of the noble goal of freeing ordinary Libyans from Colonel Gaddafi’s dictatorship, as one French TV program put it.”

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Historic UK Court Case to Challenge BBC’s 9/11 Coverage

On February 25, in the small town of Horsham in the United Kingdom, there will be a rare and potentially groundbreaking opportunity for the 9/11 truth movement. Three hours of detailed 9/11 evidence is to be presented and considered in a court of law where the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will be challenged over the inaccurate and biased manner in which it has portrayed the events and evidence of 9/11.

Over the last 16 months, BBC has been challenged strongly by individuals in the UK over two documentaries that they showed in September 2011 as part of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, namely ‘9/11: Conspiracy Road Trip’ and ‘The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 Ten Years On’. Formal complaints were lodged with BBC over the inaccuracy and bias of these documentaries, which, according to 9/11 activists, was in breach of the operating requirements of BBC through their ‘Royal Charter and Agreement’ with the British public. This document requires BBC to show information that is both accurate and impartial. These complaints were supported by the US-based educational charity Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), which submitted detailed scientific evidence to BBC to buttress the complaints. The evidence focuses in particular on the confirmed free-fall of WTC 7 and NIST's 2008 admission of this fact. In addition, over 300 AE911Truth petition signers supported these complaints by sending letters to BBC, requesting that BBC show this evidence to the public.

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FBI Plot to Blow Up Bank in Oakland -- Stopped by FBI

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Keiser Report (E407): Sterlageddon

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss ending the currency war with a gold standard. They also look at how, since going off the gold standard in 1971, productivity gains have all gone to the one percent who create and push the paper and credit. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about gold monetisation, renminbi internationalisation and the very harsh laws against sterling devaluation.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Syria Bombards Golan Ceasefire Zone in Retaliatory Attack

Syrian troops have bombarded the Golan ceasefire zone neighboring the Zionist entity in response to militants attack on a military police checkpoint, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Insurgents attacked the checkpoint in the town of Khan Arnabeh just beyond the outer ceasefire line along the demilitarized zone neighboring the Zionist entity on Saturday.

The report comes amid ongoing clashes between the Syrian army and foreign-sponsored militants in the country.

Golan has been tense since the beginning of the Syrian unrest nearly two years ago, at times with mortar and gunfire spill over into the Israeli-occupied zone.

The Israeli regime seized the Syrian territory on the strategically important Golan Heights in the 1967 war. Tel Aviv annexed the territory on December 14, 1981 -- a move which has been met with international condemnation.

The Israelis are looking to escalate the conflict as much as possible This could be it. Syria must be careful not to give any excuse for foreign nations to directly intervene. The end result could be like Libya.

Related News:

Russian Military Source: Syria Received Panzer-C1 Air Defense Systems

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US Drug Trafficking, Chris Dorner Cover-up, Waco Massacre

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin is joined by investigative journalists, Andrew Kennis, they discuss the upcoming Chicago trial of Sinaloa cartel kingpin Vicente Zambada, and evidence that could expose US federal agencies as being in collusion with the most dangerous drug cartel in the world. Abby then talks to journalist, Max Blumenthal about the media frenzy and cover-up surrounding the Chris Dorner case. BTS wraps up the show with a look back at the 1993 Waco massacre, the tactics used by federal agents and the subsequent cover up that remains to this day.

This is a dynamite episode centred on semi-official US involvement in the Mexican drug trade. Please remember that as a matter of history, the CIA used drug operations to provide off-the-books finance, and still do today in all likelihood.

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Arch-Zionist Gets Top BBC Strategy Job

From 2002 to 2004 James Purnell served as chairman of Labour Friends of Israel – heading a Zionist lobby group, it would seem, is a prerequisite for high office in Britain.

In December 2002 he paid a week-long visit to Israel, courtesy of Labour Friends of Israel. Upon his return to Britain he embarked upon an Israeli propaganda campaign aimed at persuading the British public that black is white and white is black – i.e. that the Palestinian victims of the Israeli occupation are in fact the aggressors and that the Israeli occupiers, colonizers and oppressors of the Palestinians are, perversely, the innocent victims of the Palestinians.

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Hagel Halted: US Congress Blocks Nomination of Israel Critic

Republican Senators have blocked the vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as U.S. Secretary of Defence, he is the first such Presidential nominee for Pentagon chief this has happened to. Paul Craig Roberts, a Reagan administration official, joins RT studio from Florida to discuss the confirmation hearings.

This is a vitally important clip explaining that the US political system (and media for that matter) is captured by foreign interests.

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"Too Big to Fail has become Too Big for Trial"

Senator Elizabeth Warren asks federal bank regulators why no banks were taken to trial in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Simple and awesome. Injustice really sucks.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Professor Cornel West: Obama Is A ‘War Criminal’ Like Nixon And Bush

Princeton University Professor Cornel West severely criticized President Barack Obama on Thursday while he co-hosted the Tavis Smiley radio show. West said that Obama’s recently uncovered legal justification for attacks on American citizens in league with Al Qaeda amounted to war crimes. Obama is, like his Republican predecessors Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, a war criminal, West said.

Obama is also definitely a criminal for failing to prosecute Bush for torture and illegal acts of war. No prosecutions means there is an obstruction of justice centred on the DoJ and the office of the President. There is a prima facie case to lay charges and yet nothing has been done.

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State of the Union Disinfo, Stop CISPA, Manufactured Terror

EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin goes over the 2013 State of the Union, calling out president Obama on hypocrisies and misinformation related to Afghanistan, cyber security and civil liberties. Abby then talks to RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez, about her interviews with members of congress after the State of the Union, and addresses some of the topics that weren't discussed during the speech. BTS interviews investigative journalist and author, Trevor Aaronson, about the war terror manufactured threat and FBI entrapment of 'terrorists'. Abby wraps up the show with a deeper look at CISPA, and the implications it has in doing away with our 4th amendment rights online.

Abby justifiably trashes Obama.

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Sharia Shushed: 'Majority of Egypt Against Muslim Brotherhood'

Cairo police have unleashed water cannons and tear gas to disperse a crowd of protesters in front of the presidential palace. At least one person has been killed and dozens injured in clashes across Egypt. Clashes in Cairo broke out after anti-government demonstrators attacked the presidential palace with stones and fire bombs. Police moved, in deploying water cannons and shooting gas canisters at the raging crowd.

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How Neocons Messed Up the Mideast

Just six months after Iran freed 52 Americans hostages in 1981, senior Reagan administration officials secretly endorsed third-party weapons sales to Iran, a move to align U.S. policy with Israeli desires to sell arms to the Islamic republic then at war with Iraq, according to documents recently released by the National Archives.

This Israeli arms pipeline to Iran already was functioning at the time of the policy shift on July 21, 1981. Three days earlier, on July 18, an Argentine plane strayed off course and crashed (or was shot down) inside the Soviet Union exposing Israel’s secret arms shipments to Iran, which apparently had been going on for months.

After the plane went down, Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East Nicholas Veliotes tried to get to the bottom of the mysterious weapons flight. “According to the [flight] documents,” Veliotes said later in an interview with PBS Frontline, “this was chartered by Israel and it was carrying American military equipment to Iran. …

“And it was clear to me after my conversations with people on high that indeed we had agreed that the Israelis could transship to Iran some American-origin military equipment. Now this was not a covert operation in the classic sense, for which probably you could get a legal justification for it. As it stood, I believe it was the initiative of a few people [who] gave the Israelis the go-ahead. The net result was a violation of American law.”

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20-Hiroshimas-Strong: Meteorite Blast Devastates Russia's Urals

20 Hiroshimas - that's the National Space Agency's estimate of the explosive power of the meteorite which shattered over Russia's Urals. It left more than 12 hundred people injured, and caused tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. RT's Egor Piskunov is at the epicenter, and brings the details how events unfolded.

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Britamgate: Staging False Flag Attacks in Syria

On January 22 a telling leak cropped up in the Internet. British defense contractor’s BRITAM server was hacked and megabytes of classified internal files of the firm were released to the public. Now the case is acquiring a Britamgate scale due to the publication on Prison Planet. What is the story behind the leakage? Why this scandal is likely to turn around the situation in Syria?

" Phil

We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards David"

To clarify the things, CW is a standard abbreviation for Chemical Weapons; ‘g-shell’ is a bomb consisting of an explosive projectile filled with toxic gas.

Taking into account the memorable Barack Obama’s warning that the ‘use or even transportation of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would represent a “red line” that would precipitate military intervention’, a message he reiterated last month after the election to the second term, the plotted operation, if carried out, would provide an ideal pretext for the foreign intervention into Syria. Israel has voiced the same warnings last week.

Thanks to the West and Israel there is a war going on in Syria that is killing thousands and displacing many hundreds of thousands. The conflict is all about using the opposition inside Syria, boosted with outside mercenaries, to destroy the country so it can no longer aid Hezbollah in Lebanon. A secondary aim is to draw Iran into a larger scale war. The West's support of the 'rebels' has NOTHING to do with promoting democracy. If this was a key factor they'd also be calling for regime change in Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

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Zygier was About to Reveal Mossad Secrets to Australia, Report Claims

The Australian Mossad agent recently outed as Ben Zygier was jailed because he was about to reveal Mossad operational secrets to Australian authorities or the media, Australian media reported Thursday.

Zygier, known until recently only as Prisoner X, reportedly killed himself in jail in 2010, Israel admitted on Wednesday, though Jerusalem has not said why he was jailed.

According to Australian media company Fairfax Media, Zygier was going to open up about the Israeli spy service’s use of foreign passports to carry out an assassination of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai before he was put in prison.

”[Zygier] may well have been about to blow the whistle, but he never got the chance,” an Australian security official with knowledge of the case told Fairfax Media, according to Melbourne’s The Age.

The report said that Israeli authorities told the Australian Security Intelligence Organization of Zygier’s arrest a mere eight days after authorities in Dubai claimed that suspected Israeli agents had used fraudulent Australian passports in the assassination of Mabhouh, which Israel has never admitted carrying out.

The passport incident caused a crisis between Israeli and Australian intelligence services, yet the latter did not pursue the matter of Zygier’s incarceration at the time despite seeing him as a potential source for information about Mossad operations and the use of Australian passports, the paper reported.

Let's hope ASIO realises that The Mossad is no friend of Australia and they are likely running intelligence operations against our politicians, Australian intelligence, and industry - just like in the USA.

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FEMA Camp Bill Resurfaces in Congress

In the US, natural disasters have caused the US government to declare national emergencies. Now, an old bill has resurfaced in Congress that allows the government to implement at least six military installations to house US citizens when a national emergency is declared. The National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 gives the Federal Emergency Management Agency power over the camps and before the bill was shot down due to the broad language and the fears of unchecked government power, but can this bill ever pass? Bob English, civil liberties activist and blogger, sounds off on the issue.

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'Starve Society to Impose Unseen Poverty': EU Chiefs' Way Out of Crisis

France says it's unlikely to meet its target of reducing the public deficit to the 3 percent limit set by the EU. Portugal and Spain are also trying to deal with unprecedented levels of unemployment, while Greece has suffered ongoing protests over it's austerity policies. For more RT talks to social analyst and philosophy lecturer at the University of the Aegean, Panagiotis Sotiris.

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Meteorite Crash in Russia: Video of Meteorite Explosion that Stirred Panic in Urals Region

Awesome footage to follow. Hundreds injured, some seriously.

And here's a summary report on the incident with more footage:

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Hypocrisy: US Arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Mass-Slaughters Civilians in Afghanistan

AFP has reported that a recent NATO airstrike in Afghanistan has killed over 10 civilians in an all-too-familiar headline glossed over by the Western media in an exercise of both depravity and hypocrisy. RT’s article, “NATO airstrike kills 10 Afghan civilians, mostly women and children – officials,” notes in particular that up to 11,864 civilians were killed in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2011, and that civilian deaths before 2007 were not even tracked by the UN.

Such facts reveal alarming hypocrisy as the UN keeps almost daily, inflated tallies of civilian deaths elsewhere, in particular, in nations like Libya and Syria where Western interests have been heavily involved in regime change and in dire need of manipulating public perception worldwide. The United Nations had in fact pieced together a dubious report crafted from “witness accounts” compiled not in Syria, or even beyond its borders in a refugee camp, but instead, in Geneva by “witnesses” supplied by the so-called Syrian “opposition.”

Worse yet, that UN report was co-authored by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council. Its board of directors includes Exxon men, CIA agents, representatives of the Saudi Binladin Group (Osama Bin Laden’s family business), former ambassadors to Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar, US military and government representatives, and even the president of the US-Qatar Business Council, which includes amongst its membership, Al Jazeera, Chevron, Exxon, munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO’s operations against Libya), and Boeing.

In other words, the very underwriters of the armed militancy that is consuming Syria are sitting along side the head of the UN commission producing reports portraying the Syrian government as guilty of “war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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George Galloway Response to David Cameron Over Syria Question

'I asked a reasonable question, to detail the difference between the jihadists in Mali we oppose and the jihadists in Syria we back and in response to a legitimate inquiry I received a sneering insult more fitted to the gutters of Eton than the Mother of all Parliaments,' Galloway said. 'Britain is guilty to backing the worst, most bloodthirsty dictators in the world, bar none. This country backs and arms the foul Saudi Arabian sheikhdom which has the least democracy and probably the worst human rights record on the planet.

Then there's Bahrain. And what about Egypt where this government backed Mubarak until almost the end? And it is less than a week ago, isn't it, that the Foreign Office was warning British citizens to get out of Benghazi immediately for fear of their lives - at risk from the same jihadis we supplied, armed and fought for.'

Galloway added: 'I have written to the Prime Minister today about his response to me and I will be interested how he responds.'

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Gerald Celente on China Surpassing US Global Economic Dominance

America's global economic dominance seems to be slipping away for the first time since the end of World War II. According to the US Commerce Department, China surpassed the US in import and exports in 2012. Many economic experts believe that China will become the world's economic super power by 2030 and claim this is just the first step in the process. Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, gives us his take on China's role in the global economy.

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Keiser Report (E406): Horsemeat Burger vs Dutch Sandwich

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the honkey infestation causing an inflationary vortex and the Dutch sandwich being the financial equivalent of a horsemeat burger. And how the FSAs - the Financial Services Authority and the Food Standards Agency - operate with a similar cover up mentality. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to anthropologist, David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5000 Years, about the dollar, a war backed currency, being displaced by gold and about who killed Aaron Swartz and why.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

US Betrayal of Truth | Interview with Whistleblower Thomas Drake

Abby Martin sits down with former NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake, about his personal story as a whistleblower and what he describes as a 'total betrayal' by part of the government.

Great run down of the US fascist system being imposed upon the mostly unaware population. The people are becoming slaves to the elites in Government, corporations and military.

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