Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'UFO' Filmed by News Team in Denver, Colorado November 8, 2012

A man in Denver, Colorado videotaped a fast-moving UFO several times during November 2012. He sent the video to local news channel FOX31. FOX31 then sent their own camera crew to attempt to videotape the UFO, which had been appearing at the same location and time of day. The FOX31 cameras did succeed in capturing the object.

The speed and shape of the object rules out birds or bugs or wind-blown items. Facinating.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, November 20th, 2012.]


steven andresen said...


The technology seems to be the ability to make an object appear to move through space, over land, maybe through clouds.

It wouldn't take much more tweaking to make a plane seem to fly into a building at the same time explosives would be detonated.

...just sayin'.


SpookyOne said...


Remote control take over of an aircraft is easy to do too.

If you rig the entire building with bombs it does not matter where the aircraft initially strikes because you could vary the point at which the demolition began - to make it look like the building 'collapsed' from the impact point.

By the way, the first successful experiments in remote piloting aircraft occurred in the 1920s to provide gunnery targets for Royal Navy warships.

Remote guidance is pretty easy. Aircraft can take off and land under remote guidance without much trouble - and if there is a system set up with a homing beacon, then you can guide an aircraft into that target.

I dunno what the UFO thing was in that clip. The fact that the TV crew confirmed something was there, that it was not bugs or birds, provides an interesting question for science.