Thursday, 15 November 2012

Romney Lost the Election Because he was an Unpopular Douche Bag with Very Limited Appeal, Supported by Big Money and the Corporate Controlled Media

All manner of excuses are being made for the failure of the Mitt Romney Campaign against Barack Obama. At the end of the day Romney was not a popular candidate. He had been rail roaded into the position by the GOP with the aid of the corporate media over a more libertarian candidate with broad appeal - Ron Paul.

It is no wonder that the population was not impressed with Mitt Romney on almost every level. He was an outright stooge for the corporate elite, and looked to be very much one of them.

Indeed, the appeal of Mitt was always very limited. Most Hispanics and Black people would not vote for him, while more liberal minded voters - independents and others, who were not necessarily Democrat supporters- were well aware of Mr 47 Percent's attitude that favoured corporate welfare and looting over the people's interests.

While Ron Paul built a huge grassroots base advocating for a Republic that followed the Constitution, and won straw polls and and other nominations, where the vote wasn't being rigged, Romney was pushed in the media, regardless of the fact that he was a transparently two faced corporatist politician.  What the media and the GOP did was polish a turd and the population could see through that.

And within the GOP rank and file Romney also drew disfavour - enough to keep some of these people from voting for him in the general election. This was largely thanks to the corrupt Primary Race campaign tactics used against the progressive voice of Congressman Ron Paul. See this article for details: Romney Doomed Himself by the Corrupt Tactics Used Against Ron Paul

Overall, any sensible person, especially undecided voters, after seeing clips of Romney's flip flopping on big Government, gun control, Federal Emergency Funding or his agressive foreign policy stance against Russia, China and war in Iran, or his view that "corporations are people my friend", would find it hard to have any respect for the man. Romney was a Douche Bag from the start. The GOP chose the wrong candidate to have any hope of winning. They went for superficial presentation over ANY real substantive characteristics that might have broad appeal.

And even the corporate electronic voting machines, that favour GOP condidates, could not rig the election sufficiently to turn the landslide of votes that went against Romney as Bush had done to Kerry in 2004.


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steven andresen said...


This was a very truthful analysis.

I have never voted for a Republican. When I gained the right to vote, the Republican Party was primarily the party of continuous war in Vietnam.

Since then, their candidates have been all douche bag tools of the corporations, as far as I could see.

I have been weaned away from the national Democratic party, too, as lately they are as much bought and paid for as the Republicans.

There are a few Democrats I would consider locally.

The problem for us is that there does not seem to be any answer to change this situation in the near, or distant, future.

I do not see Ron Paul or anyone like him in a position to effectively take over the Republican or Democratic parties.

There will always be the corporate goons who will do something sneaky to prevent any real reform candidate from being a successful candidate,\.

I am persuaded that if there was a politician who might demonstrate some free choice, the goons would tamper with his airplane, or locate some lone nut somewhere to use against him.

The crooks will not be easily routed.