Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Massive Israeli Strike on Gaza Strip - Cenk Uygur Rant Against Injustice

The operation, launched in response to days of rocket fire from the Palestinian territory, kicked off with the assassination of Hamas' top military commander and deepened the instability gripping the Mideast.

Three facts: The Israelis have oppressed the Palestinians in their own land since 1947, their leaders have sabotaged almost all attempts at peace over many decades, and they kicked off this latest round of violence by killing a child before the Palestinians shot up a jeep full of soldiers.

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steven andresen said...


The west bank and gaza are like wild west towns where there are no sheriffs or police. The cattle barons hire hoodlums to shoot up the farmers in order to provoke them into doing something, anything that would then justify an overwhelming response. The goal with the cattle barons as with the Israelis, apparently, is land stealing.

So, how come the UN doesn't send in a police force? Instead, they pass resolutions they know the U.S. will squash and nothing will get done.