Monday, 19 November 2012

Israeli Attacks Crumbling the Stability of the Middle East?

Israel has launched attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the violence has claimed lives on both sides. An Israeli air strike has claimed the life of an 11 month-old child whose father works for BBC. The Israeli Defense Force has declared it will do what is necessary to defend the citizens of Israel. Max Blumenthal, writing fellow for The Nation Institute, joins us what these Israeli strikes mean for the Middle-East.

Elements of the Israeli leadership do not want peace because that will allow their rivals to develop. Israel started this latest round of fighting (see video) as they had in 2008. The Israeli war mongers want their regional opponents weakened so they do not pose any long term threat and are easier to dominate at some distant time in the future. Ideally the war mongers would prefer their enemies weakened via internal conflict.

And all Muslim states in close proximity to Israel are targets of their machinations.

Please remember, no matter how unstable the Middle East, the US has sworn to defend Israel come hell or high water. 

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