Friday, 16 November 2012

Israel Provokes Conflict with the Palestinians - Murders Boy on 11th of November (CNN)

A 13-year-old Palestinian boy in Gaza was fatally shot Thursday, the Gaza Health Ministry said.

A spokesman for the ministry accused the Israel Defense Forces of killing the boy. "Hameed Abu Daqqa was killed by an Israeli military helicopter after being shot in the head while playing football with his friends east of Khan Younis," ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra told CNN.

Israeli Military Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich told CNN that the IDF could not confirm they were responsible for the shooting. "There is no information that the IDF targeted a person," he said.

The shooting happened around noon and the Palestinian teenager died in the hospital, the Gaza ministry spokesman said.

The IDF will claim they are not responsible for this killing but there is a very long history of this kind of behaviour (see below for details).

The present situation in Gaza is almost exactly the same as what happened in November 2008 where there was another ceasefire in which Hamas DID NOT fire any rockets. Nevertheless the Israelis launched an attack breaking the truce to kill 6 Hamas militants. The small number of rockets that were fired during this previous truce period came from non-Hamas groups and no one in Israel was killed. Rather than working to stop these rogue rocket attacks, the Israelis bombed the heck out of the third world Gaza population in a response to the Hamas reaction to the murders.

In 2012 we find that the Israelis admit that Hamas has not fired any rockets and had been working to prevent further conflict.

The problem we find is continued Israeli provocation and random acts of violence (see the link video and other related clips) with evictions of Palestinians from their land and an Israeli leadership that has always sought to ethnically cleanse the majority Arab population from the area.

The Israelis will claim that they are terrorised by the rocket threat but they have clearly brought this situation on themselves. Look at the Palestinians living in abject poverty after being displaced from their own lands. This mess all stems from the Israelis, the immigrants from Europe, who claim that the land is theirs because 'God' has given it to them.

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