Sunday, 30 September 2012

Paul Craig Roberts: America, The Next Banana Republic

Alex also welcomes American economist and Infowars contributing writer Paul Craig Roberts to discuss the impact of Eurpoean austerity measures on world markets amidst ongoing riots.

A good review about the state of the US economy and also the threat of false flag terror attacks blamed on Iran.

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Anthrax Attacks Inside Job, US State of Surveillance, Europe Protests | Breaking The Set

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the American Corporate Media's unfair coverage of domestic issues pointing out the comparison between protests in Spain and Greece alongside Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the US. Abby interviews EPIC's Director of the Open Government Program, Ginger McCall, about government surveillance and the erosion of American civil liberties. Abby wraps up the show with a look back at the anthrax attacks in the United States 11 years later, taking a closer analysis of the subject with an interview with Media Roots Journalist, Robbie Martin.

Anthrax inside job info starts at 15 mins.

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FBI Agents Craft their Own Terror Plots

A week and a half ago, two young men plotted a terrorist attack outside a bar in Chicago - and it turns out the plot was mostly put out together by the FBI. The two men were reportedly encouraged for months and months by undercover agents, who eventually supplied them with a fake bomb. The 17 year old is now facing life in prison for pushing the trigger of the fake bomb. Trevor Aaronson, the author of "Terror Factory," joins us for the broader implications to the story.

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Control of the US Media: 1983 and 2012

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Keiser Report (E347): Defraudsters

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the audacious finance oligarchies and high speed stock manipulators OOPSING again by front running clients (oops!) and manipulating market prices (oops!). And, once again, the US regulators have just 'aw shucks' fined them a small portion of their ill-gotten gains. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Will Carless of about the billion dollar cost of repaying back a $105 million dollar loan to Poway School District in San Diego

Another excellent episode highlighting hardcore Wall Street CRIMINALITY !

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Saturday, 29 September 2012

IAEA Report: No Evidence Iran Diverted Any Nuclear Material for a Nuclear Weapons Program

Mainstream media misrepresents latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report. What that report actually says is there is no evidence Iran has diverted any material for a nuclear weapons program. And even more important: Much of Iran's uranium stockpile has been converted into a form that would be very difficult to use in a nuclear weapon.

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Netanyahu Draws 'Red Line' Over Iran, Abbas Seeks More Independence

The duel of words between Iran and Israel rears its ugly head again at the UN General Assembly, with Prime Minister Netanyahu taking the opportunity to slap Tehran with harsh rhetoric.

Netanyahu has no evidence to support any of his claims about Iran's nuclear program. He wants a war to destroy present and future rivals to the State of Israel. Also, in terms of Abbas seeking more independence - the Palestinians did have a state, but it was taken from them. This injustice needs to be rectified immediately.

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Jewish Leaders Meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in NYC

Related Info:

No unnecessary war against Iran !

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Cenk Uygur: Americans Don't Trust Mainstream Media

A new poll shows that 60 percent of Americans have no trust in the country's mainstream media, and interest in the news is dramatically falling. So why do Americans so largely reject the domestic media?

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CONTROLLED MEDIA Money Trumps Journalism: Monsanto Has Fox News Kill Cancer Milk Story

There is a history of problems with Monsanto and their food products. The testing here was for 90 days on 30 rats.

The biggest lesson here, beyond the harm done by the products in question, is the court ruling THAT the media companies in the US do not have any legal obligation to be truthful to the public.

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Keiser Report (E346): Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss punk rock 'Tall Paul' giving the two finger salute to Ben Bernanke's QE3 and gold adjusting for zero growth, yield, velocity and confidence. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Detlev Schlichter of about quantitative easing to infinity, Central Banking 'devils' and the future for the gold standard.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

'US Unleash Hell in Syria, New Violence Levels Reached'

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Ralph Nader: Obama’s a ‘War Criminal’

It’s no surprise that Ralph Nader isn’t a fan of former President George W. Bush. After all, the longtime activist ran against him in both 2000 and 2004. But Nader’s even less a fan of President Barack Obama, if only because he thinks Obama was capable of so much more.

On issues related to the military and foreign policy, Obama’s worse than Bush, “in the sense that he’s more aggressive, more illegal worldwide,” Nader told POLITICO, going so far as to call Obama a “war criminal.”

“He’s gone beyond George W. Bush in drones, for example. He thinks the world is his plate, that national sovereignties mean nothing, drones can go anywhere. They can kill anybody that he suspects and every Tuesday he makes the call on who lives and who dies, supposed suspects in places like Yemen and Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that is a war crime and he ought to be held to account.”

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911 in French Censored on You Tube

This is only 18 seconds long but is funny and illustrates two points - that You Tube censors things (I would say unfairly) and that good material can be found on Vimeo.

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Meet Monsanto's Number One Lobbyist: Barack Obama

On the campaign trail, Obama said: "Let folks know when their food is genetically modified, because Americans have a right to know what they're buying."

Then came the reality.

After the election, and during Obama's term as president, people who had been working to label GMO food and warn the public of its huge dangers were shocked to the core. They saw Obama had been pulling a bait and switch.

The new president filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA:

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Russia Suspends Import and Use of American GM Corn After Study Revealed Cancer Risk

Historically, biotech companies have proved the safety of GM crops based on trials involving feeding rats for a period of 90 days. However, experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats - two years. The findings, which were peer reviewed by independent experts before being published in a respected scientific journal, found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage.

The same trials also found evidence that consumption of minuscule amounts of a commonly used weedkiller, Roundup, was associated with a raised risk of cancer.

Both the GM corn, which carries the name NK603, and Roundup are the creation of US biotech company Monsanto.

The decision by the Russians to suspend authorisation for the American GM corn threatens to trigger a transatlantic commercial and diplomatic row.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

An 82-page Analysis Concludes that Israel is Currently the Greatest Threat to US National Interests

It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest is fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations with Arab and Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.

The study was commissioned by the US Intelligence Community comprising 16 American intelligence agencies with an annual budget in excess of $ 70 billion.

Among the many findings are the following:

1. Gross Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States through spying and illegal US arms transfers. This includes supporting more than 60 ‘front organizations’ and approximately 7,500 US officials who do Israel’s bidding and seek to dominate and intimidate the media and agencies of the US government which should no longer be condoned.

2. That the United States government no longer has the financial resources, or public support to continue funding Israel. The billions of dollars in direct and indirect aid from US taxpayers to Israel since 1967 is not affordable and is increasingly being objected to by US taxpayers who oppose continuing American military involvement in the Middle East. US public opinion no longer supports funding and executing widely perceived illegal US wars on Israel’s behalf. This view is increasingly being shared by Europe, Asia and the International public.

3. The Israel leadership, with its increasing support of the 700,000 settlers in illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank is increasing out of touch with the political, military and economic realities of the Middle East.

4. The international opposition to the increasingly apartheid regime can no longer be synchronized with American claimed humanitarian values or US expectations in its bi-lateral relations with the 193 member United Nations.

5. The Draft ends with language about the need to avoid entangling alliances that alienate much of the World and condemn American citizens to endure the consequences.

Note: Israel is classified as the 'greatest threat' - not no.2 or no.3 but the greatest - beyond Islamic terrorism or 'threats' from China or Russia or anything else.

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Israel Lobbyist - "Crisis Initiation is Really Tough. It's Very Hard for me to see how the United States President can Get us to War with Iran"

The guy is talking about initiating a War to stop Iranian WMDs yet Iran does not have nuclear weapons nor programs to make them (according to US intelligence). They do have a nuclear power station monitored by the IAEA, and all the materials in use are accounted for. Also, any move by Iran to start a war could lead to their country being completely destroyed by nuclear armed Israel and the USA. The leaders of Iran are not stupid enough to start a conflict that would turn their country into a glass car park. At stake here is the lives of many innocent civilians and also contamination of other people around the world if the operational reactor is bombed.

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Iran, the USA and War

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Jesse Ventura Vindicated over WTC7

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Keiser Report (E345): Bankstatocracy

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the bankstatocracy that has led to what the mainstream financial media calls an 'unintended' wealth gap in the consumer sector - between those recovered-from-recession and those still-struggling. To suggest that this gap is intentional, however, is considered now 'suspicious' behavior by the US government. And they also look at the 'wealth managers' for the poor in Australia. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to privacy extremist Frank Braun about sneaker net and privacy, the libertarian case for bitcoin and a flourishing over the counter bitcoin exchange.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Controversial 9/11 Film Soars to #1 on PBS, Breaks Local Records

A daring new documentary that uses scientific analysis to challenge the official 9/11 story became the most popular film on PBS during the week of the 9/11 anniversary, which followed its record-breaking broadcast on Colorado Public Television (CPT12).
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out made its broadcast TV premiere on CPT12 (formerly KBDI) last month as part of a fundraising drive, according to a recent Digital Journal report. The premiere broadcast, which is available to view for free online, became the #1 "most watched" and "most shared" video on PBS online on September 11, and held the top spot for over a week. (The documentary, produced by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, currently ranks as the #4 “most watched” video and the #1 “most shared” video.)

CPT12 has also seen an impressive response at its website, "The webpage for the broadcast has received more hits than any program page in the history of," said Shari Bernson, Director of Development at CPT12, in an email to the Digital Journal. Web traffic statistics from also show receiving a huge boost in traffic, which began during the August 18 premiere of Experts Speak Out and ran through the 9/11 anniversary. In addition, it marked the first time that a video produced by CPT12 gained recognition as one of the most watched films on PBS nationwide.

The truth about 911 will end the war on terror. Killing all the 'terrorists' will not stop false flags. Truth out to stop the wars.

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'US Pushing for Iran War in Hopes for Regime Change'

The first day of the UN General Assembly in New York was quite predictably marked by a boiling over of tension between Iran and Israel. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his speech at the gathering to denounce Israel's alleged nuclear stockpiles and its occupation of Palestine. The Iranian president's address to leaders and ministers from over 100 countries prompted Israel's ambassador to walk out. Ahmadinejad also implicitly accused the US of shielding Israel and paving the way for a strike on Tehran. This comes just days after Washington decided to remove an Iranian militant group, the MEK off its terror blacklist. Jamal Abdi, the Policy Director of the National Iranian American Council, believes the sudden change of heart over an organization striving to overthrow the Iranian regime, is no coincidence.

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We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

The government has declared it can lock anyone up forever or kill them without any proof or due process. DHS has placed an order for 450 million rounds of Hollow Point ammo. Obama can now declare martial law during peace time. I think that just about says it all.


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Monsanto Makes Rats Grow Tumors; are Humans Next?

In a recent French lab study, rats that were fed genetically modified foods had a tendency to develop tumors and suffer severe organ damage. GMO's have become a hot topic in the United States and in California people are demanding GMO food be labeled in the state. Many consumers feel humans will suffer the same fate as the lab rats and are hoping to put a stop to GMO food. Alexis Baden-Mayer, political director for the Organic Consumers Association joins us with more on the startling consequences and why Americans should be aware if they are buying GMO foods or not.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dawson, Controlled Media Propaganda on Syria, and Pentagon Waste

Corporate-media strikes again more of the same lie upon lie upon lie. *I said Dina Ross in the video I meant to say Dina Rasor.

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German Solar Power Capacity Hits All-Time High… Again

Initial reports say that Germans installed roughly 320-megawatts peak (MWp) of additional solar power capacity in August.

That takes total installed solar power capacity to more than 30-gigawatts peak (GWp), making Germany the first country in the world to generate so much electricity from sunshine.

There’s now more solar power installed in Germany than the rest of Europe combined, note industry watchers from Germany Trade & Invest, the national foreign trade and inward investment promotion agency. They’ll be sharing their insights on latest trends in the German and other solar power markets around the world at this week’s EUPVSEC in Frankfurt September 24-28.

Related Picture:

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Monday, 24 September 2012

GMO, Global Alert

French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. Tumors, serious disorders... full-fledged slaughter. And a bomb for the GMO industry.

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GMO Researchers Attacked, Evidence Denied, and a Population at Risk

Biologist Arpad Pusztai had more than 300 articles and 12 books to his credit and was the world’s top expert in his field. But when he accidentally discovered that genetically modified (GM) foods are dangerous, he became the biotech industry’s bad-boy poster child, setting an example for other scientists thinking about blowing the whistle.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Pusztai was awarded a $3 million grant by the UK government to design the system for safety-testing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). His team included more than 20 scientists working at three facilities, including the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, the top nutritional research lab in the UK, and his employer for the previous 35 years. The results of Pusztai’s work were supposed to become the required testing protocols for all of Europe. But when he fed supposedly harmless GM potatoes to rats, things didn’t go as planned.

Within just 10 days, the animals developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. Moreover, the cause was almost certainly side effects from the process of genetic engineering itself. In other words, the GM foods on the market, which are created from the same process, might have similar affects on humans.

At the link there is a list of other highly regarded researchers that have been attacked because their studies showed a danger from GMOs.

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'US Muslim World Intervention Bred Hatred Over Decades'

Thousands have taken to the streets of Libya's second city Benghazi to demand an end to the tyranny of armed militias. Four people have been killed and dozens injured outside an Islamist base.

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Sen. Rand Paul Speech on the Senate Floor Regarding his Filibuster

He talks about foreign aid pointing out how the US has backed dictators throughout history, and that the people of those countries hate "us" because we are on the side of the oppressors. Apart for the bits about Bin Laden being killed in 2011, this is a good speech. Rand is not Ron Paul, and I don't trust him at all because he endorsed Mitt Romney, but this filibuster has a lot of great content. It is what it is. - Spook

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Keiser Report (E344): Happy Hacking! (ft. Richard Stallman)

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss tuning in, dropping out and the modern day opting out. They also talk about 'high value' customers being fast tracked at Heathrow in the name of expediency; while in the US poor people are fast tracked into a private debt collectors' kickback scheme with the help of district attorneys. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Richard Stallman about Anonymous protests outside virtual doorways, corporate tyrannies and free software.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

NY Times Peddles War Propaganda

Abby Interviews former New York Times journalist, Daniel Simpson about his choice to leave the famous news source after citing war propaganda in its publications.

This is THE major problem in stopping the corruption we find throughout the country - a controlled, lap dog corporate media that keeps the truth from the unwitting public. An ethical media, consisting of fellow members of our society, should be informing the people and mobilising them to take control away from those that would do war.

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David Chandler - Physicist - Interview - "9/11: [Natural] Freefall Collapse Impossible"

David Chandler Interviewed by Annie Hill and Robert Coones (Summer 2010). In this interview, David Chandler gives a short explanation of his findings concerning the 9/11 disaster, specifically on the collapse of the North Tower and WTC7. This interview was conducted in Portland Oregon in an impromptu meeting.

World Trade Center building 7 fell at freefall acceleration for a period of ~2.5 seconds. This means it was falling through itself for over 100 feet with zero resistance, an impossibility in any natural scenario. This period of freefall is solid evidence that explosives had to be used to bring the building down. In the final draft for public comment (August 2008) NIST denied that WTC7 fell at freefall. In the final report in Nov 2008 they reversed themselves and admitted freefall, but denied its obvious significance.

Basic scientific principles and the demolition of the World Trade Centre buildings. Almost anyone can understand the argument except for the dogmatically opposed and the propagandists (who know the truth but misinform the public).

Essential viewing !!

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France Launches Major Investigation Into GMOs Following Tumor Study

Following the release of a peer-reviewed piece of research linking the consumption of Monsanto’s Roundup-containing GMO crops to tumors and organ damage, the French government is now calling for a health agency investigation. Seeking to analyze the research and potentially ask European authorities to protect human health and abandon the use of GMO crops, France’s Agriculture Minister and others are now sounding the alarm.

The study was the first to ever examine the true effects of lifelong GMO consumption in rats, and was dubbed ”the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats.”

Finding an onset of mass tumors and damage to the kidneys and liver, the study has serious implications as to what large-scale GMO consumption is doing to humans.
Since a serious lack of serious information has surfaced on the long-term effects of GMO consumption, human consumption of GMOs itself is really a mad scientist experiment on a global scale.

It appears French officials understand the severity of the findings, with Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll and others now asking the National Agency for Health Safety to investigate further.  

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World Renowned Scientist Lost his Job when he Warned about GE Foods

Dr Arpad Pusztai evoked world wide media attention in August 1998, when he said in British TV that he would not eat genetically engineered food because of the insufficient testing procedures they have undergone.
Pusztai is a world renowned expert on food safety, who worked at UK's leading food safety research lab, the Rowett institute. His statement obviously threatened to damage the then ongoing multimillion PR campaign of the Biotech industry to create public confidence in GE foods. A few days after his public appearance he was suspended and gagged by the research institute where he worked.

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Ryan Dawson on RT: China and Japan Islands Spat

..this is all for the Chinese election it is not about the islands.

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

False Flag Alert: Israel Launches Largest Ever "Surprise" or "Snap" Live Fire Drill.....

The timing of this live fire “snap” drill should indicate this is no ‘snap’ drill. Nor is it a "surprise" drill, despite the silly headlines used by the media. When considering the timing and location of Israel's live fire drill and how very provocative the undertaking of this drill by Israel is, consider this- 25 Nations Practice War Against Iran

Mike Rivero at points out:

"Israel just mobilized a large military force to the border with Syria. This supports my speculation yesterday that an attack is planned on Syria followed by a faked "retaliation" by Iran to set the stage for all out war."

It's possible that an Israeli submarine in the Gulf will fire an anti-ship missile at a US warship to be blamed on either an Iranian shore battery or one of their presently submerged submarines now operating in the region. It won't take much to get things started. Perhaps the trigger will be the missile attack, a poison gas attack inside Syria, or a domestic attack in the West blamed on the Iranian or Syrian State.

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Jesse Ventura: We Want to Bring Democracy to World & Don't Have it in US

The upcoming presidential poll gripping the US, many start noticing that the election campaign savours badly of a reality show. To discuss that, RT sits down with Jesse Ventura, a former Governor of Minnesota. Jesse Ventura, or James George Janos, 61, is an American politician, veteran, author, former professional wrestler and actor. In the Vietnam War era he served at the US Navy and later became a reservist with SEAL Team 1. In 1999, Ventura was elected the Governor of Minnesota after his term as the mayor of Minnesota's Brooklyn Park.

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Judge Napolitano Takes On The Fed 'Not Federal, Not A Reserve,' Designed To 'Make Pres. Look Good'

Judge Napolitano agrees with George Will that the Fed has become the 4th branch of government, unelected and no oversight over incredible powers.

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Keiser Report (E343): World Flash Clash Center [MUST SEE]

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss flash crashes, reputation woes on the U.S. exchanges and sheep screaming at all the fraud. Max also talks to one of the Queen's sheep for its opinion on quantitative easing. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about QE to infinity, the dollar, the euro and a gold standard.

This is an awesome episode ! Must see with Max unloading on the corporate criminals and the computer systems that are rigging the stock exchange prices.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

"They Hate Us Because We Bomb Them..."

There's no excuse to be rioting in Sydney, but in the Middle East you can understand that there are 2 main sources of anti-Western aggression, that were partly sparked by the film;

1. That there are a lot of angry people who recognise the US has supported oppressive regimes to suit their military-economic interests over humanitarian concerns (ie Egypt), and

2. That in post 'liberation' countries, especially places ripped by war (ie Libya), we see numerous fundamentalist fighters coming to the front, backed by a sense of injustice and hardcore Caliphate-creating ideas, who are free to do whatever they want. Without a central government people with Guns and who are willing to kill or be killed tend to take over.
Note: I don't back violent fundamentalist oppression or US neocon driven military occupations. Both suck!

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Human Rights Watch: "Syrian Rebels" Guilty of Torture, Murder

US, UK, NATO, Saudi, and Israeli backed terrorists carrying out a campaign of systematic atrocities in Syria have finally been acknowledged and reported on by Human Rights Watch, who has for nearly 2 years intentionally portrayed the conflict as one-sided violence carried out by the Syrian government alone.

With evidence and admissions emerging that the so-called "Syrian rebels" are in fact Libyan terrorists, armed, funded, and flown in by NATO to cross into Syria and attack government troops, organizations like Human Rights Watch have faced deteriorating legitimacy, even with watered-down admissions like their most recent report titled, "Syria: End Opposition Use of Torture, Executions." In the report, Human Rights Watch admits that "armed opposition groups have subjected detainees to ill-treatment and torture and committed extrajudicial or summary executions in Aleppo, Latakia, and Idlib."

Much of the torture described by Human Rights Watch involves obtaining false confessions by victims, admitting tat they are "shabeeha" militia men. The Western media has long excused terrorists operating in Syria for their atrocities, claiming that the victims were "suspected" shabeeha. It now appears, as was suspected all along, these victims were innocent, and the Western press, the BBC and CNN in particular, were complicit in covering up egregious crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch also acknowledged that those carrying out the atrocities are indeed the same groups being financed and armed by Western nations, and "urged countries assisting opposition groups to condemn publicly the human rights and humanitarian law abuses by those groups."

Of course, despite the West using reports produced by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International - and other faux-NGOs funded and directed by the very interests arming terrorists in Syria - to justify the violent subversion of the Syrian government, it is already evident that reports illustrating that human rights abuses are being carried out by Western-backed terrorists will incur no condemnation, nor affect in any way the continued supplying of arms, cash, and covert military support.

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Operation Gladio – State Sponsored Terrorism in Europe (Full Version)

Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, Operation Gladio reveals Gladio, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups.

Known as stay-behinds these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S. policies

This documentary covers false flag terror attacks in Europe and includes details about the infrastructure that facilitated the operations. Keep this in mind when thinking about how the attacks of 911 could have been organised - by building a network or personnel and operating a freight company in New York City that would take care of the logistics (ie Urban Moving Systems).

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NYSE Wealth Confiscation Scheme


Related News:

Justice Dept. Defends Not Prosecuting Corporate Leaders for White-Collar Crime

At a time when critics have accused the Obama administration of not being tougher on Wall Street, a top Department of Justice official publicly defended the increasing use of deferred-prosecution agreements for white-collar criminals. These agreements allow corporations and their executives who have committed fraud to avoid criminal charges in exchange for admitting wrongdoing and paying fines.
Critics of deferred prosecution claim that in practice it is just an easy for corporate executives to avoid personal responsibility for the actions of the companies they run

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Conversation with Global Warming 'Skeptic' Anthony Watts

Spencer Michels interviews one of the nations's most read climate skeptics Anthony Watts. Watts believes much of the data used to support global warming theories is faulty. The big problem, as Watts sees it, is that the stations were temperatures are gathered are too close to urban developments where heat is soaked up and distorts the readings. So it looks like the earth is warming though it may not be.

Anthony Watts runs the leading Watts Up With That? climate information website.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Obama's Excuse for War Crimes Creates Moral Decay

Abby breaks down how impunity for US war crimes leads to cultural decay.

If we had War Crimes trials in the USA a lot of what is happening in the Middle East, in terms of foreign intervention, would unravel. Also, the idea that WE CAN PROSECUTE our 'leaders' would help to encourage other attempts at attaining justice for ordinary people in our 21st Century world.

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Federal Judge Reinstates Unconstitutional NDAA

Late Monday night a federal judge in New York, Raymond Lohier, granted the Obama administration an “emergency” stay that temporarily blocks a ruling by U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest last week blocking the NDAA.

“Lohier offered no explanation or rationale for the temporary stay. However, the Justice Department has asked the appeals court to block the injunction,” Politico reported late last night.
The Obama administration characterized the ruling by Forrest as unconstitutional.
The Justice Department said the ruling was “unprecedented” and argued that the executive has the right under the Constitution to detain anyone indefinitely without due process. The Fifth Amendment specifically mentions due process of law.

The NDAA also violates the “equal protection” clause of the 14th Amendment stating that all people be treated the same under the law.

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If Assad is Ousted, Radical Islamists Will Take Over Syria – Russian MP

The chair of the Russian parliamentary committee for foreign affairs warned that the fall of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria would lead to a second Iraq, with Muslim extremists inevitably seizing power.

In a recent Web article, Aleksey Pushkov wrote that such a scenario would be almost certain to take place if Assad were ousted, as it is well-known that radical Muslim groups are operating inside Syria: “And instead the secular rational state that we had in Syria under Assad, where all ethnic and religious groups lived in peace and accord, we will get a second Iraq.”

The Russian politician went on to argue that Russia had repeatedly warned Western states, who are blinded by “the narrowness of their minds” and political calculations, and are incapable of heeding such warnings

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Keiser Report (E342): Depression, Debt & Doublespeak

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss that after five years of depressing depressed savers, the government and Central Bank reaps the rewards while Americans have given up hope and now concede to being 'lower class.' In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Chris Cook about the price of chickens in Tehran and petrol in the United Kingdom and the role of ETFs in destroying markets.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dollar No Longer Primary Oil Currency as China Begins to Trade Oil with Yuan

This is very important !! The Petrodollar has helped service US debt - now it looks like the slide is really on .... we might see some sort of war or other nefarious action against the oil rich states to 'defend' the status quo.

If the US dollar gets dumped we will likely see hyperinflation in the US.

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White House Demands Military Prisons for Americans Under NDAA

The White House has asked the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals to place an emergency stay on a ruling made last week by a federal judge so that the president’s power to indefinitely detain Americans without charge is reaffirmed immediately.

On Wednesday, September 12, US District Court Judge Katherine Forrest made permanent a temporary injunction she issued in May that bars the federal government from abiding by the indefinite detention provision in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, or NDAA. Judge Forrest ruled that a clause that gives the government the power to arrest US citizens suspected of maintaining alliances with terrorists and hold them without due process violated the Constitution and that the White House would be stripped of that ability immediately.

Only hours after Judge Forrest issued last week’s ruling, the Obama administration threatened to appeal the decision, and on Monday morning they followed through

Terrorists at work! There are ones with guns running around overseas and there are ones wearing suits closer to home.

Note: the NDAA basically allows the President to detain, without trial, anyone who is suspected of aiding 'terrorists'. People who criticise the Government may indeed be aiding 'the terrorists'...

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Military-Industrial Complex: US Arms Sales Spike to Record Levels, Gulf Leading Buyer

The world may be terrified of a potential war with Iran, but for arms producers - tensions fear is good business. So it is for the Unites States. According to a recent Congressional Research Service report, within just one year the US has tripled its arms sales and half of what US sold last year went to Gulf states.

And when countries go into debt it is good for the bankers ....

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Largest Shipload of Libyan Weapons Heading to Armed Groups in Syria

The British newspaper The Times revealed that the largest shipment of weapons has arrived in Turkey to be delivered to the armed groups in Syria.

“A Libyan ship carrying the largest consignment of weapons for Syria…has docked in Turkey,” said The Times in an article published on Friday.

The article´s writer, Sheera Frenkel, said most of the Libyan ship´s cargo is making its way to the armed terrorist groups inside Syria.

Quoting a member of the so-called `Free Syrian Army´, who called himself Abu Mohammad, the article said that the over 400 ton cargo included ´SAM-7 surface-to air anti aircraft missiles and rocket-propelled grenades (RPG`s)´

Abu Mohammad, who told The Times that he “helped to move the shipment from warehouse to border” said “this is the largest single delivery of assistance” the gunmen have so far received

According to many reports the violence in Syria only got out of control because of the foreign intervention. Before that time we saw predominantly peaceful opposition group demonstrations.

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WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!?

We're in a war with the powers-that-be and right now it's a full-on information war to wake up as many people as possible so we can put a spanner in their works. Gotta stop the war monger agenda.

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Romney Runs from ‘Neocon’ Label– because Americans Reject Neoconservatism by More than 2 to 1!

The Washington Post reports that Romney doesn't want to be called a neocon, even though he's mobbed up with neocons:

The Romney campaign does not dispute that Mitt Romney is a neoconservative, it just refuses to say the word neoconservative.

“His embrace of American values and interests and his call for American leadership abroad throughout this campaign is indicative of a philosophy of peace through strength,” Alex Wong, the campaign’s foreign policy director, said in an interview

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911 The Official Story Defies Science

Material from Architects and Engineers for 911 truth documenting the melted steel found at ground zero.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Gerald Celente - Anti-Islam Film Did Not Cause The Violence

The film was incidental to the storm of protests that have been unleashed. It was instead a decade of killing by the US.

The people rioting around the world would not be so angry about the film if they did not feel oppressed thanks to the huge injustices heaped upon Muslims thanks to US foreign policy.

The film sparked the violence, but there is more to the story than simply the film.

And now we must be prepared for a huge 911-style false flag terror event because the situation is ripe for it. The war mongers will very likely use this 'opportunity' to stage another shock and awe spectacle so they can go after Iran and further implement Police State measures domestically - rounding up terror supporters and sending them to FEMA Camps.

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Brian Lilley: The MSM is Lying about the Muslim Riots

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Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller Travels to Iran to Promote Movie 'False Flag' - Tells Ahmadinejad Zionists Control Both US Parties

Miller was invited to Iran to participate in an independent film festival to promote his upcoming film "False Flag" - about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

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Think different

"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify and vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things..."

The flip side of these people are the ones that would change things to the detriment of having peaceful planet (ie the Neoconservatives).

We must be vigilant.

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Keiser Report (E341): Collateral Transformation

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Jamie Dimon's collateral transformation desk feeding the multitude of banksters with five quadrillion in infinitely leveraged toxic derivatives and two Treasury bills of a bankrupt nation. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Joshua Mellors of about financial suicides and the government and banking policies that cause it.

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BP Criminality Awarded Government Contracts

Abby cites the hypocrisy of the DOJ taking two years to call out BP even though they have been awarding them contracts ever since they caused the largest environmental crisis in the history of the world.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Federal Gov Snitch

Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a result).

Nakoula, 55, was arrested in June 2009 for his role in a check-kiting ring that stole nearly $800,000 from six financial institutions by using stolen Social Security numbers and identities. Nakoula was named in a six-count felony indictment accusing him and unnamed “co-schemers” of perpetrating the bank fraud.

Denied bail, Nakoula, a married father of three, was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in L.A. when he began cooperating with Justice Department lawyers and federal agents

The question remains whether this film was made by these people on their own initiative or whether there was a hand of an intelligence agency involved.

Regardless, there should be no reason to riot against the US for the actions of these people. On the other hand, if one could claim the rioting is being directed against US Embassies because of their involvement in the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia or Pakistan, then the rationale would be more understandable. However, there should be no killing! Those involved in such actions need to be brought to justice - just as US leaders must face War Crimes charges for their murderous activity.

Related info:

Californian behind Mohammed movie that has Middle East in flames is a meth-making federal informer... and the director made soft porn films

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Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria?

An endless war on terror is good for the military-industrial complex. There is no Soviet Union so sowing the seeds of chaos is the next 'best' thing.

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9/11 Anniversary: Ten Years of Lies

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Joe Rogan - The JFK Bullet

[Language Warning] Joe Rogan points out the ridiculousness of the official story of the JFK "magic bullet" theory as described by the Warren Commission.

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Dow Brings Back An Agent Orange Ingredient for New GM Plants

Whether you are aware of it or not, your food, air and water are the battle ground upon which a titanic struggle between the multinational biotech corporations Monsanto and Dow AgroScience is now playing out. As a result, your health and environment (and that of all future generations) are at profound risk of irreparable harm.

Dow AgroSciences (a subsidiary of Dow Chemicals) recently announced their development of genetically-engineered corn, soybean, and cotton plants metabolically resistant to the herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), a major ingredient in Agent Orange. What this means for our future is that, if approved for use, vast regions of our country will soon be sprayed with a chemical that has been linked to over 400,000 birth defects in Vietnam

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America?

11 years after the 9/11 Abby breaks down the systematic erosion of our civil liberties through legislation passed in a post 9/11 America.

Related News:

Obama Appeals Against Court Ruling That Strikes Down Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

Within 24 hours of a historic court ruling that struck down the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Obama administration has appealed the ruling, emphasizing once again how the White House – while claiming to be against the measure – has aggressively pushed for it at every turn.

On Wednesday, New York federal judge Katherine Forrest issued a ruling which blocked provisions of the NDAA that could have seen American citizens kidnapped and held indefinitely without charge.

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Mike Rivero explains the so called "Iran nuclear threat">

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The Third Building Which Collapsed on 9/11 Was Not Hit By a Plane

Numerous structural engineers – the people who know the most about office building vulnerabilities and accidents – say that the official explanation of why building 7 at the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11 is “impossible”, “defies common logic” and “violates the law of physics”:

Two professors of structural engineering at a prestigious Swiss university (Dr. Joerg Schneider and Dr. Hugo Bachmann) said that, on 9/11, World Trade Center 7 was brought down by controlled demolition (translation here)

Alfred Lee Lopez, with 48 years of experience in all types of buildings:

I agree the fire did not cause the collapse of the three buildings. The most realistic cause of the collapse is that the buildings were imploded

John D. Pryor, with more than 30 years experience:

The collapse of WTC7 looks like it may have been the result of a controlled demolition. This should have been looked into as part of the original investigation

At the link there is a much bigger list of engineers who are all pointing to the same facts about building 7. The laws of physics are not a 'conspiracy theory.'

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Keiser Report (E340): Banksters Bilking Billions

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss David Cameron appointing former bankers to Treasury. We look at another former banker who became a Treasury Secretary only to become a bankster - Robert Rubin - and his role in Citigroup bilking Abu Dhabi of billions. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Reggie Middleton about Facebook, fraud and financialization.

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Friday, 14 September 2012

'Israel Desperate, US Not in Position to do Anything About Iran'

Israel has urged the U.S. to set up definite 'red lines' over the actions of Iran which - if crossed - would lead to an aggressive response, including an American-led attack. Washington has so far asked Israel to cool down its rhetoric on the issue to give talks and sanctions a chance. RT talks to writer and journalist Afshin Rattansi

No more wars. Plus bombing a working nuclear reactor would be Fukushima/Chernobyl crazy!

To create a more moderate world we need to see trading relations increased. Over time, as populations become more affluent and interact, we'll see less cause for taking on hostile dispositions. Threatening war only fuels the extremists.

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'Muhammad-Mocking Movie to Flare Up Troubled Region'

There's been an attack on the US embassy in Beirut. This comes after President Obama confirmed that his ambassador to Libya - and three other officials - were killed in the city of Benghazi. Christopher Stevens was at the US consulate there when an armed mob stormed the compound, in protest at an American film which has been described as an insult to Islam.

The US has been backing armed militias, often consisting of extremist elements, in these recent wars and now these groups have been left to run their respective countries. The continued violence in Libya was a predictable result. We are seeing the same sort of destabilisation happening right now in Syria.

Related Info:

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Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

AE911Truth's 9/11 documentary Solving the Mystery, the destruction of World Trade Center Building #7, WTC 7 on 9/11/01. Join actor, Ed Asner and Architect Richard Gage, AIA and Architects and Engineers as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account ("collapse due to normal office fires") of this 47 story high-rise which was destroyed on the afternoon of 9/11 in record time: top to bottom in under 7 seconds - and at free-fall acceleration for a third of its fall. Solving the Mystery of the Free-Fall Collapse of WTC 7.

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Debunking the Debunkers 911 Truck Bombs

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Keiser Report (E339): Blackhole of Bamboozlement

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Paul Bunyan banks, which are too big to be true and all flow, no assets. They also discuss the Bermuda Triangle of Fraud and the London disease. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman about her being banned from the UK for reporting on the Jersey sex and murder scandal. They discuss the $5 billion per square mile in laundered money that means Jersey rises, while Switzerland sinks.

Good discussion about the too big to fail banks and their heinous derivatives concoctions.

Pay attention to the second half of the show that deals with likely sex crime extortion networks on the Jersey Islands (UK). It reminds me of the Franklin Scandal in the US where sex crime extortion networks were also uncovered.

These reports point to a process of controlling politicians and officials - apart from outright bribery and direct threats to their health:

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Single Piece of Radioactive Food Is Comparable to ‘Hundreds of X-Rays’

As you likely are aware, x-ray imaging scans have increasingly been linked in peer-reviewed scientific literature to an increased risk of cancer — particularly in children. Dental x-rays, for example, have actually been linked to a twofold increase in brain cancer. It is therefore quite shocking to consider a new report which states that radioactive food (food contaminated with radiation from Fukushima or others sources) consumption is comparable to receiving hundreds of x-rays.

Furthermore, research conducted by a prominent doctor also draws a relationship between radioactive food and the occurrence of birth defects. Prestigious physician, geneticist, and professor Dr. Wladimir Wertelecki conducted research back in 2010 regarding the relationship between contaminated food and birth defects. Now, years later, the professor is now speaking out over the serious impact of the Chernobyl and the Fukushima-Daiichi disasters.

In fact, a single mushroom eaten in an area affected with radiation contamination could be similar to receiving ‘hundreds’ of tumor-linked x-ray scans

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Ryan Dawson: 911 Cover Up Condensed to 28mins

To see the whole 911 film go here
To see the film with the Iraq and anthrax parts added go here

Related Info:

Part of the subsequent war crimes cover-up is likely to involve the murder of torture victims at Guantanamo Bay:

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Bahrain? Never Heard of It

News that a civilian appeals court in Bahrain upheld the harsh prison terms —including several life sentences — of 13 “Arab Spring” activists last week, drew rapid fire from the human rights community. Their “crimes” — organizing largely peaceful protests to demand social and economic reforms from the ruling monarchy in 2011 — had branded them convicted traitors and terrorists, the kind of appalling injustice that American patriots had fought against more than 200 years ago.

“Today’s court decision is yet another blow to justice and shows once more that the Bahraini authorities are not on the path of reform but seem rather driven by vindictiveness,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, deputy director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Program.

Bahrain’s Shia population took to the streets in February 2011 amid the wave of social and political uprisings across the Arab World. Unlike Egypt, Tunisia or even Libya, however, the Sunni Al Khalifa royal family — which has ruled the oil rich country (and the Shia majority) for two centuries — has managed to emerge unscathed. Instead, Bahrain has thwarted and suppressed its popular movement without fully engaging in the reforms it’s promised. Making it worse, the major mainstream coverage of the Bahraini story — including the brutal crackdown against protesters, their arrests, alleged torture in prison, the “disappearing” of activists and even doctors who have helped the wounded, the nighttime raids in Shiite neighborhoods — has been sporadic at best to non-existent.

You’ve got to wonder why. This week, a pair of stories by Glenn Greenwald (here and here) have re-engaged a debate about how western financial interests coupled with so-called “smart power” strategy in the region, has left the reform movement in Bahrain far behind. This only reinforces the longstanding accusation of American hypocrisy — preaching the goals of liberty for all humans, but only when it suits

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Too Small to Make a Difference?

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Monsanto's Failure in Agriculture | Brainwash Update

Monsanto is the biggest producer of pesticides and genetically modified seeds in the world, and one of their arguments is that they save farmers a ton of money and improve crop yields. But are their GMO foods only serving to create super-bugs that are practically invincible?

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

President of Italy’s Supreme Court To Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court

Ferdinando Imposimato is the honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy, and former Senior Investigative Judge, Italy.

Imposimato presided over several terrorism-related cases, including the kidnapping and ultimate assassination of President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, other political assassinations and kidnapping cases and several cases against the Mafia. He is a former Senator who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations.

Imposimato is also a former legal consultant to the United Nations regarding institution of laws to control drug trafficking.

This week, Judge Imposimato stated publicly in writing that 9/11 was just like the “strategy of tension” carried out in Italy.

Specifically, the former Italian Prime Minister, Italian judges, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this)(Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred).

Judge Imposimato writes that 9/11 was the exact same type of attack: an act of false flag terror.

Judge Imposimato announced that he is going to recommend that the International Criminal Court hold a criminal trial into 9/11

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The 911 Commission (cover up)

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RECAP: Fake al-Qaeda> Anwar Al Awlaki PLUS Adam Gadahn & Yousef Al Khattab

The following videos are posted in light of recent media reports about the death of the "international terrorist leader" Anwar Al Awlaki in Yemen. Please note that Al Awlaki was also reported dead, killed in 2009 by a US air strike.

Dead or alive, names like Al Awlaki, Zarqawi, and others will be used as "intelligence ghost masterminds" to help push the Al Qaeda fable:

This second video deals with other fake Al Qaeda individuals:

In relation to the Al Awlaki video one would have to guess that the reason he made an "FBI authorised" visit to the US in October 2002 is because this man is an intelligence asset. He was arrested and then "mysteriously" released by the FBI at this time. One should also note that individuals who have certain sorts of criminal records can be manipulated or extorted more easily than others. Awlaki was linked to prostitution and loitering in the US.

In terms of propaganda and fable making, Al Awlaki was linked to three domestic attacks in the video- the Fort Hood shootings, the underwear bomber, and the Christmas tree bomber- the latter two incidents being almost certainly intelligence operations (see here and here). The claims made about his connection to the Fort Hood shootings must also be suspect.

Note: We should not believe anything the authorities claim about terrorist connections because they have been caught lying about the nature of such threats time and time again:

Please note: Apparently Yousef Al Khattab has turned over a new leaf and now has more moderate views, and that he was never an asset of any intelligence agency. Be that as it may, the other material and suspicions still stand. We must mindful of the fact that violence and terrorist groups are often encouraged, behind the scenes, by various nation states.

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Keiser Report (E338): Euthanized Economy

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss uncertain futures for banks in Italy and business purgatory for citizens unable to retire in America. They discuss Monte dei Paschi Bank in Italy which survived the Borgias and the pestilence only to crumble when faced with the fraud and low interest rate world engineered by Alan Greenspan. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Bill Still about his latest film - Jekyll Island.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thinking Clearly about The 911 Forensic Evidence - when you have Eliminated the Impossible, whatever Remains Must be the Truth


People who are unfamiliar with the scientific evidence, that proves the World Trade Centre buildings were destroyed using explosives on 911, commonly make the mistake of ASSUMING that it would be "impossible" to rig these structures for demolition.

This is not true: it would be difficult, but NOT impossible.

However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find Molten Steel, Thermite traces, plus actual fragments of high tech explosives in the rubble pile, and to have the freefall collapses of these buildings, WITHOUT the presence of chemical incendiaries/explosives of the sort commonly used by the military and demolition companies.

The bottom line is that the forensic evidence proving the inside job is unimpeachable.

Moreover, we also know that the building security was compromised before the attacks, and that workmen had access to the core of the Twin Towers during the months leading up to the attacks (whilst an "elevator modernisation" program was undertaken). There was plenty of time to thoroughly rig the buildings.

We have both the physical proof of foul play AND a clear opportunity in which to prepare the buildings for destruction.

There is no mistake, 911 WAS an Inside Job. To conclude otherwise is not logical.

By SpookyOne

Related Info:

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911 Q&A - Suspects

Taken from the second part of his excellent two part interview with Robert Sungenis regarding Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Based on Sungenis' comprehensive two part review of the book "Solving 911" by Christopher Bollyn.

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American Democracy — The Funeral

It really doesn't matter who wins the upcoming Presidential Election. Either way the American people and the rest of the world will lose.

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Destabilizing Venezuela Pre-Election

In late August, Chavez warned that opposition forces plan to declare victory before electoral results are announced. They’ll say they won, reject National Electoral Council (CNE) totals, and claim fraud.

They’ll call for violence, destabilization and US help. “They are gearing up…. with some allies in the world, some media, some social organizations to claim victory,” said Chavez. “We know they are capable of anything.”

He’s not about to let threats roll him over. He pulls no punches. He condemns imperial US policies. Few anywhere match his outspokenness. Most Venezuelans support him for good reason

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out [MUST SEE DOCO]

Congress rolled over for the White House and did not preform it's Constitutional Duty. 11 years ago we were hoodwinked by the NeoCons and the Controlled Media. You can't cover up the fact that Explosives were used on all 3 buildings that collapsed on September 11. Many people still do not Realize Building 7 dropped in a free fall demolition at 5 thirty in the Afternoon in a classic Controlled Fashion. It is way past time to reconcile the Lies.

Share this doco and help to end the war on terror. When EVERYONE knows the truth about 911 then the cover-up will crater. Things will change.

Related News (about this documentary):

New 9/11 truth documentary among 'most watched' on PBS this week

"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" is getting public attention and casting doubt on the scientific validity of the U.S. government's investigation into the WTC tragedy. PBS is the first major network to air the program.

Just days away from the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy and months away from the U.S. presidential election, a game-changing 9/11 documentary is ranking number three among "most watched" documentaries on PBS and number one among "most shared." Available for free online August 18th - September 4th, the documentary could have a significant effect on public opinion. [Update: PBS has extended viewing indefinitely.] Both the Republicans and Democrats, as equally staunch defenders of the official story, stand to be affected if the public's suspicion of government corruption grows deeper.

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911 Truth and the Mainstream Media's Failure to Report on the Danger of False Flag Terrorism

The mainstream media has never been any good at explaining the nature of the War on Terror to the public. Their superficial, 'official talking-point' based stories almost always omit important documented facts that could provide real context to the 'war' and point to evidence showing that 911 was a false flag operation.

Indeed, historically it is common practice for states to employ false flag terror and to facilitate terrorist opposition groups in order to justify or enhance their authoritative power.

Staged terror events, that the mainstream media almost never mentions, that people do not equate to today's geopolitical situation, are many. In light of the omissions to the public consciousness we should consider the following key examples of false flag terror in history:

Hitler's staged attack by Polish forces to justify their invasion of that country leading to World War 2,

The Israeli false flag bombings in Egypt comprising the Lavon Affair,

Operation Northwoods - a US plot to implicate Cuba in terrorist attacks,

The Israeli sneak attack upon the unarmed USS Liberty in 1967, and covered up by US authorities,

The decades long Operation Gladio in which Cold War European intelligence groups, with the support of the CIA, murdered many innocent people in the name of left wing or socialist groups in order to vilify them,

The US role in importing mujaheddin fighters into Europe during 90s to support independence movements in regions of the former Soviet Union - in Chechnya and the Balkans,

The pre and post 911 role of the FBI in supporting and arming internal terrorists, from the Black Panthers to Muslim plotters - people who would not have necessarily committed violent acts if not for the support of the authorities.

The question, in light of Western Governments staging terror attacks is; since when did the modern US military-intelligence apparatus put public safety ahead of geopolitical objectives? The answer is never.

Therefore the great danger faced by the public in this situation comes from their continued ignorance of these truths. Without knowledge of this very real threat there is no way to combat it. Without a false flag terror context the truth about the war on terror and its origins becomes much more difficult to understand - even when faced with the overwhelming physical evidence that proves 911 was an inside job.

By highlighting these historical events, and the ongoing terror plot shenanigans that often feature FBI involvement, the public will eventually begin to realise the dangers they face. Hopefully, as the information seeps in and people become wise to the threat, another 911 style attack will be called off.

The mainstream media, whether bought (corrupted) or ignorant of history, must take action to redress this situation because without explaining the truth there will be no way to stop the War on Terror. We are all in this together, and if staged nuclear or bio-weapon attacks come in the future, it is likely that those involved in perpetuating the lies will also become victims. It's time to get the truth out.

- Spook

ps. To all the disinformation agents out there - the people pulling the strings don't really give a damn about you. At all. You people are just pawns in a big game with very bad consequences. At the end of the day we are headed for a disaster (think Fukushima). Truth and honesty will reconcile a lot of problems - problems that may seem insurmountable but are not.

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Russia Warns Against Attacking Iran Over Nuclear Fears

Russia has starkly warned Israel and the United States against attacking Iran, saying Moscow sees no evidence that Tehran's nuclear programme is aimed at developing weapons, the Interfax news agency reported on Thursday.

"We warn those who are no strangers to military solutions ... that this would be harmful, literally disastrous for regional stability," Interfax quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying.

An attack on Iran "would set off deep shocks in the security and economic spheres that would reverberate far beyond the boundaries of the Middle East region," Ryabkov was quoted as saying

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France to Give Heavy Artillery to Syria Rebels to 'Smash Assad Regime'

France is considering supplying heavy artillery to the Syrian rebels to help them fight President Assad's forces. That's according to diplomatic sources, who say Paris is also stepping up support for the Syrian opposition to help them forge a government-in-waiting.

No wonder Hollande's popularity is cratering.

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The Clinton Chronicles

Amazing information on President Bill Clinton's criminal ties. A wake up call to those that think it is only the Republican side that is mired in corruption. The system has been subverted for a long time.

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Reality Check: DNC Runs Over Delegates With Scripted Platform Vote

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Liquid Bomb “Terror Plot” Collapses In Court

The much vaunted liquid bomb “terror plot” that provoked paranoid airport security measures, an overnight change in baggage procedures, and at one point led to mothers having to drink their own breast milk, completely collapsed yesterday in court after the alleged ringleader was completely acquitted and none of the other suspects were charged with conspiracy to blow up an airliner.

“Seven men admitted plotting to cause a public nuisance. An eighth man was cleared at Woolwich Crown Court,” reports the BBC.

“But after more than 50 hours of deliberations, the jury did not find any of the defendants guilty of conspiring to target aircraft.”

“Mohammad Gulzar, 27, who Scotland Yard accused of being a ringleader in the plot, was cleared of all offenses,” adds the Register.
In every single major terror bust or terror alert we have proven the evidence to be flawed and the charges to be cooked up nonsense aimed at prolonging the illusion that terror cells are lurking around every corner waiting to cause mayhem. The geopolitical agenda of the U.S., Britain and Israel depends on the proliferation phony terror threats in order to continue the farcical war on terror and take more of our innate freedoms at home to stifle dissent against the plot for worldwide hegemony.

In a series of reports following the August 10th scare, we traced the source of the alleged attack plot to Pakistani and British intelligence and were rapidly able to confirm that the story was nothing more than a manufactured ploy to frighten travelers at the height of the holiday season.

The reason being cited for the failure to convict the suspects of being behind a plot to blow up airliners is that the U.S. government wanted the men apprehended before MI5 were able to collect all the evidence against them.

In reality, as we reported at the time, an MI5 spy had infiltrated the group at an early stage which is often the case when agent provocateurs are attempting to radicalize a group and provoke them into committing acts of violence

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Escobar: US Wants Pentagon Patrol in Asia via Allies

State Secretary Hillary Clinton's in the Chinese capital for talks, but her visit comes amid rising diplomatic tensions. Beijing has warned Washington to stay out of the country's territorial disputes with several other nations off the Chinese coast. The Communist state has threatened to use force to defend its claims to a chain of islands there. Clinton says America's position is neutral, but Beijing has accused Washington of meddling in the region's affairs.

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There exists some extremely disturbing scientific evidence which totally undermines the official 911 story. It does not matter what theories you believe in, the material here speaks for itself:

The picture above shows MOLTEN STEEL being removed from the World Trade Centre rubble pile. However, from all accounts (even the official NIST report concedes this point) the fires in the WTC buildings were far too weak to cause such melting. Conventional building fires, including ones initiated with aviation kerosene, simply cannot raise the temperature of structural steel to its melting point of around 1400 degrees celsius. According to all the available data, the fires in the Towers could only have reached a maximum temperature of around 650 degrees celsius- yet here we can see steel so hot that it has taken on a yellow look (an observation that indicates the temperature must be between 1050-1100 degrees celsius !).

There are ONLY two ways which would enable this steel to reach such a high temperature:

1. In a blast furnace.
2. From chemical incendiaries.

Residues from the incendiary THERMATE were detected in multiple samples taken from the WTC steel and dust- proving, without doubt, that such materials were present.

The science here is clear cut.

Furthermore, there are clear indications that explosives were also used to bring down the World Trade Centre Buildings. Eyewitness testimony from firefighters and civilians reveals many of them felt, and were knocked over by, huge explosions occurring in the lower floors of the WTC buildings -far away from the fire zones.

In a peer reviewed scientific paper Professor Niels Harrit, and an international team of scientists, conclusively proved that particles of high tech explosive material, nanothermite, were present all throughout the WTC dust. The quantity of this recovered material indicated that many tons of this explosive substance were used in the demolitions of these buildings.

Whatever one thinks about the various theories floating around about the attacks, one thing is certain: The scientific evidence shows the Twin Towers and Building 7 (the latter falling at free-fall speed) were rigged to collapse.

Because demolition takes many weeks to plan and carry out, at least part of the 911 attacks, against the World Trade Centre complex, MUST have involved inside help. Bin Laden's men would not have had the necessary time or access to "wire" these buildings.

The charade must end. If we are honest with ourselves we must now accept there is damning physical (forensic) evidence that undermines the official 911 story and that there are certain elements within the US government complicit in the attacks.[1] A new independent criminal investigation must be launched and the phony "war on terror" ended.

(For a more detailed analysis on the physics of the WTC collapses see Steven Jones' paper: Why Indeed Did the World Trade Center Buildings Completely Collapse? [PDF] and visit Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, an organisation with over 1500 building professionals who agree with these findings.)

Note: I will continue to post 911 information at this blog, ad infinitum, until we see a proper criminal investigation. Once everyone can see that 911 was an inside job (and be able to openly talk about the crime) then action WILL follow.

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