Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Enhanced Virus Emerges After Vax Combination

According to a report by Clare Peddie of Adelaide Now, the administration of two different vaccines to chickens in order to “control infectious disease” has resulted in the creation of an entirely new virus strain in the Melbourne and Sydney areas of Australia. The new strains were highly virulent and had a relatively high mortality rate according to researchers.

Chickens are routinely vaccinated in Australia for laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) which is itself an infectious disease. There are three available types of ILTV vaccines in Australia.

Recently, however, the application of two or more types of vaccines resulted in a recombination of the DNA of two virus strains which were administered in separate doses and thus an entirely new strain of the virus.

Asia-Pacific Centre for Animal Health researchers examined the DNA sequence of the virus against the DNA sequence of the existing strains contained within the three vaccines and were “surprised” to find that the new virus was an entirely new strain.

The fact that the virus is so highly communicable is also extremely concerning. But the mortality rate associated with the new virus is even more worrisome.
this recent incident only demonstrates further that vaccines containing “attenuated” viruses are indeed capable of transmitting the virus it has allegedly been designed to prevent. It also goes to show that, in contrast to erroneous claims made by doctors and vaccine promoters the world over that “attenuated” means “dead,” the viruses contained in the vaccines are very much alive

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